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Welcome Spring!

We’re so excited to share with you a special photo shoot just in time for Easter! We know how much it means to spend quality time with family and friends…so why not have a little fun and dress things up a bit?

Are you ready for some creative motivation? Here’s some inspiration for your spring-filled festivities.

With this photo shoot, we went for a more earthy feel with a purple twist, very soft but airy. As you can see, every detail of the lovely décor was specially chosen with care and love. Our main color scheme was a soft purple. The green moss, speckled Easter eggs, and pink tulips added that extra touch of natural imagination. The runners were hand made by the Fairy Godmother team, and the beautiful home was provided by Deborah Strosnider…thank you Deborah, it turned out gorgeous!!


A big shout out to those who graciously contributed their time and energy!

  • Photography by Tim Chong Photography
  • House provided by Deborah Strosnider
  • Flowers by House of Flowers
  • Bakery items by Gimmee Some Sugar
  • Catering by Elevation Nine
  • Paper products by Matinae Designs
  • Rentals by Walker Lewis Rentals
  • Designed, decorated, and coordinated by Fairy Godmother Co.

Choosing Just the Right Veil…


The bridal veil is such an important accessory to a bride’s outfit. Whether or not you realized it, quite a bit of thought goes in to choosing just the right veil to accent the perfect wedding attire. Here are some thoughts as you consider a veil for the big day!


Keep in mind that veils come in all shapes, sizes, and shades. The rule of thumb is that your veil must match with the style of your wedding dress. Actually, the veil must fit with the theme of your whole wedding! Have you chosen a more formal style for your wedding? Then let your veil reflect that elegant formality. Or have you decided on a more casual outdoor event? The veil should mirror the day’s theme and style. Above all else, the veil must complement your gorgeous gown. 



Don’t let the veil become a distraction. After picking out your wedding dress, note the style, color, and design. Then, as you’re looking among the multitudes of veil options, keep these details in mind. Also, remember that veils come in all shapes and sizes! Select something that affirms your body type. Finally, have fun with your choice! Will your veil have beading, ribbon edges, or a special lace design? Make it yours! 


Want to learn more? Click here for a helpful article with practical tips on things like veil length, hairstyles, and facial structure. Below is a wonderful video describing how to settle for just the right veil. Happy choosing!


YouTube Preview Image


Radiant White


A bride is the most beautiful part of a wedding. Although the venue, the flowers, and the bridesmaids all contribute for a gorgeous event, the bride most definitely takes center stage. Nothing compares to the glow of a bride walking down the aisle in an array of smiling white radiance.

So…why does she wear white? We’ve been wondering that question, and the answer may be a bit different than you expected.

A common supposed answer to this question is that brides wear white to signify purity. Well, that’s partly true.

Historically, blue was the color that women adorned themselves in to represent purity, love, and fidelity. Think back to the old English rhyme “Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.”


White dresses were impractical for the common folk, since they couldn’t be worn again without the possibility of getting smudged and dirty. Some women fixed this by dying their white gowns another color—like grey or blue—after the special day. A fancy dress just wasn’t on the budget for women of the 1800’s. It was the only wealthy families and royalty that could afford to spend a fortune on luxurious wedding attire.

But all that changed when, in 1840, Queen Victoria awed the world with a stunning white dress on her big day. And dress designers quickly caught on to her fashion trends as Victoria and Prince Albert found themselves constantly in the public eye. Soon, enthusiastic brides-to-be were requesting white dresses like hers. Well, as it turns out, the young Queen simply enjoyed the color white and was excited to show off her new Honiton-stitched lace! How’s that for establishing a Western tradition for future generations?

Albert And Victoria

Interested in learning more? We found a hilarious video that describes five countries where brides don’t wear white, just click here . Stay tuned for more insight on wedding traditions! And of course, we couldn’t pass up an opportunity to “ooh” and “awe” over some stunning brides dressed in white!








Why the Wedding Ring?






Perhaps you have wondered about the origin of the circular bands that adorn the fingers of couples around the world. What started this lovely tradition between a bride and groom?

Wedding rings are beautiful expressions of eternal love. The circular shape signifies an everlasting bond between a bride and groom as they promise their lives to each other. The exchange of rings mirrors the deeper commitment “till death do us part.” In the 13th century, Bishop Durant proclaimed this tradition to represent “a symbol of the union of hearts.”

In ancient times, Egyptians would tie together grass reeds and string them on fingers as jewelry. Eventually various materials and metals were used such as leather, ivory, bronze, pottery, and gold. The wealthy of society could afford to use an expensive coin to melt into the shape of a ring.


From what we know, Egyptian culture was the first to record the exchange of rings at a wedding ceremony. Later in history, the Romans used rings between wedded couples to represent a man’s “claim” on his wife. In other words, when you see the ring, she’s taken. Don’t mess with her, boys.

In ancient Italian culture, a betrothed couple would wear “fede” (meaning “faith”) rings. These were three separate bands: one for the bride, one for the groom, and one for a third party witness. At the ceremony, all three bands were interlocked to form one ring for the bride. The outside bands were tiny hands that linked together with a heart shape in the middle…as the hands clasped each other, they protected the heart in a delicate display.


Another similar style developed in the sixteenth century in Europe called the “Gimmel” ring. Originally from the French word “jumelle”, meaning twin, these rings were two flat hoops that fit together like a puzzle. One was for the man and the other for his sweetheart. At the ceremony, they were sealed together and given to the bride as a symbol of faithful devotion.

No one quite knows when men and women began wearing their wedding bands on the third finger of the left hand, but it soon became an important part of Western culture. The Latin phrase “vena amoris” (meaning “vein of love”) refers to the myth that a major blood vein ran directly from the left ring finger to the heart. Even though modern science proves otherwise, this tradition seems to stick. Perhaps a more practical reason for using this particular finger is because it is less used than other fingers. Obviously, keeping an expensive ring safely guarded on the left hand is most practical in a world of predominately right-handed folks.


While wedding rings come in a wide array of various metals and precious jewels, diamonds remain the most popular choice for couples. Ever since the early 1940’s, De Beers has maintained their slogan that “a diamond is forever.”  No wonder these stunning jewels represent the love and commitment of a bride and groom! 








Time to honor a Fairy…

Hello friends! We wanted to take a moment to honor a very special lady… Pam Huckabee is a dear friend and one of our very own Fairy Godmothers! Let us introduce you to our Coordinator of the Year for 2014…



Lovingly known as “Pammy”, Pam has served with the Fairy Godmother team faithfully for four years. What a joy it has been to have her be a part of our lives!


Pammy puts her WHOLE heart and energy into what she does, and with a smile!


See how she works carefully to add just the right touch…


Let’s get right to the point….Pammy has a heart of gold. We are so thankful for her!!

5.14.11 027

Pammy works with a “can-do” attitude and puts her creativity on display for every event.

5.1.11 139

Her smile lights up the room….


She is both feisty and fun….classy and creative!


Pammy is loved by everyone she comes into contact with. Two years ago in March we found out that she had cancer….and it was just one week before she was to do a wedding! Our dear Pammy has been in remission for the past year. However, just a few weeks ago, she started getting headaches. After finding out that there was not one tumor but TWO in her brain, she was soon operated on. Now, Pammy is resting at home as we pray for recovery. Please celebrate with us as we take this time to honor our dear friend and Fairy Godmother. 

2 (2)

We love you Pammy!