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Happy Anniversary

Beautiful work by Pam!

Hello and Happy Wedding Wednesday!

Normally our Wednesday Blogs are always educational, however today we are making an exception.

We are dedicating this blog to T.J. and Amy Brewer.  Happy second, Anniversary Amy and T.J.   Your wedding will forever be one of our favorites.  We were so lucky that you hired Fairy Godmother.

We would like to personally thank you for introducing us to your mom Pam. When you father mentioned we should call her we did just that and she has been a very important part of our team ever since.

We were honored you asked us to plan your baby shower and love seeing your little man grow up.

Couples like you are what make Fairy Godmother so “magical”.

Happy Anniversary!

(Most of the photos attached are from Bobby Kandid Kamera, great guy to work with and beautiful work)

To this day Pam makes us laugh!

Beautiful Family!

Love the gal!







Fairy Godmother Colleen


Colleen — Owner / Planner / Coordinator

Welcome to Fairy Godmother Friday! On our Friday blog we like to share info about our team. I have not written about myself yet actually have been putting it off. But here goes. Many people ask why I do what I do. I do it because I truly love this business. Each of our brides are like family, we are the “protectors” making sure every detail of their wedding goes perfectly. It gives me great joy to be there every step of the way with the bride to insure she has an amazing day. I posted a few photos of some of the things about weddings I love, the flowers-always so pretty, the brides shoes-always fun, the cake-well enough said I love sweets and more important the bride-I adore each of them and feel so lucky they choose Fairy Godmother to take care of them on their special day.

I love cupcakes, chocolate and caramel candy bars * My favorite band is Journey * The sound of the ocean makes me smile * I love horses and hope to have my own one day. * I adore Disneyland and most especially Cinderella * My cup is always half-full or better yet flowing over * I am a terrible cook and a great baker * I adore my son and thank God for my hubby * I love to shop * I enjoy dressing up * I love staying busy and always on the go, once I left the house with two different color of pumps on * I am a true girly girl * a hopeless romantic * I love making new friends * I believe in old friends and new shoes * I am a total perfectionist * I enjoy a great book or a good magazine * My favorite TV show is Dancing with Stars * I plan to meet David Tuterra one day * I am the calm during every storm * I believe every girl deserves a fairy tale wedding with a Fairy Godmother by her side of course!

How to Choose Your Bridal Party

Deciding who your bridal party will be should be one of the very first decisions made because your inner circle is going to be by your side from the moment you start planning your wedding until the moment you step into the getaway car!

– Understand the traditional members of the wedding party (maid of honor, bridesmaids, best man, groomsmen, flower girl, and ring bearer) and decide who you want to fulfill those roles.

– Choose the number of attendants that fit your budget. Adding more attendants will increase your expenses.

– Once you have chosen your bridesmaids and groomsmen, invite the whole group to a social gathering to discuss the wedding and share your vision.

– Sometimes awkward situations arise, for example, when someone technically belongs in the wedding but doesn’t fit the style, budget or personality of the wedding. One solution is to honor this person with a different role in the wedding ceremony.

Happy Anniversary Fairy Godmother

I am thrilled to write this blog!  I can’t believe we have been in business 3 years.

So much has happened over the past 3 years.

We set out to be the Number #1 “Day-of” Coordinating company in all of Kern County and in a short amount of time I believe we did just that.  Our team continues to grow and we continue to have the distinct honor of planning and coordinating many weddings and events.  This business has brought us all so much joy, we love what we do and want to thank all of our clients and vendor friends for all your support in helping Fairy Godmother to be a successful and growing business.

We have a saying in Fairy Godmother        “Bring that “Fairy Tale Feeling” to everyone you come in contact with”

We hope if we have not already had a chance to bring you that Fairy Tale Feeling we hope will have the opportunity to in the near future!


Our new intern Lotta

A great moment caught on film.

So proud to be The Fox Event Planners!

So proud the first two photos are from a FG wedding!

Our very first Bridal Show 2010

YES! We did it made best of the best from the Knot!

A proud moment!

HDM commercial time…..

Love this team!

Proud to be asked to be the City Coordinator for Brides Against Brest Cancer







Bridal Make up tips by Fairy Godmother

Avoid a wedding-day disaster  with these tips for every bride, bridesmaid, or even guest!

– If you’re going to get a fake tan, spray-tan at least two days prior to the wedding date.

– Play up your make up for pictures by putting on a little more make up than you would apply normally.

– Moisturize your skin by using a primer before you start applying your make up.

– Never use your fingers to apply your make up, always use a sponge or a brush.

– Using an eye shadow primer ensures smudge-free makeup.

– Instead of using a pencil eye liner, use a cake liner. Once you apply it, it will last all day!

– Use eye-enhancing techniques, like focusing dark eye shadow on the corners of your eye to make them look big, bright, and beautiful.

– Curl your lashes at the root, the middle, and at the tip. However, false eye lashes give the look of full lashes

– Waterproof makeup is key

– Carry a few touch-up products in your makeup bag.

Above all make-up is made to enhance your natural beauty!