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Advice for the Groom!

Well you popped the question; she said yes, now what? You may think your part is done, but the wedding is just as much as the groom’s day as the bride’s. Here are a few helpful tips to make the planning process easier and make your fiancée happy!


  1. Share Your Opinion:

As a current bride-to-be, this is very important. We want the big day to be just as special for you. Tell your fiancée what you want included. Give your honest opinion on what your fiancée shows you. Most importantly, try to remember what you have agreed on. Do not change your mind weeks down the road as your fiancée has probably already committed to the idea. Being honest with your fiancée with help make the planning process much easier.


  1. Do Your Part:

The groom acts as a buffer during much of the planning process. He is a shoulder to cry on, the mediator and a means of support. If your fiancée is stressed and wants to vent about family drama, just listen. Let her talk it out without you giving her your feelings on her family members. Those comments might add to her stress and she will remember them later. The groom is also the speaker for his family. It is your job to know your family’s traditions and what you/they want included on the big day. Just be there for your fiancée. This is the beginning of your lives together. You need to be a team.


  1. Your Groomsmen:

Picking your groomsmen is an important task that should not be taken lightly. I am sure you have many family and friends to choose from. Although how many bridesmaids your fiancée has will usually decide the number of guys you will have to choose to be in the wedding. The best man is the most important groomsmen you will choose. The best man is in charge of the rings as well as a toast during the reception. Definitely choose someone who is responsible enough to not lose the rings and someone who will deliver an appropriate and heartfelt wedding toast. It is also your job to make sure all groomsmen know when and where to get fitted for their tuxes. Also make sure they return them the day after the wedding to avoid late return fees. Overall make sure the guys you choose are important to you. You want your best guys standing up there with you on your special day.


  1. Show Her You Care:

Planning a wedding is stressful for everyone involved, especially your fiancée. Giving her a little extra attention during this time will make her life, as well as yours, easier. Give her a break from the planning and take her out to dinner and a movie or even cook her dinner and have a night in. This will remind her why she said yes to you in the first place. If you really want to make her happy, the day of the wedding send her a special gift. It does not have to be anything huge just flowers or send the ring bearer to give her a special handwritten note saying how much you love her. Any extra way to say you were thinking of her will definitely make her love you more.


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Chad + Kayla = very SWEET love!

Chad and Kayla what an adorable couple.  Kayla is one of the sweetest brides we have ever had the pleasure of working with.  She is warm, kind and has a beautiful smile.  Chad is truly her prince charming.

Special moment of the night was the very end.  We were getting ready to leave; we were almost out the door.  When Kayla’ mom came running after us to tell us an older gentlemen had just dropped an entire glass of RED wine all over Kayla.   Kayla was extremely upset.  We brought Kayla in the house dug the “wine-out” of out of our emergency kit.  We did a test sample on the bottom of Kayla’s dress and yep the wine disappeared.  Chad sweetly and gently sprayed the rest of Kayla’s dress and together we were able to remove most of the wine.  It was nice to see that pretty smile of Kayla’s again!

It truly was an honor to be Chad and Kayla’s Fairy Godmother!

Colleen, Cassandra and Amy P.









































A Fairy Godmother Robe

Happy Fairy Godmother Friday!

On Friday’s we like to share with you info about our team.

Today’s Blog post is about my love of robes.  Ever since I was a little kid a robe was a special thing.  It was one of those comforts all warm and cozy.  To this day I love a comfy and cozy robe; of course it has to be cute!

Well little did our bride Lindsey know my love for robes.  The morning of her wedding she told me she had a gift for me.  I was so touched that she thought of me.  I was thrilled when I opened the gift and it was a robe!   Such a sweet gesture and a testament to Lindsey’s kindness.  I love my new Fairy Godmother robe not only because it is warm and comfy but because of whom it came from!

Thank you Lindsey for your sweet and thoughtful gift and for being you!

A Short Robe History

The robe has always played an important part historically, and has gone through many transformations along the way. The kimono for example, is an integral part of Japanese culture which is famous for its luxurious silks and ceremonial method of putting it on.

