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Fairy Godmother Friday- Friendor of the Year!!

Today’s post is another one that means so much to us.   We love what we do always have and always will. But we can’t do it alone.  One of the best sources of leads comes from referrals.  It means a great deal with another “Friendor” refers us.  Beyond that we like to dig even further and find out exactly how someone heard about us.   Whether is be instagram, website, family or so on.View More:

Well with that being said we’re proud to have presented Daniel and Stacie of Boone and Stacie Weddings with our vendor of the year award!12553104_1057354994328054_8296325567853522311_n

photo 4 (2)

They surpassed everyone in the vendor category in 2015 with the most number of  solid booked referrals.




We appreciate all of the good solid leads they send our way. Especially when the communication continues even past that so we can ensure that our clients are taken care of from both sides.

Congratulations and thank you again to Daniel and Stacie

for you continued support, friendship and partnership!

Wedding Wednesday- Guest list Guidelines

While figuring out who to invite to your wedding seems like a fairly simple task, there’s much more to it than just sending out a mass Facebook invite. A simple system has been created to make this once tedious task, manageable. Anything But Complicated is how we view the A,B,C’s of guest lists!

“A” – This is the top tier of your guest list. These are your “people” who you are in constant contact with and who you know will be there with you to celebrate your special day. Keep in mind, roughly, twenty percent of your invitees will decline the invitation, especially if they reside out of town.


Photo by Cloak Photography

“B” – These invitees are the center tier of your list. Your “B” list invitees are people who are in your circle of friends, who most likely will come to your event, but there’s that slim chance that they won’t. These are the guests who you want to make sure you would recognize in a photograph!


Photo by Shelli Renee Portraits

“C” – All honorees have those special groups of people who they feel obligated to invite, you know the boyfriend of the cousin that you’ve only met twice? But don’t forget, it’s YOUR big day. Key things to remember are that a “plus one” is not required for all guests, and the best question to ask yourself is, “will you know them in five years?” Whether you have a small, intimate gathering or a giant crowd, just remember the love that surrounds you is all the same.


Photo by Van Weddings

Magical Monday- Bridal Show Preparation

The Kern County Bridal Association bridal show is fast approaching!! We can’t wait for January 31st to come annnnnddd David Tutera! If you haven’t already go purchase your tickets Here


We know being a bride in a sea of eager and willing vendors can be intimidating. Let us share a few tips with you on how you can prepare a head of time and prevent being overwhelmed.


If you can avoid it don’t go alone. Make a day of it with your bridesmaids or family members. They may remember things after the show that you liked but have forgotten. Plus they can help you carry all of your heavy loot.


Mostly all vendors will have some sort of drawing or mailing list to join. Have printed stickers on hand with the following information so that you don’t get writers cramp.


Bride and Groom’s Name
Wedding/Event Date
Venue (if booked)
Email Address

With that being said we also recommend creating an email address specifically for wedding planning before attending. So that after your wedding you inbox is not continuously full and your email address can be deleted.
12615362_1010126232360118_6067897581858491591_o 12640271_1010126085693466_156739761048525486_o 12640430_1010126242360117_180377369044828050_o

Lastly go ready to mingle. Decisions to not have to be made right that instant. But if you really click with someone and they stand out make an appointment. Also take a photo of their booth and personnel so that you can refer back to it later.

Wishing you the best at your bridal show experience and do not forget to stop by and see us!!



Are you planning your wedding? Tell us more and how we can help. Drop us a line using our online inquiry form and we will follow-up with you promptly!

Fairy Godmother Friday- Meet Abby

Welcome Abby to the Fairy Godmother team!

_20160121_210259 IMG_3014

We asked Abby a few questions about why she wanted to be a Fairy.

What first attracted you to Fairy Godmother ?

The first time I had ever heard about Fairy Godmother was when I saw their booth at a wedding show in 2011. I remember being very impressed and thinking about what a fun job that must be. Years went by and a lot of things changed in my life. I found myself searching for a way to use my art and design background as a job/career.  I had always loved planning, organizing, and designing and one day while scrolling around Instagram I remembered the name Fairy Godmother and realized that it could be exactly what I was looking for.

(Fairy Godmother’s 2011 bridal show booth below!!  Five years ago, my how time flies!)



What made you want to work with Fairy Godmother?

I applied to Fairy Godmother almost on a whim. I was in a place where I needed to make a change and thought this was something I could really fall in love with doing. I am so glad I did. The very first time I ever helped with a Fairy Godmother event it was crazy; and I loved it! It’s not just planning, or just design, and it is definitely not just some job. For me it became on opportunity to put my love of design and my slight OCD to good use. Not only that, but I get to help others’ visions and dreams come to life! Fairy Godmother is more than a company, they are like a little family and I am so excited to be apart of it and can not wait to see what lies ahead.

View More:
(Photo by Lauryn Marette)

Abby’s bucket list event to plan would be a modern geometric party.

