It’s Fairy Godmother Friday! Mentors……….

Mentor Definition
[ mén tàwr ]
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men-tors plural
experienced adviser and supporter: somebody, usually more experienced, who advises and guides a, less experienced person.

After meeting up with my mentee Angelina Petris after more than 8 years ago it made me think of all of the wonderful Mentors I have had.

This blog is dedicated to all of my mentors that have helped me in this business. I have been so lucky to have so many great people around me and I want to take this opportunity to thank them!

I have been so lucky to have wonderful mentors in this business. I have so many people to thank. They have advised me, supported me, encouraged me, pushed me and inspired me in ways they will never fully realize.

I encourage you to become a mentor for someone else! Reach out and help someone, it is the best feeling ever and then to see them succeed is beyond amazing!