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“Oh Happy Girl” Baby Shower

We were so excited to plan, design and coordinate a baby shower for the beautiful mother-to-be Meg. Her sweet and wonderful friend Jenny hosted. We were honored to have Meg’s shower at the 20th Street Cottage. The Cottage is now available to rent for your next small party.

Felicity Jane, the baby-to-be, whose name means “Happy Girl” helped create the shower theme “Oh Happy Girl”!  With such an adorable name there was no better choice. The shower was covered with a playful peach and soft mint color scheme.  Family and friends all lined one big long table enjoying the food that each other had prepared for this special day.  Guests enjoyed a personalized game with questions about Meg and Felicity.  Candles wrapped with gold ribbon, hand cut paper heart confetti and milk glass filled with flowers aligning the table gave it that girly fun.

We are so happy to be celebrating the magic of bringing a new baby into this world!  Felicity Jane, you will always have a Fairy Godmother by your side!

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Fairy Godmother – Event Design
Walker Lewis Rents – Rentals
Austin Thomas Photo – Photographer
Soulful Scribbles – Calligraphy Signs
GhilaDolci Bakery – Baked Goods
Matinae Design Studio – Paper Goods
Carol Kuhn – Florals

Amanda’s Bridal Shower

Magical moments always happen for a reason. When we met Amanda at her brother’s wedding 5 years ago and again at Chelsea’s wedding where she reconnected with her now fiancé Zach, we had no clue it would unfold into planning her  oh so special bridal shower. The moment Lyndia and Susie asked us to plan Amanda’s bridal shower we immediately knew this would take a team of Fairy Godmothers. Colleen began coordination with top professionals in Bakersfield while Designers Cassandra and Reagan began scheming up décor. 0002 0064 0092 With a palette of gold, blush and mint the Fairies went to work to bring Amanda’s sense of style and glam to life all without her knowing. Oversized bride and groom initials, Geronimo balloons and a centralized accent wall were all paired together to make an extravagant statement on The Padre’s second story patio.  0023 00200099 0004 0021 Details of ombre place cards, hand glittered champagne glasses and delectable sweets were just a few items that rounded out the event and had the guest wanting more in the almost surreal rooftop atmosphere. 0031 0015 0018 0013 Margie, Amanda’s mom was said to have mentioned having the wedding right then and there! What an honor the entire day was! We are so glad that fate knew you would have a Fairy Godmother all along.


Fairy Godmother – Event Designer/Planner

The Padre Hotel – Venue/Food

Kelly’s Keepsake Photography – Photographer

Walker Lewis Rentals – Rentals

De Coeur Bake Shop – Baked Goods

Matinae Design Studio – Paper Goods

Uniquely Chic Florist and Boutique – Floral Arrangements

Studio Mucci – Paper Tassels

Craft Cuts – Wooden Letters

Paradise Balloon Design – Balloons

Make It Happen – Couch Rentals


Bouquet Traditions…




We all know when it’s time for the bouquet toss at a wedding reception. A cluster of ladies gather at the dance floor, each eager to catch the bride’s flowers for good luck’s sake. Some women gear up those elbows and aim for a perfect catch …others seem to sulk behind the crowd in embarrassment for the reminder of their single state. And somehow the bride seems just fine with tossing her beautiful bouquet to a crowd of screaming women.

So, what’s really behind this tradition? Where did it all start?


Back in 14th century England, a tradition emerged that intended to spread the good luck of a bride on her wedding day. After finding such a good match, why not share with friends and family who have come to celebrate your special day? Well, it turns out that 14th century wedding guests could turn into quite an annoying mob. Apparently, crowds would chase the bride after her wedding in an attempt to tear off pieces of her dress and bouquet for good fortune.

In order to ward off this unwelcome behavior from such unruly guests, another tradition arose as an alternative solution. Now, a bride would toss her bouquet of flowers to guests, distracting them while she rushed off with her new husband. And as tradition states, the single lady who catches the flowers will be the next in line to marry. On a similar note, the garter toss tradition sprang up for the same reason – the groom would toss the garter to a crowd of men to keep them away from his young sweet bride.

bouquet-toss (1)

Well, dodging elbows doesn’t seem so bad after all. Let’s keep the bride’s precious dress in one piece and enjoy our chance to catch some blooming roses! And if you’re looking for a way to avoid tossing those expensive flowers on your special day, why not consider giving your flowers to the couple at your wedding that has been married the longest?