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Happy Thanksgiving from the Fairy Godmothers

We’re always and forever thankful for our clients, vendors, community and more. Today we’ll share a few of the things that our team is thankful for in regards to the wedding industry and Fairy Godmother company.


I am thankful for the amazing, powerful, smart, fun, talented, passionate team that we have built. I am thankful for the wise and giving mentors I have had that have been with me and Fairy Godmother since we started. – Colleen_20151126_161250

I am thankful for the opportunity to be part of a team that has become my family. I am thankful that I am surrounded by talented caring individuals – Denise _20151126_164435

I’m thankful to be apart of a team and company that allows me to be creative and have the opportunity to meet and work with so many lovely people. – Cassandra_20151126_161311

I’m thankful for the chance to be involved in such a great, unique and exciting company, with a team that supports one another! – Reagan_20151126_161227

I’m thankful for a great support system of strong women which I admire to no end. – Leticia_20151126_163539

I’m thankful for learning SO much in the last year, and for the team being so supportive! – BaileyFB_IMG_1448584170007

I’m thankful to be learning to turn my passion for creating into a job that helps make other people’s visions dreams come to life. – Abby IMG_20151102_091858693_HDR

I am thankful for a community that is so professional in supporting one another throughout a variety of events. – Marissa_20151126_161239


We hope you enjoyed this insight into our team and that you’re spending your day with family and friends, full of yummy food and memories.


Happy Thanksgiving!

Junior League of Bakersfield Wedding

On October 24, 2015 Stephanie and Janette were married! Stephanie is former Fairy Godmother so this is near and dear to our hearts. Some may ask How do you be a Fairy Godmother to a Fairy Godmother? We thought the same thing… Is it different being on the other side of the wand? How do you sprinkle fairy dust when the bride has her own trail of glitter? Well here is how all that magic and fairy dust came together from the Colleen Bauer, Stephanie’s forever Fairy Godmother.

StephanieStephanie 2

Stephanie 6


Stephanie 7









“I always loved to hear Stephanie laugh, I was thrilled to be her Fairy Godmother.  Honestly I wasn’t sure how much help we would be, being a Fairy Godmother to another Fairy Godmother could be tricky.  Right up to her wedding she was organized and confident and knew exactly what she wanted and how she wanted things.  However on her wedding day she totally let go and let her fellow Fairy Godmother’s do their thing.  She was relaxed and so happy.  Seeing her with Jannette and how happy Jannette made her, made us all happy. ”

“One of my favorite moments is when she called us across the street for a photo of our “all hands in pose”View More:  I was so touched that she remembered this pose and wanted to recreate it on her wedding day.”
“One of the hard parts about being the owner is you mentor your team, coach them and sometimes you have to let them go.  I am very proud of Stephanie and what she has accomplished and wish her and Jannette years of magical memories together.”

Stephanie 4       Stephanie 5

Friendsgiving: How to Host a Unique Feast for Friends!

Between fall festivals, office potlucks, and countless family dinners, once Thanksgiving rolls around we’re stuffed to our gourds with turkey, pumpkin pie, and all the fixings’! So, why not kill two birds with one stone—avoid the “normal” holiday party, and celebrate with your friends—host a uniquely themed Friendsgiving feast!

IMG_0897 (2)At Fairy Godmother, we put our wings together to come up with a unique theme for our Friendsgiving.  So, we decided to bring out the Saki and host an Asian-inspired feast for our friends! We asked our guests to bring a dish from any region of Asia, as long as it’s delicious! We had everything from orange chicken to Korean BBQ to green tea ice cream to sushi rolls.




Personal touches make a Friendsgiving, friendlier.  We set our table with chopsticks, bamboo, and the place cards for each guest were displayed by a fortune cookie—who doesn’t love edible décor that also gives you good luck?  Throw in a festive twist and ask your guests to dress in traditional cultural garb—kimonos, sarongs, or a Qipao dress.  The Asian-inspired outfits made for a memorable evening, and exciting to see what each guest was wearing when they walked through the front door!




After a night of laughter, stories, and amazing food we had our guests cast a ballot for next year’s Friendsgiving festive feast! It could be anything: a Spanish-style fiesta, a Mediterranean meal, or even a Hawaiian luau. Overall, hosting a themed Friendsgiving from around the world allows our friends to share family recipes, be thankful for each other’s company, and have a little getaway from the holiday chaos.

