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Evolution of the Wedding Dress

From turtle-necks, long sleeves, and completely lace to satin, blinged out, even risqué, the brides’ gown is the centerpiece of a wedding and reflects on their personality.

The Roaring 20’s was an age where the heavy ball gown wedding dress was replaced by lighter straight lace. Women declared their independence by gaining the right to vote during the 20’s and with that independence brought upon “sexier” dresses. The idea of sexy at that time was a short wedding dress with a long tulle train. Due to The Great Depression, dresses became less extravagant and resembled more like modern day woman’s suits.

More elaborately designed dresses demanded the attention of the brides again after World War II. Brides wanted to feel like a princess by wearing long ball gowns again. From the 50’s to the 70’s, the wedding dresses became more fun and flirty, reflecting the poodle skirt craze. Unfortunately, the suit jacket was brought back in the late 70’s symbolizing feminine power.

Princess Diana’s dress is the epitome of wedding gowns in the 1980’s. The poufy solders and the train as long as a train was the dream dress of every bride-to-be. During the 90’s, brides pretty much wore a whatever style they wanted. Some stuck with the classic look of the ball gown skirts and off the shoulder sleeves while some wanted to be more modern in dresses that showed off their curves. The new millennium finally brought the strapless trend but occasionally you will find a bride wearing the vintage all-lace gown.

Today, brides no longer stick to a certain trend but choose the dress that will make their special day memorable.




Wedding Anniversary Event

We are thrilled to showcase this event!

We enjoyed working with Gloria and Tito on planning every detail of their very special “25th” Wedding Celebration!

25 years of marriage is a milestone and we were so honored to be asked to plan and coordinate their day.


Thank you to a wonderful team of vendors.   Behind every great Event Planner are great Vendor Partners!

Sweet Surrender


All in the Invite

Free Style Entertainment

House of Flowers

Kelli’s Keepsakes


Have a special event to plan?  Call us today we would love to help you create an event that is unique to you without all of the stress!

Fairy Godmother 661-808-7816


The Devil is in the details

“The Devil is in the details”, which means that although it is relatively easy to come up with a grand overall vision or plan for something, it is much more difficult to make the plan work in practice when all its little detailed problems start to show up.

Some new piece of writing, or some new building, may look very fine at a quick glance, but an uninspired one will appear disappointing on a closer look at its details. An inspired creation, which continues to inspire no matter how closely one inspects it, needs as much attention to its details as to its overall plan. The old proverb says that these details are the “devil of a job” to get right, but Flaubert and van der Rohe and Le Corbusier meant that getting them right was the supremely creative and worthwhile part of the job – the very part of it that made them feel they were really using their God-given talents.

Here at Fairy Godmother we like to say “Fairy Godmother is in the details”.   We take pain staking actions to make sure all of our weddings and event details are executed flawlessly.  We work hard to dot every I and cross every T so that our clients can… well…. as they say “be a guest at their own event”.  Book Fairy Godmother and you won’t have to worry about a single detail because……..

“Fairy Godmother is in the details”.






Happy Thanksgiving From Fairy Godmother

It is Wedding Wednesday!

  Fairy Godmother has so much to be thankful for.  We have planned and or coordinated over 100 weddings.  Our team continues to grow and become stronger.  We have some really exciting things that are happening in 2013!  Most recently the Bakersfield Life Magazine asked us to work with them on a special feature for their “Celebrations” issue due to come out in January.  We are so honored.  The feature will be called  “Dear Fairy Godmother”.  The questions that we have received are amazing, we can’t wait to share!

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!  And “Thank You” for all of your support.


Wedding Cake Traditions



Wedding Cake Traditions — just where does the tradition come from?

Wedding cakes are a long-standing tradition and have represented many different ideals over their lengthy history.  Some wedding cake traditions have stood the test of time, while others slowly fell by the wayside.

The traditional wedding cake goes as far back as the Roman Empire. During nuptials, a simple cake made of wheat or barley would be broken over the bride’s head to ensure her future fertility. Guests would then scurry to attain a crumb of the traditional wedding cake for themselves. It is this custom that has led to the sharing of the modern traditional wedding cake. Of course, smashing the traditional wedding cake over the bride’s head is hardly practical in modern times (imagine what it would do to your hair!), so that tradition has disappeared over time.

In Medieval England, traditional wedding cakes were described as small buns that were stacked high. The bride and groom would then attempt to kiss over the tower of buns without knocking them down. If they succeeded, prosperity, health and fertility were inevitable. Eventually, the idea of neatly stacking the buns and frosting them together became a more convenient option. This tradition appears to have been recreated in modern times with the rise in cupcake wedding cakes. It is therefore safe to argue that cupcake wedding cakes can be considered traditional wedding cakes after all!

Status Symbol

Previous to the Victorian era, highly refined sugar was used to make cake icing. The sugar would make the icing white. This icing was difficult to come by and expensive. Because of this, white icing on wedding cakes became a status symbol, showing that the family was affluent enough to afford refined sugar.

Cake Feeding

Couples feed each other a piece of wedding cake to symbolize the fact that the bride and groom should help, support and provide for each other throughout their marriage.


We are always amazed at all of the wedding traditions and were they came from and how they have evolved.

A new tradition is in the works, one that we LOVE.  That is the tradition of brides having their wedding cakes made to look like their wedding dress. Simply beautiful!



What will your wedding cake look like?  Will it be white or full of color?   Will it be round or square?   Will it be many layers or a few?   Have fun with your design, customize it!



Wedding Coordinator Assistants

Definition of an assistant (n) · Bing Dictionary


[ ə sístənt ]

helper: somebody who works to somebody else’s instructions, often in a paid capacity

  1. helping: another person
  2. helpful: serving to help or be useful

Today’s Blog is dedicated to our Fairy Godmother Assistants!  They are quite simply amazing truly amazing!

We could not do what we do without them.

They take orders fast, think quick on their feet with little direction, read our minds and do it all with a smile!

Our Assistants are our Future Fairy Godmother Coordinators, they are dynamos and I am so proud to have each one of them on our team!

Thank you Stephanie, Cassandra, Phillarie, and Liliana for always bringing that

“Fairy Tale Feeling To Everyone You Come In Contact With”

A Norega House Wedding Bakersfield


Michael + Erin = LOVE LOVE LOVE.  Their wedding was just beautiful full of special and very fun moments.

The Noriega House has such charm and warmth about it and it was a perfect backdrop for Erin and Michael’s special day.  Western Kitchen served up a yummy dinner and D.J. Soltero rocked the house.  Valdophye captured all of the special moments beautifully.

It was a pleasure to be a part of their special day.  Michael and Erin have a wonderful and beautiful family.  It was amazing to see how their family worked together to make their day so special.   It is so evident to see the love, support and strength their family has for them.  You can just see how strong and unbreakable their love is.

Thank you Michael and Erin for allowing Fairy Godmother to be part of your beautiful wedding!