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Magical Monday- Fairy Godmother Clients = Family

With today being the last day of February we’d like to take the time to welcome all of this month’s newest clients into the Fairy Godmother family!!

Being a Fairy Godmother client means to have a backboard, confidant, someone to rely on. You’ll truly be able to a guest at your own event. The memories leading up to the day of will not be riddled with stress but yet memories and excitement.

Thank you for allowing us to be your Fairy Godmother!
Esther and Ivan


Taylor and Ryan

IMG_0235 (1)

Sharleen and Gary


Erin and Mike


Abbygail and Joel


Wedding Wednesday- You’re Engaged, 3 Months From Your Big Day, Now What?

You’re just a few months from saying “I do” and you’ve got everything set!

You now have your dress and tuxedo ready, florals have been ordered and invitations have been sent!

What about your guestbook??


amy and zach

Couples love to look back and see all the well wishes they received on their big day from those they love.

Guest books take them back to their wedding day, reliving all the fun and happiness that they were able to share with their guests.

So, of course you want one at your wedding, the question is, what kind?


In a world of constant change and innovation, it’s no surprise that the term “guestbook” now has so many different meanings.

Whether you stick to the traditional book with a front and back cover, Jenga pieces or something you would use as decor in your home… it’s covered!



Whether you decide on a piece for your wall or a conversation piece for your coffee table- there’s a guest book for every style!


Magical Monday- Elements Wedding, Eric and Alex

bride getting ready, wedding photography, california weddings, bakersfield wedding cinema, inmotion_0808

Some times things just happen for the best of unknown reasons.

That’s how it was when Alex walked into her first Fairy Godmother meeting. Neither Alex nor Fairy Godmother Reagan had realized prior to the meeting that they had grown up dancing together. It’s funny how things work out! Reagan had the wonderful pleasure of being Alex’s Fairy Godmother and reconnected with her.


Fairy Godmother Reagan was their Wedding Day Coordinator and got to be a part of many magical moments. Here is one of her favorite.

The moment Eric, the groom, mentioned seeing a Pinterest photo he wanted to reenact we knew what we had to do. He wanted to be able to hold the bride’s hand without seeing her before the wedding. When the team of collaborative partners was able to make this happen and then add a twist further of turning Alex and Eric towards each other with their eyes closed, the moment was just well…. see for yourself. Epic!

first look, wedding photography, central Ca weddings, saint francis, inmotion_1586 first look, wedding photography, central Ca weddings, saint francis, inmotion_1627

This the day continued to unfold flawlessly… From a beautiful ceremony at St. Francis, to an exciting reception at The Elements Venue. We’re so honored to have been Eric and Alex’s Fairy Godmother. They will forever be in the Fairy Godmother family!

inmotion, Saint Francis weddings, wedding photography bakersfield, inmotion pro, fairygodmother_1713 (1)                                                               Saint Francis weddings, wedding photography bakersfield, inmotion pro, fairygodmother_2891

portraits wedding, bakersfield Ca, padre hotel, inmotion_2657

Lovely photos by In Motion Pro


Fairy Godmother Friday-The 20th Street Cottage

“Welcome to our home”

If you haven’t gotten a chance to visit the 20th Street cottage or haven’t been back in a while, please stop by!  We’re always changing something, our fairy wands are always moving and spreading fairy dust. We’d love to see you and chat over some coffee.

The story behind this little building that turned into a cottage and now our home is one that we’ll always cherish and consider a moment of pure serendipity.Before

We happened to be looking at another property on the same road when we saw this intriguing structure on the corner. When we first looked at it, it had dirt floors and wood walls a hole in the floor of the bathroom, poor little house it was so cute but needed a face lift and lots of love. Us being fairies we could see the vision though.

2014-03-15 12.40.04

2014-03-19 16.11.37 2014-03-19 16.12.03

Once we made the jump we knew it was right for us and to work we went from choosing our beautiful our paint, French grey and lovely crown molding.  Fairy Godmother Colleen said it felt like a little cottage and told Shauna of Shauna Lofy photography a roommate at the time, “We should call it 20th Street Cottage,” she loved it and made us the logo and that is how the 20th Street Cottage was born.  So many happy memories have already been made.

2014-05-30 12.48.22

2014-04-03 11.48.42 (1) 2014-07-06 13.03.00 2014-07-12 14.16.43

2014-03-15 12.59.01

Ever since then our love has grown for this little cottage. Our bright red door and happy striped awnings. Who wouldn’t love coming to work when it feels like a home.  It has a happy vibe the minute you walk in the door!

10329012_742489659135371_1473532558830954486_n (1)

Well without further ado we would like to offer our home to you for the day!

The 20th Street Cottage quaint backyard is now available for rent. We’re are so excited and cannot wait to see the memories made.

View More:

View More:


It is an outdoor space that can hold 65 guests with indoor bathroom. It’s the perfect canvas for a bridal shower, baby shower, rehearsal dinner, romantic couple’s dinner, surprise engagement, you name it. Bring in colorful umbrellas and flowers for a fun festive spring event or a vocalist and candlelight for an unforgettable evening in the heart of downtown.

Click HERE to contact and follow the 20th Street Cottage on Facebook for updates, potential discounts and upcoming community events.




Wedding Wednesday- You’re Engaged, 3 Months From Your Big Day, Now What?

You’ve picked the dress, you’ve chosen your venue and just about everything is set- one thing is missing, the tuxedos!


Looking for ways to brighten up your groomsmen and steer away from the traditional black and white? The answer is simple, add some color! Accent colors can easily be added to give your wedding party that “flair” that you want.