Our little reminder to our BFFs why we are so thankful for them!

Our little tasty reminder to our BFFs why we are so thankful for them!

Thanksgiving Dinner-Let’s take the stress out of planning it!

We all know getting together with family cannot be the easiest thing to think about on its own let alone add, food, décor, and coordination to the mix and you have one overwhelming day on your hands.

Here are a few tips to stay stress free this thanksgiving season and have more time to truly enjoy the memories created.

Use items you can find around the house, literally. Go outside and gather pinecones.  We recommend washing and baking them before placing on table to kill the little critters and fill your house with the scent of fresh pine.  Or spray paint with your favorite accent color to take it a step further.  Find items in your house to elevate your décor and create different heights.

Family Dinner 3

 Here Fairy Godmother Bailey used wooden stumps and candle goblets to add height.Family Dinner

Gather natural beauty and use leaves as your place cardsFamily Dinner 2

Don’t forget your food and drinks will take up some room on the table as well.  So don’t dress that’s just another element of décor that you don’t have to buy.  Use the food to your advantage and color to your table by placing it in a color dish or napkins.

Family Dinner 4

Have fun and make memories.  As always if you would like to hand these details off to a Fairy Godmother and completely relax we can plan your family dinner for you. Call us today 808-7816.

“I never dreamed about success, I worked for it”- Estee Lauder

Being the owner of Fairy Godmother with almost 10 years of experience working for the largest best cosmetic company in the world Estee Lauder, I jumped for the chance to help Smith and McCain launch their first fragrance. Working with them has brought back so many wonderful memories. I have never in my life worked so hard but had so much fun. Estee Lauder taught me so much, here are just a few things I remember.

1) Know your numbers inside and out.

2) Treat people with kindness “the power of the human touch”

3) Listen well

4) Enjoy people, get to know them, learn about them

EL 3              El 4  EL 5


Colleen at three different locations of Estee Lauder, above in New York,  left Palm Springs and below in LA.
EL 6








Estée Lauder founded the Estée Lauder company in 1946 armed with four products and an unshakeable belief: that every woman can be beautiful. Today, more than 60 years later, that simple notion has literally changed the face of the beauty business.










Estee Lauder’s 15 Rules for Entrepreneurial Success

1. Find the proper location.

2. When you’re angry, never put it in writing.

3. You get more bees with honey.

4. Keep your own image straight in your mind.

5. Keep an eye on the competition.

6. Divide and rule.

7. Learn to say no.

8. Trust your instincts.

9. Act tough.

10. Acknowledge your mistakes

11. Write things down.

12. Hire the best people.

13. Break down barriers.

14. Give credit where credit is due.

15. Train the best sales force.

Smith and McCain



And tmorrow we welcome Smith & McCain Fragrances into the wonderful world of women and perfume with their first perfume launch of The Invitation.

Magical Monday: Lindsey and Jason say “I do” in a romantic park setting

The adventure of planning Lindsey and Jason’s wedding started long ago on March 12, 2014. We had talked many times, met in person and met Lindsey’s mom at a bridal show. The choice to hire Fairy Godmother was on the fence and we had to win over Deann, Lindsey’s mom, ensuring her that we supply as much magic as possible.

Once the decision was made to hire Fairy Godmother Cassandra as their planner, the magic began. Too early to begin planning is never in our vocabulary. Deann’s wish was have all major components completed 10 months prior to the wedding so that the rest of the small details could follow stress free. We were up to the task and tackled it head on.

Hunting for the perfect venue, creating 3 customized centerpieces and the overall ambiance of the wedding was just the half of it. We had the privilege of assisting with the creation of her invitation and bridal suite with Matinae Design Studio. They evolved beautifully throughout production and fit Lindsey’s wedding perfectly. As well as working closely with Carlos of Make it Happen Events to match the floral elements perfectly to our vision. You’ll see the mock up photos and day of finished creations below.

mock up 2mock up 3mock up 1


Final 3

FInal 2

final 1








On October 3rd Lindsey and Jason were married! Throughout the planning a bond was formed with Lindsey and Dean and it didn’t seem real that the Magical Day was upon us. Fairy Godmother Cassandra will always be their forever Fairy Godmother and cannot wait to see their life with their fur babies and memories unfold even further.


Florist: Make It Happen Events