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Welcoming the New Year and New Family Members

Happy Fairy Godmother Friday and “Happy New Year’s!”

Thank you so much for all of your continued support.  As we go into the new year, we continue to plan adventures and grow our fairy family.

In December at our annual year-end breakfast we welcomed three more fabulous people to our Fairy Godmother Family.

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This isn’t a typical job that clocks on and off from 8:00 am-5:00 pm it is a commitment that takes heart, determination, riding the waves and being ready to react impromptu at the drop of a hat!

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We know without a doubt all of these Fairies can handle anything that comes their way.

We know because they have spent almost a year in the trenches with us handling anything the core team throws at them.   At Fairy Godmother everything we do is a team effort, even bringing in new Fairies.   Every one of our lead team member’s had to give their blessing before they could earn their Fairy Wings.

They now have officially received their wings!

Please help us to congratulate and welcome the new-year and new-lead team members!

Stay tuned for the next several Friday’s when we will share in more detail about each team member.

First up T.J. Bryson



Next Abby Kinsey


      And Marissa Campbell