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Which Ring Goes On First?

My own wedding anniversary was a few months back and my hubby totally surprised me with a beautiful diamond band to match my wedding ring. I love the way the two look together. However this got me thinking……
Which Ring Goes On First??
The wedding band goes on first. I have heard the argument that same say you received the engagement first, but, the band is supposed to be closest to your heart. The engagement ring is with the intent to marry, the band means, you’re married.
At the wedding, the groom will slide the wedding band on the bride’s finger, and there can be a dilemma as to what to do with the engagement ring. Some women simply leave the engagement rings on their fingers and switch ring placement later. Others wear their engagement rings on their right hand until after the ceremony.
And why are the Wedding Rings put on the 4th Finger of the Left Hand? Myth states that the Wedding Ring Finger was the Finger used, because that was the Finger that had a vein in it, that ran directly to the Heart! WOW! You see, it’s all about Love and Romance and…..Gold and Diamonds and Veins! So how do you wear your wedding ring?