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It is Fairy Godmother Friday. On Friday’s we share all about our Company and our Team. Read on……..

We are thrilled to write today’s blog about Leticia. Leticia contacted us via email. We met for coffee and she had me at hello. Almost two years later Leticia is one of our lead coordinators. She is amazing, bright, full of energy has a great smile, she is warm easy to talk to and she can speak a mean conversation of Spanish, fast Spanish! She is a mother of two boys, works full-time at Cal State. Leticia recently has gone back to school to get her Master’s degree and she is booked with weddings for the remainder of the year!
She is a little dynamo. We adore her and are so thankful she is one of our Fairy Godmothers.

From Leticia
Leticia — Coordinator
* I love the color purple * I have two boys who are my life * I have a soft spot for animals * I love shopping for new shoes * I enjoy reading books and becoming completely immersed in them * I love learning new things or as I say, feeding my brain * I’m a go with the flow kind of a gal * I’m a mover and shaker * I like to get things done * I’ve been told I’m a spitfire * I believe everyone controls their own destiny * I will be your biggest cheerleader * I believe in happy endings

Brides Against Breast Cancer!

We are so excited to be able to make this announcement!

We have the unbelievable honor to be asked to be the “City Coordinator” for Brides against Breast Cancer.

Our Tour of Gowns will take place October 19th, 20th and 21st. It will take place at the Sheraton Four Points Hotel. We expect 150-200 brides and the proceeds from the event will contribute to programs for cancer patients and their families.“Brides Against Breast Cancerâ„¢ — Nationwide Tour of Gowns” This unique opportunity allows brides-to-be a chance to find the gown of their dreams at a remarkable price. Most gown prices range from $99 to $799*, including hundreds of beautiful new name brand and designer gowns valued up to $8,000. Exclusive designer and couture gowns valued up to $20,000 are also available at an incredible 25% to 75% savings!

From a Happy Bride!
I heard about Bride’s Against Breast Cancer through my Co-Maid of Honor. It was especially meaningful to me to acquire my gown through them, if possible, since my other Maid of Honor had just been diagnosed with breast cancer.
The money that I paid for the dress was donated towards breast cancer research. The whole experience was incredibly moving and I know that a lot of women out there have had personal experience with breast cancer affecting someone in their lives. If possible, I would highly recommend that they try to attend one of these events!


We will need about 100 volunteers to put this wonderful event on!

PLEASE email us at if you would like to volunteer your time.

It is Fairy Godmother Friday!

It is Fairy Godmother Friday….on FG Friday we like to share with you the history of our company and more about our team.

Today’s post is all about Yessi. Yessi started with us almost two years ago. At the time that we met Yessi, she was an Assistant Manager at David’s Bridal. Working so closely with the brides she had heard about Fairy Godmother many times. When one of our fellow Fairy Godmothers was in David’s bridal buying a veil for one of our brides, Yessi introduced herself and asked us to call her. Long story short we did and she has been with us ever since.

Yessi is one of the kindest hard working young ladies I have ever met. Her values are right in line with Fairy Godmothers. She is warm, sweet and has a smile and laugh that can brighten any room. About eight months ago she moved to the Ventura area and in about two weeks she will be moving further south to San Diego! We are so excited for her. We adore Yessi and we are so happy for her and her family.

From Yessi
I am Salvadorian* I have a true passion for the wedding industry and started working in a bridal boutique at age 15* I have a 2 year old chiweenie named Sammy and shopping is my favorite pastime* I love nature and traveling and someday hope to travel through Europe, South America, and Central America* I love to sing in the car and enjoy every style of music from oldies to country* I love eating at culturally diverse restaurants but my favorite food is Thai and my favorite colors are brown and pink* I am a truly optimistic person and believe that everyone can find their own happy ending.

San Diego Brides Yessi is on her way to your town! Contact us today. (661) 808-7816 (805) 827-8148

It is Wedding Wednesday where we share tips and idea’s, today’s post is very special!

It it Wedding Wednesday……

On Wedding Wednesday’s we will share tips and techniques in the wedding business.

Part Three…….We are excited to share with you “real live” thoughts from our past Fairy Godmother Brides their advice on things they would do differently.

