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Great Gatsby, Black & White and Brewery Events – Fairy Godmother Friday – Bucket Lists

This Fairy Godmother Friday is all about our very own Fairy Godfather TJ and his bucket list events!


His first and most favorite dream event would be a Great Gatsby themed New Years Party! Extravagance taken to the next level with over the top decor and exuberant amounts of art deco surrounding the event. Feathers, glitter and of course, lots of champagne! “There’s no party like a Gatsby party!”


Photo Source


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TJ’s second dream event would be an all black and white themed party! Imagine a party with no accent color, strictly black and white everything! Prior to the event, the invitations would be fit for the theme addressing the expectations of dress code. Post invitations, every detail would be considered for the event, from balloons to centerpieces all the way down to the food!


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The final bucket list event that TJ has would be a wedding at a brewery. A laid-back rustic themed soiree with DIY touches creating for a homestyle feel would make for an ideal brewery event! Completing the event would be upscale “pub grub” and finger foods, engaging as many styles of beers as possible!


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If these events are also on your bucket list, contact Fairy Godmother today!

Invitations Wedding Wednesday – You’re One Week From Your Big Day, Now What?

Can you believe how time flies?! After all the months of planning and preparing, the time has come, you are already only one week away from your wedding day! What is important this week? All the printed paper products!


Paper Product by Matinae Design Studio

One of the most important details that are most often forgotten are your paper products! We cannot even imagine a wedding without invitations or personalized thank you cards, and we wouldn’t want to! The Fairies would love to show off some products from past events!


Paper Product by Matinae Design Studio


Paper Product by Matinae Design Studio

These items range from your table numbers, menus, and other miscellaneous items. From the beginning with “save the dates” to the end of the event with signature drinks!


Paper Product by Matinae Design Studio


Paper Product by Matinae Design Studio


Paper Product by Matinae Design Studio

While a week out from your big day, all of your paper products should be given to your Fairy Godmother team to ensure that everything is just as it needs to be and that they end up in the right place!


Paper Product by Matinae Design Studio

Our friends over at Fresh by FTD have come up with some great designs to ask your friends to be your bridesmaids! With their selection of printable items and related ideas, you can find the perfect way to create your wedding party!


Product & Design from “Will You Be My Bridesmaid?”


Contact Fairy Godmother for more information on how to make sure that your printed products are just as amazing as your wedding day!

Facing Ben’s Giant – Magical Monday

A few years ago, our very own Fairy Godmother Colleen was contacted by Diane Proctor to assist in organizing a fundraiser to raise awareness for her son, Ben Martinez and the “giant” he was facing. The Fairy Godmother team was ecstatic to donate their time for the cause!


Pam, Denise and Cassandra

So sad, Cancer took the life of our Fairy Godmother Pammy.


At the young age of 11 Ben was facing the ultimate giant, a giant that no child should ever encounter, cancer. Ben had been diagnosed with a rare and aggressive form of cancer, Alveolar Rhabdomyosarcoma.



This lead to the creation of “Facing Ben’s Giant” and how Ben became more than just “Ben” to those who knew him, but how he became “Ben the Giant Slayer” from there forward. There was one thing that really stuck with Ben, motorcycles.

The Southern San Joaquin Victory Riders found Ben through the Facebook page, “Facing Ben’s Giant.” With this, they planned a special ride and even made him an honorary member of their motorcycle club- complete with a perfectly fitted leather jacket!


Ben was diagnosed with Alveolar Rhabdomyosarcoma, which is in the family of  Rhabdomyosarcoma, which are soft tissue tumors.  What started as a small bite-like bump on his foot in June of 2013, turned to a tumor by August. Ben had cancer, but cancer didn’t have Ben.


Ben was not your average kid, he had a personality that everyone loved! So much so that his principal, Bill Jagar of Columbia Elementary, offered to shave his head in front of the entire school if Ben’s peers could achieve a fundraising goal of $3,000. Even some of Ben’s classmates shaved their heads in support! At this point, Ben was a 12 year old 6th grader there at Columbia. Not only did the school raise the goal, but they raised $5,000 by selling  pediatric cancer bracelets with a generous personal donation of $1,000.