The banyan – worn by men between the late 17th to early 19th century – was also known for being a luxury item, often made in silks with loose sleeves to be worn during lounging time or just before bed.

Through time the robe has constantly evolved into the wide range of loungewear, bath robes, day robes, bed robes, and the British ‘dressing gown’ that we have today, but none of the original style and luxury of the original kimonos and banyans that inspired the modern robe has been lost for the true connoisseur – with luxury chenille and silk fabrics being the most popular for sales on true luxury robes.

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Let’s talk about Pinterest!

Pinterest is an on-line pin board that allows you to share photos with other users under categories.

You can pin about Weddings, Food, Cleaning, Fashion, Exercising, Do it Yourself and Holidays anything you want.

Using Pinterest in planning your event or wedding has become such a trend!

It’s an easy and fun way to gather ideas and share them with your friends and family all in one spot.  The site provides you with the ability to browse through postings of numerous creative ideas and “repin” those ideas to your board.  In addition to adding posts onto your pinboard, you can also take pictures and create a pin yourself — maybe it will go viral. J

Pinterest is great for people who lack a bit on the creative side, as it is easy to get ideas and start gathering the tools you need to become artsy just by browsing the thousands of pins that people post everyday.

Create a board and pin away! Pinterest will help you with décor, food, invitations, makeup, hair, dress and florals to just name a few!

We recently did a follow-up with one of our couples, we asked them what advice do they have to give to another couple.

Their advice –  “Do not go on Pinterest 2 weeks before your wedding!”

So cute!


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A Padre Hotel Wedding

A Padre Hotel wedding not to be overlooked.

April 13 marked a very special day for our Bride, Groom and our Fairy Godmother, Amy!  This wedding was the very first of our Coordinator Amy and it was a truly unique moment for her, as she bippity-boppity-boo’ed the very hallways, floors and rooms that she herself wed in, just 2 years ago.  With the experience of her own magical day at the Padre Hotel and her awareness of how critical Fairy Godmother Day-Of Coordinators are to a Bride, Amy brought perfectionism, passion and a heart that this very Bride needed to complete her wedding day vision in this amazing venue.  

It was undeniable that there are so many words to describe this day.  The love Sacha and Carlos share is deeper than most could fathom and this was evident from the day they met with Fairy Godmother. 

Both of their amazing personalities and deep care for not just themselves, on their magical day, but everyone involved (including their vendors) made it very easy to strive for perfection.

It was a union of love and a bond between Fairy Godmother and wedded couple that not many have the pleasure of being able to witness. 



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Bakersfield Women’s Business Conference

Happy Fairy Godmother Friday!

On Friday’s we like to share personal stories about our team.  Today’s post gives you some insight to how Fairy Godmother began.

Exactly 5 years ago I was the 2009 Conference Chair for the Bakersfield Women’s Business Conference.

It was the single biggest event I had ever planned in my life.  An event with over 1400 women.  I had the most amazing board and we had a blast.  We made so many changes, we changed the colors, the web-site, the logo, how we did the lunches, the way we fundraised, we updated all of our committees, created a logo shirt and  brought in wonderful sponsors like Flourishing Art and Free Style Entertainment.  From this conference I had several people tell me I should really start an event company.  I thought about it for the next 4-5 months, did my homework and we did our first wedding in January 2010.

Our little company has grown, we now do day-of Wedding Coordinating, Wedding Planning and Event Planning.  Our team has grown from 1 Event Planner to a team of 10 we have 1 in Redding and 1 in San Diego.

The conference Thursday was amazing, we sold out!  I had the pleasure of being the Keynote Chair for the conference this year.  Lynda Resnick, is so professional and such a powerful women.  Giuliana Rancic was warm, kind, genuine, sweet and so easy to work with.  She loved Bakersfield; she couldn’t believe how nice people were to her.  Robin Mangarin-Scott had us all crying with her powerful message.

