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First Steps of Engagement- You’re Engaged Now What?

Tis the Season of Engagements!!Ring

You’ve found the love of your life, you have a ring…. now what? (Hire your very own Fairy just kidding 😉 that will come.

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Over the course of the next few months we will be walking you through the steps of engagement and wedding planning. Of course we can’t give you all of our fairy dust so if you’d like more assistance and can’t wait to hear the next Wednesday’s post then feel free to contact us anytime.

Make sure you’re close family and friends know first. With social media sometimes reaching out directly isn’t always thought of. It’s nice to get a phone call, letter or visit letting them know first about the engagement rather finding out on Facebook. We here at Fairy Godmother think personal touches are a must!


Congrats to our very own Bailey Smith engaged to Thomas Frecklton



Congrats to Emily Brown engaged to Trey Best, we had the pleasure of working with her through Apricot Lane.


Congrats to Lucia Olivares engaged to Jerry Gamez our dear friend of Fino’s Menswear & Tuxedo


Next start a wedding file and wedding specific email address.  This is a file or folder to keep all your wedding documents, contracts etc…  Organization is the key to staying sane during the planning phase.


Our bride Liza with her Fairy Godmother planner. Just a small piece of the magic you receive when you book your very own Fairy Godmother. We’ll help keep you organized.



Of course don’t forget to celebrate and don’t stress! We’ll see you next Wednesday with more on what to do now that you’re engaged!

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Lego Birthday Party

View More:  Happy “Magical Monday”, great to see you again! We hope you had a wonderful Christmas and made many memories with your family and friends. This party was definitely one for the memory books.

We are honored to have planned and designed the Hair Brothers birthday party for the 5th year in a row! Their three boys Parker, David and Corbin all have a love of Legos but we definitely wanted incorporate their personal interests too like dinosaurs, the color green and trains.

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Guests we’re greeted at the door with their very own Lego Man for the kids to take photos with. Also know as our very own TJ Bryson behind the mask. Shh..

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Throughout the party they were entertained with a sweets table, bounce houses, jousting, knights gear and more.


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Kids and their parents got to enjoy a themed buffet, kid friendly jello jigglers as well as adult versions at the bar.

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Primary colors were used in the decor palette all through out the party to create a cohesive, festive feel.

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Serena and David Hair it was a pleasure to your Fairy Godmothers! We can’t wait to see what next year brings.

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Thank you to our amazing creative partners that made this all possible we loved working with each and everyone of you.

Planning and Styling: Fairy Godmother

Photography: Lauryn Marette 

Rentals: Walker Lewis 

Caterer: Borda Petite 

Bakery: Gimme Some Sugar

Cookies: The Cookie Monger 

Florist: Uniquely Chic

Balloons: Paradise Balloon Design

Stationary: Matinae Design Studio

Bounce Houses: Amazing Bounce

Hosting a Family Style Dinner- BCHS Faithfull Circle of Friends


We’re still loving the weather and food overload that this season has brought. Some of you may still be hosting dinners to continue the celebration of family, friends and the holidays. Feast your eyes on this gorgeous tablescape designed for Carolyn Pandol, Faithful Circle of Friends Dinner, and maybe use a few of our tips for your next gathering.


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Add many details into your centerpiece it creates great talking topics.

Used here grapes, sunflowers and pomegranates to name a few.

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Fresh baked goodies always warm the heart.


Entertain your guests. Always a treat to have Frank Trimble at an event!

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When you have  Fairy Godmother you get to be a guest at your own party.

Styling and Planning: Fairy Godmother

Rentals: Walker Lewis

Florist: White Oaks Florist

Photographer: Kelli’s Keepsake Photography

Caterer: Oh So Haute

Cookies: Imperial Sweets Entertainment:

Frank Trimble

Stationary: Matinae Design Studio

Bartender: Amestoy’s