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It is Wedding Wednesday, Vendor Contracts

Weddings are a magical affair; their planning involves plenty of details and paper work-namely the contract with vendors you will hire to carry out your vision.
A contract also known as agreement is very important. It is our recommendation that you work with vendor that uses a contract or a signed agreement. They will explicitly state the terms and conditions of the work to be done, keeping misunderstanding to a minimum.
Don’t be put off by the confusing language. A contract is meant to protect the vendor however it also can protect you. It helps create a detailed list of important points from your perspective (for the band, for example, arrival and break times, transportation costs, and attire) to compare to the contract provided by the vendor. Then you can request appropriate changes to the document.
Every contract should cover basic points, including the most obvious: the date and time of the wedding. In fact, you’ll probably see the phrase “time is of the essence,” signifying that the date of the contracted service is an essential part of the agreement. The contract must also list the vendor’s fee and a breakdown of the costs. The contract should also record the terms of payment; typically, vendors ask for a 50 percent deposit upon signing, with the balance due shortly before or on the day of the wedding.
Once you have agreed on a contract, both you and the vendor need to sign it. You’ll want a copy for your files with both signatures, too, because otherwise the document can be challenged should there be a disagreement later.
A contract should detail the refund policy if the company doesn’t fulfill its end of the bargain. A contract can also describe the circumstances under which you get a refund if you cancel the plans. While it’s unlikely you’ll get your full deposit back, you may not have to pay the entire bill if you have an agreement. The more you can anticipate, the more peace of mind you’ll have as the wedding approaches.
So be sure you work with a vendor that does have a contract or agreement. You will be glad you did.
Happy Wedding!
(Notes taken from Martha Stewart Weddings)

A Very Jazzy Wedding at the Metro in Bakersfield, CA

We were so honored to have been chosen to coordinate Frank and Kama’s wedding!

Kama was such a joy to work with she was calm and happy the entire day. It was so fun to see her take it all in and truly enjoy her wedding day. And Frank had such a great smile the entire night, a very happy smile.

As a coordinator we get to see ALL of the behind the scenes things that happen we are there from start to finish, we are the orchestrators of the entire wedding and our job is to make sure they play beautiful music and at Frank and Kama’s wedding they did just that!

Some of our favorite moments.
Kama putting her dress on
When the guests saw Kama for the first time
Seeing Franks smile when he saw Kama for the first time
Hearing the beautiful sound of Alicia and Tiffany who sang an Opera duet, wow gave us goose bumps!
When Frank kissed Kama “before” the officiate said you may now kiss your bride, so cute
Kama dancing with her Father Randy
Decorating Frank and Kama’s room, so much fun.

We love and adore you Frank and Kama and feel so blessed to have been part of your beautiful wedding!

“Your” Fairy Godmothers
Colleen and Pam

Vendor Team
The Metro-Ricky
PM Custome Catering-Katy
Uniquely Chic-Lacey
Details Party Rentals-Denette
Glimpses of Life-Terri
Kakes by Karen-Karen
Officiate/Mary Amelia
Pianoist/Jeff Rosbrugh
Christine Steinke
Hair by Maria Howell
Make-up by Frank Anthony
Richard Noel-Accordionist
Blonde Faith/Band-Joe Balza
Mr Tuxedo-Carl
Coordinator/Fairy Gomother/Colleen & Pam

It’s Fairy Godmother Friday!

Our Friday posts will be all about our Fairy Godmother team and company. I thought today I would write a bit about our logo.

Naming the company came very quickly. The logo however did not! We had an idea of what we wanted however I never imagined it would be so difficult to design. We started to try to design the logo ourselves and quickly realized that we needed to hire a professional. Deanna Blaise refereed us to Marlene Heise from Heise Marketing Group. Our first fairy came out too much like a pixy dust fairy; her dress was too short etc. We originally were going to use the colors coral and lime green and as our fairy began to take shape so did our colors. We tried several different versions and felt “Cinderella” blue was perfect color. Just when we thought we had her complete our business coach Lisa Westphal did not feel the stars were right and she needed a little flair at the end of her skirt. After numerous updates and changes we did it! Our little fair was ready for the world to see. She took many weeks to create however we adore her and she was worth all of the time and cost. Heise Marketing Group was with us every step of the way!

Never did we imagine she would brand us so quickly. We are very proud to show her off every chance we get!

Its Wedding Wednesday………..

Beautiful Laura
On Wedding Wednesday’s we will share tips, techniques and tricks in the wedding business.

We are excited to share with you “real live” thoughts from our past Fairy Godmother Brides, their advice on things they would have done differently.

This will be a three-part blog.

