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Patrick Ang Photography

Hello and Happy Magical Monday!  On Monday’s we normally post about events we have done in the past but today is different.  Today we are posting about our dear friend Patrick Ang!

We met Patrick several years ago when we did a wedding together, from the first hello we knew we were going to be friends.  He is fun, silly, easy going, makes people feel at ease when he is photographing them, he is creative and talented.

Patrick will soon be making the move to the beautiful coast.  We are so happy for him!  Of course this means he will have to drag Fairy Godmother to the coast for a few weddings.  Patrick will continue to cover the central coast and the central valley, that makes us happy happy.

We recently treated Patrick to a farewell lunch and were so touched when he bought us a gift to thank us.  We felt we should be buying him a gift.  We adore our crazy, fun and talented friend!

May your new journey be Magical.

Love The Entire Fairy Godmother Team!!!


Below are a few photos of Patrick and some of his work………….189920_10150457471605397_782140396_17689668_583706_n 281325_479586508747429_880390350_n 305686_413137868720827_464199868_n 318873_10201207704459087_676460315_n 430608_3505463117930_513551656_n 576937_10200148536290605_538209018_n 625633_4402778830262_406921301_n 936737_10151406645190706_1562961827_n 1453429_584381098276361_1218334357_n 1524913_10153669381595397_788370934_n ResizedImage_1387523185399