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JEH Ranch Wedding…..Brent and Rachel

You never know when you meet someone how they will affect your life.

9 years ago I met Veronica at Independence School.  She was the school secretary.  She was always kind and warm to me and my little kindergartener  Brandon.  Being a new mom you are a little nervous and have many silly questions.  Veronica never made me feel like any of my question were silly.  When Brandon was in 1st grade we were told he would be transferred to a brand new elementary school called American.  We were thrilled to find out Veronica would also make the move.  She was with us his entire elementary school year, her sweet soothing voice was always there when we called the school or when we had to stop by the office.

Fast forward 5 more years, Brandon is now 15.  Veronica sent me a message on Face Book to tell me her daughter was getting married and would I be her wedding coordinator. Of course I said YES!

Rachel was amazing, she is one of the strongest most posed women I have ever met.  You see……….the morning of her wedding she was in the hospital.  In all of the years I have been doing weddings I have never had a bride in the hospital the day of their wedding.  Rachel had been deathly sick the night before.  They were able to get some fluids in her.  She made it through hair, make-up and photos and we had time for her to rest.  She was such a trooper.  She pushed through feeling bad, she was not going to allow her day to be ruined.

Their wedding was at JEH Ranch, what a beautiful venue.  Morgan and her team go out of their way to make sure every wedding is  spectacular!

I am so looking forward to seeing all of the amazing photos by Makenzie.

Below are a few we took.

Thank you Veronica for taking care of us every day for 7 years it was a pleasure to take care of you and Rachel for her very special day.



2013-09-28 14.01.24

Darling Flower Girl

2013-09-28 14.03.03

Her little boot made a cute noise when she walked, just darling!

2013-09-28 14.04.56

Morgan even does flowers….

2013-09-28 14.57.45

Makenzie hard at work, she asked us to move the blue chair outside, wait until you see the photos!!!

2013-09-28 15.31.53

Beautiful Cake by Anamie

2013-09-28 15.32.42

So pretty!

2013-09-28 15.32.48

So many cute little extra touches

2013-09-28 15.32.53


2013-09-28 15.32.57


2013-09-28 15.35.58

Isn’t this cute!

2013-09-28 15.36.09

Brent and Rachel’s Guest Book

2013-09-28 15.57.14


A special moment, Rachel gave her mom a beautiful engraved hankie

2013-09-28 15.57.30


2013-09-28 17.16.49

My very good friend Kirk Hessler signing the marriage certificiate

2013-09-28 19.50.15


The end to a beautiful evening!

Mother’s Wish

Mother’s Wedding Dress

So you are planning your wedding when you come home and find your mother’s wedding gown laid out on the bed with her beaming beside it urging you to put it on. It is that dreaded day when you have to tell your mother that you don’t want her old gown because it is out of style and doesn’t quite flatter you in addition to the fact that you already picked out a wedding gown. You see the smile disappear from her face and she carefully packs her wedding gown back up and walks away with a droop to her shoulder. But you tell yourself that every girl wants a gown of her own right?

There are several ways to prevent this happening your mother being disappointed and you not being satisfied. First, you can take your mother’s gown and have it altered to fit and style it up a bit. Or you can use a certain part of the gown on your own such as the train or the lace or the veil. Or you can use all of your mother’s gown’s material to make a completely new gown. These will all appease your mother and hopefully suit you. Hopefully these suggestions will bridge the difficulties of trying to wear your mother’s gown, while you want your own.

After you have had your wedding, keep this scenario in mind when boxing away your own gown. You know that your girls will want a gown of their own when they get married, so use your gown for something different but still meaningful. The best ways to use the gown are: using the material for a baptismal gown for your child, or if you are Catholic, using the material for a first communion gown. Use your gown in other ways so that you are not the one walking away with a droop to your shoulder.


JC’s Place Wedding

Valynn and Gavin are married.  What an adorable couple!

There were so many special moments.  It started at rehearsal, they have a combined family, however they all got along beautifully.  It was wonderful to see how close the family is and how happy they were for Valynn and Gavin.

It was also very obvious how much their friends adored them.  Part of the bridal party worked with us at the last minute to obtain a video set-up so that they could show an adorable video they made for them.  So sweet and such a thoughtful things to do.

Valynn went from “My Tummy is upset, to I am nervous, to let’s get this party started” She was such a sweet bride.  So happy and so excited.

Valynn surprised Gavin with a very special grooms cake that he loved.  She also surprised him with her dress going from white to a touch of pink when the reception started.  And last but not least Makenna one of the bridesmaids sang “Marry Me” as Gavin and Valynn danced.  Such a sweet moment.

The guests were treated to a wonderful treat “Breakfast for dinner”.  You see Breakfast has a very special meaning to Gavin and Valynn.  Valynn made breakfast for Gavin for one of their very first dates.

We were honored they choose us to be their Fairy Godmother!

Thank you to our team of vendors.