IMG_20151205_105523566 IMG_20160117_113422060

Get to know Fairy Godmother Abby a little more below.

I am an artist * My two favorite places in the world are Disneyland in California, and

Musee d’Orsay in Paris * I love everything that has been written by JRR Tolkien and JK

Rowling * My hair is always a fun, bright color * Silly puns make me smile* I like to go

through my days with plenty of laughter * I am eclectic in style; I love a bit of everything

and love to find new ways to combine the old and the new * I am at my happiest when I

am creating * I try to always live by the quote, “The world is full of nice people. If you

can’t find one, be one”.

12605504_1008619239177484_7722442898228087_o 12605555_1008619205844154_2095681068507287196_o


Wedding Wednesday- Selecting Your Event Production Team


Vendors that turn to friendors that turn to family. When planning your wedding you want to select vendors that truly fit your needs and personality. You’ll know, something just clicks and that 30 minute meeting turns into 2 hours without you even knowing it. Each vendor has their duties within in their category and you have to trust them to get the job done on your magical day.



If you’ve already hired a Fairy Godmother we will work with you to find just the right fit for your wedding and you get to relax. But if you’re going it at it alone or with family and friends here are a few tips.

  • Research websites, read reviews

Don’t worry the on in a million great reviews should not reflect your judgment.

  • Choose your top 3

Narrowing yourself down to A, B, and C is a lot less intimidating instead of attending 15 meetings.

  • Set up a time to meet in person
  • Compare quotes



Sometimes a bond with a vendor is worth more than saving a few pennies and going a different route. If you really connected with a vendor but they come in higher than others. Evaluate your budget and see if you can make it work by moving a few things around in the smaller items. Chances are you won’t regret it.

Magical Monday- Collaboration of Creative Partners

We were so lucky to be invited to the very prestigious invitation only conference put on by Stacie Ivers Francombe.   Stacie invited the famous party planner Colin Cowie, Colin has done countless celebrity weddings and events.   Colin spoke to us about the word vendors, he said the people we collaborate with are more than vendors they are “Creative Partners’.   On our four hour ride home from the conference the “Collaboration of Creative Partner’s” lunch was born.


1.15.16 006


Collaboration of Creative Partners lunch consists of us hosting a monthly intimate luncheon that creates an opportunity for elite vendors of Bakersfield, CA to come together and learn more about each other. What makes them tick, why do they do what they do, how did they get started? It is so much fun in our fast past environment to take an hour and get to know people we work with so closely on a whole new level.

1.15.16 008

Everyone has a story and we want to hear it.  This is an invitation only event and we will strive to make it a memorable experience for everyone involved.  You’ll never know what fairy dust we’ll bring to the table.

1.15.16 009

In January we kicked off our very first luncheon with these creative partners:

Eric of Bakersfield Country Club

Mark of Walker Lewis

Amanda and Diana of House of Flowers

JC of AllSound Music

Daniel and Stacie of Boone & Stacie Photography

Mai of De Coeur Bake Shop

Paper Products by Matinae Design Studio (was greatly missed) 1.15.16 003

The lunch took place at Bakersfield Country Club, with an intimate setting and new year’s feel to kick off 2016 on the right foot.  We played a game that we won’t reveal to much about because we plan to do it again with our new round of invitees in February.  Then we proceeded to circle the table to learn about each other, our goals for the new year and inspiration in the event industry.

1.15.16 005

1.15.16 002

We would’ve never known that Mark has a soft spot for bread pudding and anything chocolate or that Amanda worked at her grandparent’s antique shop as a child or as she likes to call it”child labor”

1.15.16 012

Thank you to everyone that joined! We’re soooo excited to see what we learn next month!

1.15.16 011 1.15.16 014


“The way to get started is to quit talking and start doing” – Walt Disney



Fairy Godmother Friday- Meet TJ Bryson

Welcome TJ to the Fairy Godmother team!


We asked TJ how he first got involved with Fairy Godmother and what has kept him around. Here’s what he had to say.

photo 4
One of my most dear friends, Fairy Godmother Cassandra, recruited me for a one night event and I’ve been around ever since. In almost two years time, I’ve gone from being a champagne host at the Apricot Lane 4 yr Anniversary Party, to a full fledged Fairy Godmother. Keeping me around was no great feat for the Fairy Godmother family, you see, they are much more than a dedicated and hardworking team of individuals… They are truly a tight knit family of the most loving ladies, who’s fairy dust trails behind them wherever they may go. The addictive personalities, the networking, the planning and final product of each event are just a few of the reasons why I LOVE being a part of this company. Joining Fairy Godmother has been one of the most rewarding “friend favors” that I have ever been able to fulfill and I cannot wait for my magical future with my Fairy Godmother family.

ApricotLane-4thAnniversary-31 ApricotLane-4thAnniversary-32

His bucketlist event to plan would be an all out Great Gatsby New Year’s soiree.