In June of 2014, Ben finished his available chemotherapy treatments. The cancer returned in January 2015 and had spread through, then, 13 years old Ben’s body. In addition to beginning radiation to control tumor growth and pain management, Ben also started new chemo regimens to cease tumor growth.


14 year old Ben was fighting his Giant once again, as it had returned far more aggressive than ever before. Ben peacefully gained his angel wings on April 14, 2016 at home surrounded by his family.


Ben not only leaves behind an amazing legacy, he leaves behind his mother, Diane and his older brother, Rob. Not to mention tons of family and friends, near and far, that will not stop fighting Ben’s Giant.


From the Fairy Godmother team, our deepest sympathies to Diane and Rob. A single mother’s love for her boys and what great lengths a mother’s love will travel, Diane has proven herself be a true superhero. Without Diane and Rob’s never-ending love, dedication and courage for “Facing Ben’s Giant” none of this would have ever been possible.  We know Diane will do great things in Ben’s honor and will be an advocate for other families going through the same thing.

Photos courtesy of Silvia Bell

Arabian Nights, Bill Nye & Paint Night – Fairy Godmother Friday – Bucket Lists!

Fairy Godmother Friday is here and it is

Fairy Godmother Leticia’s turn to share her ideal bucket list events!


Photo Credit Left Coast By Design 

Leticia has an obsession with Princess Jasmin from the Disney classic Aladdin. She would love to host an Arabian Nights themed party. Complete with bright orange, pinks and purple decor items from streamers to your dessert tables! Gold accents to complete the mood and Moroccan hanging lights for surrounding decor.




Photo Source


Photo Source


Photo Source

What goes better with Princess Jasmin than Bill Nye?! Leticia would love to plan and design a Bill Nye science themed party!

The party would be complete with little scientists conducting simple experiments and recording data! Decor would be include solution themed candy dishes, petri dish gummies, and not to mention periodic table cookies!

Solutions, bubbles and of course, test tubes would surround the party!


Photo Source


Photo Source


Photo Source


Photo Source

 Leticia’s final bucket list event would be an adult “paint night” party! Leticia would love to plan a party where the guests would be able to indulge in their favorite wines while a master teacher would demonstrate how to properly paint like the ultimate artist!


Photo Source


Photo Source


Photo Source

The Fairy Godmother team would love to make your dream bucket list events come true. Contact us today to consult with your own Fairy Godmother!

Wedding Wednesday – You’re Now One Week From Your Big Day, Now What?

Your wedding is just a week away, wow! Time flies when you’re having fun, and that’s just what the wedding planning process should be! Now that most all your details are set and everything is a go, you only have a few minor things left! Wedding rehearsal being one of them.


Wedding rehearsals are actually a North American tradition where a “run through” of the wedding is performed making sure that everyone knows their jobs and expectations so there aren’t any hiccups when it comes to the actual day. The rehearsals are usually one or two days prior to the actual wedding. Wedding coordinators will run your rehearsal and guide you through everything you need to know and just how to do it!


Rehearsal is a vital part of the big day! This is when your entire wedding party will get a real idea of how your big day is actually going to go. The guests of your rehearsal are usually close family and those who come together to form your wedding party, and of course their guests.


If any of your wedding party will be wearing new shoes or shoes that may be difficult for them to walk in, be sure that they bring these so they can get some practice time in!

Rehearsals aren’t just for practicing though, they are also great for everyone getting to meet each other and become acquainted prior to your wedding day.


While rehearsals are recommended for multiple reasons, they are by no means necessary. One perk to having a wedding rehearsal is that they sometimes eliminate any “day of” jitters that may cause you to panic last minute. You want to walk down the aisle knowing exactly what you’re doing and where you’re going, not to mention that you want to be able to live in the moment without any sort of wedding day anxiety. All eyes are on you, this is your day!


A fun fact about weddings is that the bride traditionally stands on the groom’s left because back in the day in Anglo Saxon England, the men had to protect their beloved wife and so they would stand to their left in order for them to have full range function of their right (sword) arm!


Fairy Godmother would love to help you through your rehearsal,

contact us today for more information!

Bakersfield Wedding Private Residence – Magical Monday

Monday is here, and the Fairy Godmother team worked tirelessly this past weekend! Saturday, we celebrated the marriage of Matthew and Cynthia at her parent’s immaculate plantation home here in downtown Bakersfield.


