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Park Place Shafter Wedding

Happy Magical Monday.

It gives us great pleasure to write today’s blog about Chris and K.T. Mr. and Mrs. McKellar.

They had such a beautiful wedding, “Pretty In Pink”!

Every detail was thought out and K.T. looked just beautiful.

They were married at The Park Place in Shafter, the wonderful food was by N.V. Catering, D.J. services by Chad Look of D.J. Sounds, beautiful flowers by White Oak Florist, we had lots of fun with their photographers Cheryl Franklin and Tom Grant, photo booth by Bakersfield Photo Booth, and their yummy cake was by Delish Designs.

Chris and K.T. have a beautiful little family and we were thrilled to spend their special day with them.








Redding Wedding Planner

1Happy Fairy Godmother Friday!

Friday’s we love to share about our company and our team.  Today’s blog post is about Phillarie.  I met Phillarie at a wedding; she was hired by the home owner.   She was bubbly, professional, and hardworking!  All of the things I look for when hiring for our team. I gave her my card and as they say well the rest is history.  Phillarie is a joy to be around she is high on life. Recently she moved back home and told me she was taking Fairy Godmother with her. I am thrilled to see Fairy Godmother grow to Northern Ca. Phillarie has hit the ground running and has already been on the radio, she has joined the bridal association and is doing her first bridal show in January. So excited to see her grow, the brides in Redding are lucky she is there.


Phillarie — Planner / Coordinator

I am named after a small wild flower* My son is my number one* Hearts are my favorite shape* I am energetic and motivated* Rain makes my heart happy* I see sunshine on cloudy days* Laughter is the best medicine* I am addicted to chocolate and peanut butter* I love recycling and being green* I like eating fresh from my dad’s garden* I am always going and doing* I grew up dancing, mostly ballet* Singing is a favorite pastime* I love watching old movies and musicals* Music makes the world go ‘round* Traveling is big on my bucket list* I have always been a busy bee* I enjoy giving to those in need* My mom passed on the gift of planning events* Grandparents have the best stories to listen to* I have little luck, but am very blessed* I like learning new things* I am always trying to increase my Spanish vocab* Finding new hobbies is a passion of mine* A picture is worth a thousand words* You can do anything you set your mind to* There’s no time like the present* * Like the Beatles, I believe that love is all you need….. well, and a Fairy Godmother!



The Perfect Veil

The Perfect Veil

These days, finding the perfect dress for your big day can be challenging.   However, finding the perfect veil to complete the look may be more challenging for some.

Wedding veils come in all different lengths and styles to add the special touch to the gown.   But many may not know the symbolic reasoning behind the veil.  There are many different theories about the veil that come from all around the world and different cultures.   After much research these are the two that many people believe to be true: The Ancient Greeks and Romans often used the bride’s veil to conceal the bride’s appearance from the guest and groom.  This is because most of marriages were arranged the groom might not see the bride until he lifts the veil, to reveal her beauty and purity.  Another theory comes from other cultures and religions that use the symbolic veil to represent the bride’s modesty and purity.   It seems that no matter the culture, the theory of the veil seem to be similar.

I will add that the veil truly is the perfect touch to anyone’s magical day because of its symbolism.   The veil is the last piece to the magical puzzle of the dress.

Ashley dePencier Photography

Happy Magical Monday!

Today’s blog is about one of our fellow vendors Ashley dePencier.  We first worked with Ashley about two years ago and fell in love with her and her art right away.  She is warm, bubbly and has an eye for romance; you can just see it in her work.

A bit about Ashley, she was always an artist, she became an art major however found out that the college she was attending was phasing out the art program.  As friend of hers told her about Brooks College and Ashley felt it was perfect for where she was headed.  She learned about commercial and wedding portrait photography.  Ashley finished ahead of her class and ahead of schedule.  With that she began her business and has been going and growing ever since.

This is fun……we asked Ashley if she won 100 million dollars, what would she do?  Of course after a few things were purchased, her answer “take pictures”.    Of what, we asked?  “Love and fashion editorials for Disney”.  It was cool to see that her gut answer, money aside is what she is already doing!

See below for a few of her beautiful photos.

Ashley dePencier Photography


The History of the Bouquet and Garter Toss

The History of the Bouquet and Garter Toss, by Phillarie Rodriguez

Happy Wedding Wednesday to all!

Today we are sharing about the meaning behind the bridal bouquet and garter toss.

When I was about 7 years, the first wedding I ever remember attending, I was the lucky lady to catch the bouquet tossed by my cousin’s bride.  Afterwards, this fun filled ritual became my favorite part of the wedding reception.

Centuries ago, before tossing the bouquet or garter was a tradition, a bouquet was made of aromatic bunches of garlic, fruit blossoms, herbs, and grains.  These items both represented prosperity and were used as a belief to drive away evil spirits.  Throughout the years, the herbs and grains were replaced by flowers.  This symbolized happiness, fertility, and everlasting love.

During those years of the bouquet transformation, guests would rip a piece of the bride’s dress for keepsake and good fortune in love.  Often times, tearing the dress to shreds by the end of the wedding celebration.  In efforts to prevent this, brides began coming up with different and creative ways to share parts of their joy with their loved ones.  Thus, the bouquet and garter toss began. It is said that the inheritors of the bouquet and garter are lucky and will be the next to wed.

A simple and beautiful custom, the bouquet toss celebrates the good fortune of the happy couple. Today, there are many different ways to share your bouquet and garter.  Most commonly practiced, is having an alternative arrangement made specifically designed for this custom.  Some brides give theirs away to a special guest or newly engaged friend.  This is to keep from placing unwanted attention to all of the single guests.  While others, dedicate theirs to a loved one who has passed.  Some couples choose to honor the pair who have been married for the longest, and reward them with the bouquet in that way.  However you decide to present your bouquet, it will be a cherished memento of your special day that your guests will treasure forever.




Mill Creek Park in Bakersifeld Wedding

Tyler and Meggan are now Mr. and Mrs.   They are a darling couple.

There was absolutely nothing tradition about their wedding however that was the beauty of it.    It was all about them, things they wanted to do.   It was fun and light., much like Meggan’s adorable laugh.   They were married at the beautiful Mill Creek Bridge and their reception was at Meggan’s parent’s home.   It was a beautiful day to get married!

Congratulations Tyler and Meggan we are so happy for you!  We love that you did your wedding “your way”!

Mother of the Bride, her Maid of Honor and Sis, darling!







Meet Fairy Godmother Liliana

It is Fairy Godmother Friday. On FGF we love to share about our team. Today’s post is bout Liliana. Liliana contacted us, we met and we liked her right away. At the first wedding we worked with her we knew we had a keeper. She is quite, sweet, kind and has a warm and inviting laugh. She speaks fluent Spanish and we have needed her many times to help us translate. We are thrilled to announce our Liliana is having a baby! And of course the baby is going to have a “Fairy Godmother Baby Shower”.

I am a mom to the silliest little man*I married my best friend* Glitter is my favorite color* I am addicted to Pinterest* I love everything and anything craft related* I have a passion for the medical field and party planning* I love baby showers and I am good at baby shower games* I love to cook and bake* I have a weak spot for sweets* I love to shop* I am purse and shoe girl* I love getting manicures and pedicures* I love country music* I love to sing but I am awful at it* My favorite shows are Grey’s Anatomy and The Office* I love to read* I love learning new things* I love the rain and winter time * I love helping others* I am very optimistic* I love staying busy* I believe there is a special person for everyone* And that happily ever after is just the beginning.