The conference will forever have a powerful place in my heart because it gave me Fairy Godmother!

I am so proud of my friend Deanna Blaise our 2013 Chair!

Thank you to everyone that attended, we are looking forward to next year!

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The most AMAZING assistant ever!

The most AMAZING assistant ever!

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2013-04-18 11.25.11

Bakersfield Museum of Art Wedding

Eric and Ashley what an amazing couple. 

They were such a joy to work with.  Ashley looked like a real princess.   She was so calm and cool the entire time we worked with her and she had so much going on!  Planning a wedding and a BIG move all the way to New York.

We felt so lucky to be their Fairy Godmothers.

Congrats Mr. and Mrs. Hofmann

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Thank you to an amazing group of vendors!

Photography/Rick Thompson

Cake/Catering Affairs

Caterer/Catering Affairs

Dress/Ladies and Gents

Tuxedo/Ladies and Gents

D.J./Music by Jeff Woods

Florist/Uniquely Chic

Rental Company/Walker Lewis

Video/John Mark

Venue/Bakersfield Museum of Art

Make-up/Sylvie F.L.Y. Girls

Bakersfield Junior League Building Wedding

Our fun, “go with the flow” bride Connie was a joy to work with.  With this “go with the flow” attitude, we knew it would be a fun and enjoyable wedding. And of course it was.

The night of the rehearsal we had a chance to meet the bridal party; They were all so similar to Connie and Brady, kind and so much fun.  Jamie/Maid of Honor and Connie are like two peas in a pod!  Both were so fun and corky during the rehearsal.

Jamie was dreading her big toast, telling Connie she didn’t think she could do it without crying.  We told Jamie you will be beautiful whether you are in tears or not.  So finally the moment came for the maid of honor and best man to give their speech. As we gathered everyone up to their places, Jamie was the last one.  With worry and fear in her eye we quietly said are you ready?  Don’t worry, you’ll kill it!     Jamie smiled and we walked to our places. And wow, there wasn’t a dry eye anywhere!  Jamie’s speech was priceless.  Everyone was able to feel the love and respect these ladies share as best friends.  With smiles and tears Connie loved her speech.  It was another beautiful moment to add to Connie and Brady’s gorgeous wedding.

Congrats Mr. and Mrs. Cowan

Thank you to our wonderful team of Vendors!

Austin Photography


PM Custom Catering/Katy

Sweet Surrender/Debbie

Junior League Building/Cathi & Matt

H2O Productions/Ed

The Gardens Mill Creek/Don

Tux Finos/Jerry Gomez

Flowers/Colin Bywater


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Park Place in Shafter Wedding

Our adorable bride Monica was so fun to work with.

Between her and her mom they were so energetic and uplifting during pre planning.  Leading up to the wedding we knew it was going to be a wonderful day but when Monica’s dad got up for his speech and told us the story of how Ryan had named his precious Camaro Monica before Monica and Ryan had even met, we knew it was meant to be!!

So glad we got to be a part of their special day from delivering a card from Monica to Ryan’s room before he arrived, to witnessing their moment together before the ceremony hands clasped, around a wall with no eye contact.

Sweet sweet moments to hold dear.

Congrats Mr. and Mrs. Toone








Bakersfield Fox Wedding

It is safe to say we made history at the Fox!!

This was the first wedding in well over 10 years and it was beyond amazing!

Sometimes you just know a couple is meant to be, and well Lindsey and Chad they are this couple!  They are so in love and so meant to be together.

Lindsey looked like a princes, so beautiful and Chad looked like a prince, so handsome!

This will forever be one of our favorite weddings, for so many reasons.

Congrats Mr. and Mrs. Taylor, thank you for choosing Fairy Godmother to insure your day was “magical”.










Thank you to our amazing team of vendors!

The Fox


House of Flowers

Bakersfield Photo Booth

Holly Carlyle Photography

Juli Feller Photography

Timeless Motion Video

All Sound Music

Party Broker

Jo Ron Co

Free Style Entertainment