Photo credit Ashley dePencier Photography

Another choice to be made is vest or no vest? Cumber bun? Bow tie or long tie? Jacket or no jacket?

It’s all about your preference and wedding style! Personal touches make your day, yours.

Showing some personal background or letting your groomsmen pick a few of

their own touches make it even better.


Photo credit Shelli Renee PhotographyVeatchWedding-424

Photo credit Left Coast Design Studio

What’s an acceptable dress code for your wedding party? Cowboy hats and Wranglers? Navy uniforms? Suspenders without a jacket?

How about all of the above!

These are the personal touches we long for!


And don’t forget the shoes! Converse, Vans and boots… Oh my!

Just as Cinderella said “One shoe can change your life!”


Magical Monday- Goodbye Valentine’s Day

Happy belated Valentine’s Day!!

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There must be many newly engaged couples out there now. We can’t wait to see and hear all of the stories!

With that in mind we’re celebrating the circulation of our “Will you be my bridesmaids?” Valentine’s themed shoot. We hope that it made its way to you in some shape or form and inspired you this holiday season.

View More: More:

The best part of creating styled shoots is the thought that it might create a spark of magic in someone else.

Not once, twice or event three times, but featured five times!! It’s a record we’re very proud of and can’t wait to top!


Our feature on Something Turquoise



Our feature on TrueBlu

Untitled 1

Our feature on Ultimate Bridesmaid

Untitled 2

Our Feature on The Wedding Opera 


Our feature on The Westchester Wedding Planner


Thank you to the team of collaborating partners

James and Jess

Walker Lewis Rents

20th Street Cottage

Revive Salon- Alivia Daniels

De Coeur Bakeshop

Matinae Design Studio

Savvy Skin

Paradise Balloon Design

Lolita’s Blooms

2 Tiny Hearts

Featured-_On_ST_Badge  featured on Ultimate Bridesmaid (1)

Don’t forget to contact us to plan your bridal shower, baby shower, rehearsal dinner and more!




Fairy Godmother Friday- Honoring a True Fairy Godmother

Today we reveal the way our team will keep Fairy Godmother Pam close to our hearts at every event.


We wanted an elegant and classy gesture, just as she was.


As you may have noticed it has been a part of dress code for our team to wear a flower matching the colors of the event. From now moving forward you will also see a pearl on each flower being worn.



IMG_20160113_211938763 IMG_20160113_214116370

This is for our Pammy. We will remember her everytime we put on our Fairy wings and will aim to spread the magic as she did.

IMG_0889 IMG_3792

5D2_2722IMG_3672 IMG_3671

If you’d like to join in honoring her as well we’ll be accepting donations in her name to the Fairy Godmother Foundation she was a huge supporter and board member for the foundation and we know she’ll love seeing this magic grow.

Wedding Wednesday- You’re Engaged, 4 Months From Your Big Day, Now What??

What is the best way to ensure that people remember to mark their calendars for your wedding day? A “save the date” mailer of course!

Couples are finding new and creative ways to make sure people remember that their special day is coming up, whether it be a simple reminder, or a photo postcard- there’s a place on the fridge for them all!


Photo credit Jessica Fairchild Photography

While picking your date is important, it is also vital to pick a proper invite vendor. You want to be sure that you pick a vendor who uses proper grammar, has great turnaround time, and communicates proper understanding of what it is that you want. You want to be sure that you have looked at samples of the vendor’s original work, not something from the Internet of what their work “looks like,” but their actual work.


Photo credit Shelli Renee Photography

While you want your invite vendor to provide their services as a designer, you also want to be sure they provide their services as your editor. Checking for zip codes, spelling and proper dates are all things you want your designer to look for, you want more than a vendor proofing your announcement, you want a friend!


IMG_6791 copy

Photo credit  Valdophye Photography

There are many different types and styles that you can choose from, whether you desire a more traditional card type or a magnet with your engagement photo, there’s a style for everyone!



Don’t forget to contact Fairy Godmother to be sure your date is saved magically!

Magical Monday- Fairies Landed in Visalia

Hello All,

This past Saturday the Fairies had the pleasure of planning and designing Patricia’s 80th birthday in Visalia.


(Poster designed by Matinae Design Studio)


(Before the fairies worked their magic)


(Almost finished. Just before the final touches and guest arrival.)

Her son Chris contacted and hired us all the way from Virginia! We collaborated with Chris, his wife Jennifer and his sister Leslie who lives in Texas.



Even planning by phone and email we were able to create a party crafted around Patricia’s loves and travels. All while allowing her family and friends to arrive and attend stress free.


(Cake By Heavenly Sweet Confections by C&D)IMG_0101 IMG_0129

(Flower arrangements by Peter Perkens Flowers)

Patricia arrived at The Vintage Press expecting a family dinner and was surprised with 70+ guests. The emotions and memories that arose were priceless.


(Theresa Wooner Photography doing what she does best)

Hope you enjoyed soaring down our memory lane of this past Saturday. Contact us today so we can create the perfect backdrop for memories at your next event.




Fairy Godmother Friday- Fairy Godmother of the Year 2015


Each year one lucky Fairy Godmother receives the wings of honor.

A team member that has gone above and beyond consistently through out the year.

For 2015, Reagan was named,  Fairy Godmother of the year!





As another congratulations and surprise to our Fairy Godmother Reagan here are some kind words from her Fairy Godmother family.

Dear Reagan,

We love that you are always an elegant classy lady, with a genuine heart. You’re always put together, refined and ready to put in the work. On top of all of that you also have a fun side. The list of Fairy memories that you’ve added to are endless and we can’t wait for many more to come.

Congratulations from your fellow fairies,

Colleen, Denise, Cassandra, Leticia, TJ, Marissa, Abby