I am optimistically driven * My favorite color is camouflage * I have a severe obsession with Disneyland * My family is my everything, especially my nieces and nephews * The only thing I won’t eat is cauliflower * I come from a long line of hunters * Dogs over cats * I find myself in Target more than 3x a week * I used to dance competitively * My hobbies include playing tennis, satisfying my wanderlust, and not doing laundry * Actively on track to achieve my teaching degree * And as Walt Disney said, “It’s kind of fun to do the impossible”




Wedding Wednesday- Selecting Your Wedding Party

Fiance – Check
Date- Check
Venue- Check
Fairy Godmother- Check

Now who will stand by my side while I’m marrying my best friend?View More:

In many cases obligation feels likes it’s a huge factor. It’s you’re trying to keep the numbers down in your wedding party do not feel pressured to have someone you hardly know. A true friend will stick around and be happy of your decisions.


These guests of honor need to know that they have huge roles to play. From bridal showers, bachelor party, pep talks to dancing the night away on you big night.

The bride and groom usually choose brothers, sisters, close relatives, or best friends.  You as the bride or groom, should take into consideration whether or not this person is will accept the responsibility, and most importantly, if they can afford it. Tell them what you think the cost of their wedding attire may be, and inform them of a possible bridal shower cost, if the rest of the party decides on planning a shower.

View More:

Another important thing to keep in mind is not to choose your bridal party too soon.  Think about how things change in your life from day to day, now year by year. Even the most cautious bride and groom have to keep in mind that people have lives of their own, some even families with small children, which may definitely take precedence over your special day.  If you wish to have someone in your wedding but they have a hectic lifestyle, small children, or who are outright just not reliable, why not designate them a role of handing out wedding programs, or giving a reading during the ceremony.



Lastly enjoy the memories made! Make them one for the books.




Magical Monday- Padre Hotel 1920’s Murder Mystery Dinner

If you’ve ever been to the boutique Padre Hotel in downtown Bakersfield, CA you have ooed and awed at the ornate columns, historic tile work, and vintage art-deco vibes from decades past. So, when the opportunity to collaborate with the Padre for this Halloween dinner party arose, we jumped at the task!  Upon entrance, guests were given a new identity for the evening, a role to play, and had to find clues hidden around the room to figure out “Whodunit?!”  The Clue-style murder mystery game went off without a hitch, the murderer was convicted, and guests partied like Gatsby all night!

"A little party never killed nobody."

“A little party never killed nobody.”

The dinner party came alive with relics of the roaring twenties. Flapper dresses, pearls, pinstripes, fur coats!

The dinner party came alive with relics of the roaring twenties. Flapper dresses, pearls, pinstripes, fur coats!

Murder Mystery

Fairy Godmother Colleen getting ready to dance the Charleston.

Golden details representing the Golden Age.

Fairy Godmother never misses an opportunity to hide little details to make an event a little more authentic

A little reminder, welcoming our guests to the party.

F. Scott Fitzgerald and his “the Great Gatsby” is iconic of the 1920s, so it was only fitting to display his quotes around the party.


Murder Mystery

Champagne was flowing, and vintage cocktails, such as martinis, were on high demand!

The Padre

Wonderful hors d’oeuvres by the Padre Hotel

Murder Mystery




1920s party  Murder Mystery


1920s party

1920s 1920s

The Padre hotel

Murder Mystery 1920


A special thank you to our team of vendors,

The Padre HotelKelli’s Keepsake PhotographyParadise Balloon Designs, Matinae Design Studio, Walker Lewis Rents. Planned, Designed, and Executed by Fairy Godmother Wedding and Event Planning Co.

Fairy Godmother Friday- Meet Marissa

Welcome Marissa to the Fairy Godmother team!

Marissa had her very own Fairy Godmother at her wedding in 2014 and we’re so glad she has gained her wings!

We asked her what attracted her to Fairy Godmother when planning her wedding and then what made her want to come back as a team member. Here’s what she had to say.

I had seen fairy godmother in action at my sister-in-laws wedding and was blown away. The way FG handled everything with efficiency and grace made a big impression on me. I was already doing event coordinating at the time for my university and FG captured everything I hoped to be. I knew right then I wanted to be a part of the FG team, so it was a no brainier when it came to my own wedding. There is no one I would trust more with handling my big day!




Her dream bucketlist event to plan would be an elegant, colorful tea party.
Get to know Fairy Godmother Marissa a little more below.



I am a determined person and like to make things happen.

I am a previous Fairy Godmother bride.

I would choose eating dessert instead of dinner.

I met the man who is now my husband in Jr. High.

Baseball season is the best season.

I love to accessorize.

I like to binge watch Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead.

I majored in Fashion and Interior Design.

I adore getting to know people and learning what makes them tick.

I secretly wish I was a mermaid.

The Great Gatsby is my favorite book.

I like fuzzy socks.

I enjoy morning workouts and strength training.

Decorating and home décor are a passion of mine.

Breakfast for dinner is amazing.

I like to find beauty in the world around me.