I would have put the bar by the entry way.
Wish we would have had more time, possibly an hour later.
Insist the lighting guy stays with the lights and knows what he is doing.
Start earlier to have more time at the reception.
We would have started sooner, so we had more time to dance and visit with people.
Would have had a photo list.
I would have made more TO DO list’s, felt a little disorganized the last week of the wedding.
I would have met with the Piano player, to go over things with him.
I spent too much time on the ceremony planning.
I would have listened to my FG and took better care to hire a DJ that was professional.
I would have had better directions to the location for the guests.
I would have worn my shoes several days leading up to the wedding, even climbed mountains in them.
I would not have waited to pack until the very last minute.
I would have given myself more time the week before the wedding.
We would have chosen a bigger venue for our reception.
We would have moved the cake out on to the dance floor. No one had a chance to see us cut the cake.
Paid more attention to the appetizers after church.
I would have liked to decorate more.
Get more things in writing.
Be more direct when it comes to the florist.
I would have put more money into my photographer.
Not have the reception hall so crowded with tables.
I would not have done so many things by myself.
I had a lot of hand crafted items that took me too long. We threw so much of it away.
Hired a Limo.
Left before the guests left.
Put more money in the photographer. I should have made a list of must have photos.
I would have touched up my make-up more it was so shinny.
I would have been pickier about my hair.
I would have asked for a few more emotional type photos.
I would have been better with time management, I would have rushed Silvia more during make-up Toasts were too long. We would have talked to them before the toast to make sure they were shorter.
I should have hired a make-up and hair person.
Missed table touching, didn’t get to visit with guests very much. Wished I would have made more time to do this.
Larger dance floor.
Photos with bridal party and photos with guests, wished I would have done.
Wished I would have had a sign for photo booth or had more guests use it.

Are you getting married or plannng an event? Need a Fairy Godmother? Contact us today, we would love to hear about your special day!

(661) 808-7816

“Magical Monday”

It is “Magical Monday” and we thought we would share one of our events. So much fun!

We started Fairy Godmother almost 3 years ago and within the first year our clients were asking us to do events for them. We didn’t advertise we were doing events they came by referrals. Well we are thrilled to be doing events and talking about it.

Introducing our “Robyn’s” Egg Baby Shower for Robyn. It was so much fun to plan this shower for Robyn, she is a doll, she was so much fun to work with and was open to any idea’s we had. Enjoy!

Are you planning an event? Need a Fairy Godmother of your own? Contact us today, we would love to chat with you. 661-808-7816

Leave Robyn some blog love!

It is Fairy Tale Friday.


It is Fairy Godmother Friday….on FG Friday we like to share with you the history of our company and more about our team.

Today’s post is all about Denise.

Denise has been my personal friend for more tha 20 years, we met when we were 10! We worked together at Bank of Stockdale and planned every bank event the bank ever had, Client Events, Christmas Parties, Kids Parties etc. Within just 3 months of opening Fairy Godmother I quickly realized I was going to need help. Like so many things I have pulled Denise into I called her one day and said “I hope you have this date open because I just booked you to coordinate a wedding with me” and Denise being the wonderful friend that she is she said “where and when? Denise is a true professional and has a very keen sense of people. She has amazing follow through and truly cares about each of her couples and their families. Denise has been with Fairy Godmother almost from the very beginning and has been an instrument part of our growth.

Fairy Godmother is more than just me!
We are made up of a team of amazing, talented, compassionate, hardworking, dedicated women that care very much about their couples and care about this company. Their work ethic, values and goals all match the philosophy that Fairy Godmother has

“Bringing That Fairy Tale Feeling To Everyone We come In Contact With”

From Denise…..
I am half Basque by heritage * I love to cook and I am excellent at it * I adore dogs especially Border Collies * I enjoy doing Sudoku Puzzles every day * Most people do not know I collect dolls * I danced in my younger years — tap and jazz * I love clothes, shoes and bling bling * I was in banking for 24 years until I started doing what I have always wanted to do “Event” Coordinating * I am a get it done type of girl * I like to dress up however love to be comfy.

Did Denise coordinate your wedding? Have you worked with Denise? Leave her some Blog comments…she would love it!

“It is Wedding Wednesday”


“It is Wedding Wednesday”

On Wedding Wednesday’s we will share tips and techniques in the wedding business.

Part Two…….We are excited to share with you “real live” thoughts from our past Fairy Godmother Brides their advice on things they would do differently.