Here in Bakersfield the weather has been a little unpredictable, and to add to it, this past weekend we even got some rain! This was merely a speed bump in our wedding day for Cynthia and Matthew, but with a little bit of fairy dust anything is possible.


When events take us to such great heights, we are sure to capture the moment. Here, Colleen was helping her bride up in her bridal suite when we said “SMILE!”

Just two days before the wedding, Fairy Godmother Colleen made the call that the rain was here to stay and we had to take every measure possible to stay dry. This included the ultimate “save the day” tool, a giant tent!


The tables were decorated with vintages touches of elegance with dark greens and lavender tulip filled centerpieces, place settings topped with pearl napkin holders, candlesticks with the finishing touch being the gold-accented chargers. The chargers were just one surprise that Cynthia’s Mom and Fairy Godmother Colleen had in store for Matthew and Cynthia.


Paper products by Matinae Design Studio


Designing something elegant and classy was made easy with all of the unique pieces that were included in the design concept. Antique furniture, family photos, and other miscellaneous vintage accents made for a fabulous ambiance.

An elegant seating chart was created that mimicked the vintage color palette and vintage feel of the reception. Carlos with his team from Make It Happen Events added the finishing touch with florals atop the easel, as well as throughout the reception area. Remember, “it’s all in the details!”


When the time came for our soon-to-be newly weds to head over to St. Francis church for their ceremony, their Fairy Godmother had yet another surprise!

With the help of Cynthia’s adorable parents we were able to obtain, a silver 1963 Rolls Royce, designed originally for the one and only Gene Kelly, rolled up the driveway to take them away.




What event is complete without dessert?! None that we know! The wedding was topped off with yummy treats made by our bride’s family! Beneath the protection of the gazebo, a rustic wood tai-wall from Custom Creations was the finishing touch, and of course, completed with florals from Make It Happen Events!


With such a large venue and so many different things happening, there were handmade wooden signs directing guests to their desired location. Such a fun idea!



When reception time came, we were able to get everyone served and back under the tent before the rain began. Talk about lucky! The Fairy Godmother team was prepared for this, and no details spared, the tent was complete with the finishing touch of Italian lighting and covered drink and DJ areas!


The final surprise that Colleen had for her bride was a bagpiper!


Matthew and Cynthia had a beautiful reception, complete with music and dancing provided by Freestyle Event Services! With the time between dinner, Cynthia and Matthew were sure that their guests would be hungry for another meal, and probably need a little “pick me up” to keep the night going. Nate and his team with NV Catering provided gourmet hotdogs and Frank with Frank and Grind brought his coffee truck and had everything you could imagine!


Cynthia approved and loved showing off her late night gourmet snack!


We might add that the NV team was cooking under the stars and the pouring rain!

Dedication at it’s finest!


47a6da31b3127cce98549fbfa35d00000030102AYtGThu3bN9 47a6da30b3127cce98549c62fbad00000030102AYtGThu3bN9

The Fairy Godmother team most definitely approved of their Frank and Grind deliciousness!

How cute are these designs?!


Photo by Austin Thomas Photography

Rain or shine, the Fairy Godmother team will work tirelessly to accomplish and goal!

This wedding was one for the books and we had so much fun designing and

executing the plan for the day!


Congratulations to Cynthia and Matthew with a huge thank you to all of our “friendors” who worked in the rain with us!


Modern Geometric, Fiestas, and Industrial Style – Fairy Godmother Friday – Bucket Lists!

Happy “Fairy Godmother Friday!” This week we are exploring the bucket list events of our very own Fairy Godmother, Abby!


Abby has a “thing” for art, so it is no surprise that her ultimate bucket list event would be a modern geometric themed wedding, or any kind of event! With Abby’s artistic background, she would love to pull together as many colors and shapes as she can fit into her theme. Utilizing them for centerpieces and decor throughout the event’s area.


Photo Source 


Photo Source


Photo Source

Who doesn’t love a fiesta?! Another of Abby’s dream events would be to fully plan and execute a vibrant and colorful fiesta themed party. Using tons of decor and bright color schemes to liven up any venue, Abby would go “loco” over it! Abby would use her magical way of thinking to make this event a true success, bringing in some of the best ideas not everyone could think of. You especially couldn’t forget the piñata!