Ladies and Gents

Flower Bar

Best Party Rents

Sew Elegant

Non Stop Sound

Friar Tux

Borda Petite

Walker Lewis





Flower Bar

Flower Bar


This is so sweet! This was sewn in by Mary Rita. The material Mary Rita used is from her Grandmother and Grandfathers shirts. So sweet!

This is so sweet! This was sewn in by Mary Rita. The material Mary Rita used is from her Grandmother and Grandfathers shirts. So sweet!



This is so sweet.  The first time Gavin got to see Valynn.  All of the family was there.  So special!

This is so sweet. The first time Gavin got to see Valynn. All of the family was there. So special!




Birthday Girl

Happy Fairy Godmother Friday!

So happy to share this blog.   This weekend I am thrilled to be able to share my Niece’s birthday in the San Fran area.  So so fun.

Elise is going to be 11.  I have been with her at all 11 of her birthdays, each one unique each one Elise.    I love spending time with her.  She is smart, fun, full of life she loves to talk and laugh.

Happy happy birthday Elise, your Auntie Coll Coll loves you!


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NV Catering Opens Nathan Vasquez

Once in a while you come across a vendor you just know is going to do well.

When we met Nate from NV Catering we had just that feeling.  Nate is an amazing chief, his food is to die for, and he is kind, professional and does everything with a touch of class.

We were thrilled to attend his soft opening of his brand new café called “NV Café” on Wednesday night.

It was so much fun and so exciting to step into what Nate had talked about many times at our Network meeting.  To see a vendors dreams come true is an amazing experience.   Nate and his beautiful wife are wonderful people and deserve every happiness!

Congrats Nate and Jessica, Fairy Godmother is so happy for you!

Be sure to stop by and grab a bite to eat!  7:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. NV Café 1510 F Street

The first time we met Jessica and Nate almost 2 years ago at a bridal show.

The first time we met Jessica and Nate almost 2 years ago at a bridal show.


This was the first time we tried Nate's tri-tip...yummy!

This was the first time we tried Nate’s tri-tip…yummy!


Great photo by Tina Goforth

Great photo by Tina Goforth


Nate and Jessica and their amazing team.

Nate and Jessica and their amazing team.


Really cute photo by Tina Goforth

Really cute photo by Tina Goforth



NV Cafe!

NV Cafe!











Jessica mingling with guests

Jessica mingling with guests


2013-09-04 18.13.522013-09-04 18.10.182013-09-04 18.10.132013-09-04 18.04.482013-09-04 18.04.27

Evermoore Films owner Josh gets married!

Happy Fairy Godmother Friday!

We at Fairy Godmother take great pride in every wedding we coordinate and plan.    However when a fellow vendor is engaged to be married and asks us to be their personal Fairy Godmother we are beyond excited and beyond proud.

When Josh Moore owner of Evermoore Films asked us to be his Fairy Godmother we were doing the happy dance!    He told he asked the love of his life Emily Olewiler to be his wife.

There was so many special moments during their wedding here are a few!

  • Asking Emily how are you feeling?  “Excited”
  • Her sisters talking “Remember when we played dress-up and we all wanted to be the bride.
  • Josh’s father Joe Moore, giving us a big hug when he arrived, so sweet!
  • Seeing Josh for the first time, not sure we have ever seen such a happy groom.
  • Having not 1 not 2 but 5 Fairy Godmother’s at Josh’s and Emily’s wedding!
  • Seeing Emily and he Father Grant just before they went down the aisle, sweet sweet.
  • The pure joy when they walked into their reception.
  • Having a wasp fly out of Emily’s dress…what did we do?? We did what any Fairy Godmother would do we found it and killed it, scary!
  • The toasts from Heather Emily’s sister and Jeremy Josh’s brother, beautiful.
  • Last but not least getting to work side by side with Pam Huckabee whom I adore and admire so much.

Thank you to a wonderful team of vendors!

Photographer-Misty Dameron

Flowers-House of Flowers

Bakery-Sweet Creations


And of course…….Cinematographer-Evermoore Films!












Invitation to the Ball

When planning a wedding, one wishes to invite all their friends and relatives to share in the happy occasion. However, these days, cost is a big player in how many of those friends and relatives are able to be invited. This compromise between cost and inviting all friends is called the guest list, which is like a special event’s VIP list. This list is comprised of those that are closest to the bride and groom.

When composing this list, make sure you are aware of this cost restriction that will affect how many people can be invited. Start with the family first, because one doesn’t want to burn bridges here. As the old saying goes, “One can choose your friends but not your family.” You want to make sure you don’t fill up your guest list with friends first and leave out room for family. Invite the family first and then the friends. These are not strict guidelines but they do help.

Regardless of who and how you invite family and friends, you need to pick a headcount that you can comfortably accommodate and stick to it. Only exceed the headcount by 10 max. Otherwise you will be low on food, drinks, and room. I am speaking from experience here. This is the crucial lesson to be learned that you pick a headcount and stick to it. It doesn’t matter if you’re planning a large wedding or a small one, headcount matters, so pay attention to that and choose your guests wisely.