We would have spent more time taking photos.
I should not have worried so much about the guests and focused on us.
There were a lot of photos that we did not get to take. I didn’t need a second dress.
I would have found a way to use a restroom BEFORE my first dance.
Very hard to limit the guests would have loved to invite a lot more people.
Shop for your dress at many places, enjoy the experience. Try on lots of dresses. Be sure to look at David’s bridal they have some amazing dresses.
Keep your eye on your vision; don’t let negative people get in the way.
Hire FG; do not underestimate the value of having them.
Have someone else do your make-up.
Have your ceremony and reception in one location.
I would not have had the girls in the same room as me when we were getting ready, way too crazy.
Utilize FG more she is wonderful and wished I would have asked her more questions and when things came up asked her what she would do, etc.
Pick a color that could be found anywhere.
Really think about who is in your bridal party are they going to make your day better….or worse?
I should have had more time for my make-up.
Don’t let your bridal party drink too much before the wedding.
Allow more time for clean-up of the venue.
I should have had someone do my hair for me.
I wished I would have assigned one person to take care of all the bridesmaid’s questions etc.
Given them maybe my Maid of Honors phone number so that they could call her and not me. Way too many calls! With a big bridal party this is a must.
I would have had the wedding earlier so we had more time at the reception. It went too fast.
I would have written more things down for my coordinator. I had the vision in my head I should have shared it with you. I should have hired you for all 12 hours and the day before!

It’s Magical Monday………… Congrats Jake and Valerie!

We were so happy to be Jake and Valerie’s Fairy Godmother!
What a beautiful wedding, filled with love and lots of tradition.

Thank you to our amazing team of vendors!
– Church-St Francis/Father Craig
– Venue-El Tango/Diane
– Band-Mariachi Oro de Plata
– Band-Mento/Matt Munoz
– Caterer¬¬-Tex Mex
– Cake-Carmen
– Photographer-Setrik Photography/Curtis
– Flowers-Roane/Lupita

We were thrilled to be Jake and Valerie’s Fairy Godmother. Are you getting married soon? We would love to be your Wedding Coordinator and or Wedding Planner. We are thrilled to Coordinate or Plan your wedding in Bakersfield however we are happy to travel.

Contact us today for your complimentary consultation.

It’s Fairy Godmother Friday! Mentors……….

Mentor Definition
[ mén tàwr ]
To hear the pronunciation, install Silverlight
men-tors plural
experienced adviser and supporter: somebody, usually more experienced, who advises and guides a, less experienced person.

After meeting up with my mentee Angelina Petris after more than 8 years ago it made me think of all of the wonderful Mentors I have had.

This blog is dedicated to all of my mentors that have helped me in this business. I have been so lucky to have so many great people around me and I want to take this opportunity to thank them!

I have been so lucky to have wonderful mentors in this business. I have so many people to thank. They have advised me, supported me, encouraged me, pushed me and inspired me in ways they will never fully realize.

I encourage you to become a mentor for someone else! Reach out and help someone, it is the best feeling ever and then to see them succeed is beyond amazing!

It’s Wedding Wednesday…let’s have a little Sugar………….

Welcome to Wedding Wednesday!

From time to time we are going to not just visit our favorite vendors but we are going to spend some time with them doing what they do!

We had the pleasure of visiting Stephanie and her team at Gimme Some Sugar. We had so much fun. Gimme Some Sugar has been in business for more than 10 years.

From their web-site “GSS was created with a motto that food should be experienced, not just tasted. You will experience flavor like never before.” And you will experience the pure joy Stephanie and her team has for their clients and the amazing works of art they make for them!

Here are a few things I learned!
– Everything is made from scratch. I mean everything.
– There a multiple types of flour, All-purpose, Soy, Whole-Wheat, Bread, Pastry, Semolina, Durum, Gluten, Enriched, Whole Grain just to name a few.
– It is very ok to work hard and play hard.
– Everything they make is a work of art.
– I cannot shape fondant, oh my…
– Their cupcakes are to die for….yes I did get to take a few home, to sample of course!

You are invited to their sixth (6th) birthday party of their location. It will be a very fun event with Carnival Booths, Dunk Tank, Cake Walk, Pony Rides and so much more. Bring the kids!
November 10, 2012 1:00-6:00
All proceeds will be donated to Kern Partnership for Children and Families. Save the date!

Stop by to see the girls at Gimme Some Sugar, tell them Fairy Godmother sent you.