Aye yai yai, can you imagine how fun an event like this would be?!


Photo Source


Photo Source


Photo Source

Everyone has their own definition of what “industrial” means to them, but what about for a party idea? Abby would love to sprinkle her fairy dust and use her creative imagination to create the ultimate industrial themed event. Using metals and alloy color schemes to use your guests’ imagination and take them to a different reality! Setting the theme with an unadulterated ambiance and the most fitting of party favors!


Photo Source


Photo Source


Photo Source

Are any of these events what you’ve been dreaming about? Contact Fairy Godmother today and let Abby plan your ultimate event!

Wedding Wednesday – You’re One Week Away From Your Big Day, Now What?

While you are now one week away from your big day, and just about everything is set- what else is there to do? You must update your caterer on your finalized guest count! At this point most, if not all, of your RSVP’s should be in and ready for your special day.


Florals: Make It Happen Events Desserts: De Coeur Bake Shop

Updating your wedding day vendors on your count is vital to how smoothly your wedding will run. No host ever wants to run out of food for their guests, along with anything else- cups, paper products, seating, etc.


Food: The Vintage Press

Fairy Godmother makes sure that your day will run even better than you have ever imagined!


Bar provided by Elements Lounge

This is because there is constant communication with the bride and groom. With this constant communication, Fairy Godmother is then able to relay any changes or updates directly to the vendors, making something that could turn so chaotic, simple and painless.

Planned Proposals, Vintage Photoshoots and the Little Black Dress – Fairy Godmother Friday – Bucket Lists

For this Fairy Godmother Friday, we are introducing Fairy Godmother Reagan and her dream events!


Fairy Godmother Reagan would love to plan a wedding proposal!

Reagan would love to fully plan the proposal from the minute they depart for their destination to the minute the newly engaged couple would leave. With the constant communication and undercover help from the beau, Reagan would plan everything start to finish! From the location, the decor surrounding the proposal, to the precise location of where your significant other will drop to one knee. How fun would that be??


Photo Source

Reagan has other ideas for the industry, too! She would love to design and execute a 1920’s or 1940’s (or both!) inspired vintage photoshoot! The feathers, the long gloves and dapper dress shoes… Reagan wants it all! Imagine shiny silver tablewares, crystal glassware, and of course classic accents like old cameras and typewriters. In a photoshoot, every detail counts and the flapper era has plenty for her to incorporate!


Photo Source


Photo Source


Photo Source

We’ve all heard about the amazing white dress, but what about the little black dress? Fairy Godmother Reagan would love to plan a wedding-styled photoshoot with the bride in a black dress! Imagine a silhouette black gown making it’s way down the aisle with a beautiful bouquet, while using an accent color to bring that “pop” of color to the shoot.


Photo Source


Photo Source


Photo Source

Do you share any of Reagan’s dreams? Contact Fairy Godmother today to start planning!

Wedding Wednesday – You’re One Week From Your Big Day, Now What?

With the biggest day of your life just a week away now, the Fairy Godmother team wants to be sure that you have everything covered from start to finish.


Photo credit Left Coast By Design 

Paper products by Matinae Design Studio

   You now have only a few minor details left to work out. Contrary to what you may have previously thought, a lot of care goes into the seating plan for your event. The question remains, “Who will sit next to who??”

ashley de pencier

Photo credit Ashley de Pencier Photography

You want to make sure that you have simplistic and easy to follow plan for people to find their seats, whether it be open or assigned seating!

The one thing you don’t want is for people to be scrambling around causing a traffic jam while trying to locate their seat. We can help!


Photo credit Left Coast By Design

Paper products by Matinae Design Studio

Seating charts can be easily made, but what kind do you prefer? There’s your traditional poster outlining everyone’s placement and even cards attached to a line of some sort to add a more personal touch.


Paper products by Matinae Design Studio

You want to be sure that you revise your plans for a seating chart very carefully. While we always hope for the best, you want to make sure that you consider any conflicts that may exist. Whether it be between family members, friends, or anyone else that may be attending.


Paper products by Whoo Gives a Craft

The Fairy Godmother team would LOVE to help you plan your next event, even the seating chart! Contact us today for more information!