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Happy Halloween from your Fairy Godmothers

_20151101_014636May the candy be sweet, and the monsters be scary!

Below in these photos can you spy your favorite Fairy?

Colleen HalloweenLeticia Halloween         Reagan Halloween


Happy Halloween from your Fairy Godmothers, Colleen, Leticia, Cassandra and Reagan


How to Plan a Kid’s Halloween Party That is so Safe it’s Spooky!


You may be a little hesitant to send your little ghouls and goblins venturing out into the neighborhood on Halloween night, and for good reason! So, the Fairies combined our magic to help you plan a party for kids with a few safe ways to celebrate the spookiest night of the year!

Halloween Party Costume Contest!

Out-of-the-Ordinary Halloween Party Costume Contest!

It isn’t a Halloween party without a costume contest. So, we created an Out-of-the-Ordinary costume contest; it didn’t cost us a thing and it can be fun for all ages! We dusted off an old crate, filled it to the brim with hats, costume pieces, and props. Instruct the guests that they have 30 seconds to rummage through the crate to create a costume! Have awards for the most creative, the funniest, most random, and creepiest costumes.

The next safe and fun activity, an icky sensory game! Boil up spaghetti noodles, and a can of drained olives, plastic eyeballs, and vampire fangs put them in a bowl. Set-up a partition (we used a curtain), then have the guests line-up to stick their hands in the slimy surprise to find the hidden fangs!

Ooey-Gooey Guessing Game. Can your guests find the fangs?

Ooey-Gooey Guessing Game. Can your guests find the fangs?

Finally, send the ghosts and goblins home with a safe party favor, a flashlight! Flashlights can be used when trick-or-treating; keeping them safe and seen while they scour the neighborhood! For a personal touch, we made chalkboard tombstone name tags for each little monster’s gift.

Happy & Safe Halloween from the Fairies!