I would have spent more time choosing a D.J. I should have asked for references and taken my time to pick out the D.J.
Do not stress over the little things, focus on what is important.
I would have paid more attention to the weather.
I was unhappy with my florist, I did not feel I got what we neither paid for nor was promised. My cake I did not like the way the cake looked.
I wished I would have had the wedding later in the day so I had more time to get ready. I wished I would have had it on a Saturday, I think because I had it on a Sunday a lot of people could not come. I should have seen Jimmy before so we could have had all of our photos out of the way, and this would have given us more time.
Different month it was too hot! The lighting at times was too bright.
I wished I would have had a video of my wedding. I should have made the photographer a list of photos I wanted. Think about taking photos before the wedding so we had more time with the guests!
Take a moment to take it all in! Seating chart was too complicated could have been easier to read. Needed a better way to tell caterer if the guest was having steak or chicken. I wished I would have had a video made! The day went so fast and I know I missed a lot of things.
Been more involved in helping to pick the limo company. Had a smaller wedding.
Time of the day, it was so hot.
I would have chosen a different caterer. I would have arranged to have my hair put up during the reception. I would have had a second wedding dress, white cute and short, and one I could have danced in.
Hired HD, we waited too long and they were booked. Not hired the Officiate. Be sure to have more snacks before the wedding, we did not get enough to eat before the actual wedding. I would have asked to see the toast speech before they were made.

It’s Magical Monday…..

Today’s Magical Monday Blog is dedicated to a very special couple Irving and Mayra.
Today is their first Anniversary. Happy Anniversary Irving and Mayra!
I remember when Mayra called us she was looking for a wedding coordinator to coordinate her wedding in Wasco and Bakersfield, who would take care of her family most especially her Mom. Mayra was very specific she wanted her Mom to truly enjoy her wedding day. Shortly after our first meeting Mayra booked us. The thing I remember most about Mayra and Irving is their love for each other and their love for fun. You can see it in their photographs. True Fun and True Love!
We hope Irving and Mayra share many more anniversaries together.

Thank you Artisan for the amazing photos!

It’s Fairy Godmother Friday!

Hello and Happy Fairy Godmother Friday!
Each Friday our plan is to blog about our Fairy-Tale crew and company. Today we are going to share a little bit of history on our name.
Three years ago this July we began to form an idea of starting a “day-of” coordinating company, little did we know three years later we would become the number one “day-of” coordinating company in all of Kern County.

Coming up with the name “Fairy Godmother” was easy. I am one four girls (my poor Father), we all had boys then finally….our little sister Lisa had a little girl “Elise”. I am honored Elise is my Goddaughter.

From time to time Lisa would call “help I need my Fairy Godmother” and with that I would make the drive to Northern CA and what fun we would have shopping shopping shopping.

Elise is amazing she is strong, spunky, and full of life, she can be a girly girl however she can handle the boys (my son and her brother both 13 who torment her from time to time). When Lisa and I began thinking of a name for my new business the name “Fairy Godmother” came to mind right away.

What Bride would not want a “Fairy Godmother” by their side on their wedding day!

Stay tuned for next week when we talk about how we came up with our logo!

1. A generous benefactor
2. A female character in fairy stories that has magical powers and can bring unexpected good fortune to the hero or heroine

Something Old Something New Something Borrowed Something Blue

Old, New, Borrowed, Blue
The saying, “Something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue” is a popular rhyme that has been used since Victorian times. The “something old” represents the bond to the bride’s family and her old life; “something new” represents the couple’s new life together and their future hope for happiness, prosperity and success; “something borrowed” from a happily married woman is meant to impart similar happiness to the bride; and “something blue” represents fidelity and constancy.

What is the one tradition you would skip at your wedding if you could? Or would you keep them all?

Amy and T.J.’s Baby Shower

Sweet T.J. and AmyWe were thrilled when asked to plan and coordinate Amy’s shower not just because Amy is a Fairy Godmother Bride but because she is a doll! We love doing baby showers and love them even more when they are our Fairy Godmother Brides. If you are a Fairy Godmother Bride and are having a baby please let us know, we have special packages for our Fairy Godmother Brides!

A Baby Shower Fairy Godmother Style…..

We felt very blessed to be asked to plan and coordinate Ruth’s baby shower.
It was so fun to see all of the pieces come together. We love how it turned out more importantly Ruth loved it, and that makes us happy happy.
Ruth normally does all of her own party planning, this time she turned things over to Fairy Godmother and were honored. Ruth wanted to get in and help us however she was able to sit back and watch the magic unfold.
Thank you to our amazing vendor team!
Lacey/Uniquely Chic
Debbie/Sweet Surrender
Stephanie/Walker Lewis
Lora Lee/Paradise Balloon Design
Noel Walker/Photographer
Jenae/Matinae Designs