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Magical Monday – Lili Marsh & Memorial Day

Normally on Magical Monday’s we love to share with you what we were up to over the weekend.  However, this being Memorial day we really wanted to recognize a Hero. There are so many heroes that we could have written about, but today we wanted to write about fellow friend and event planner Lili Marsh.



Spotted on Facebook, this is Lili with the one and only David Tutera!

Lili has a special place in our leader’s heart she was the first event planner that reached out to her in the early phases of Fairy Godmother.  Colleen remembers the lunch like it was yesterday, Colleen says, “it was wonderful, she was kind and warm it was an honor to have lunch with her.” Lili is one of the most well-known event planners in Kern County, Lili has a heart of gold. Since then it has been a joy to watch Lili and all that she does for our veterans. She works tirelessly helping 100’s of vets be able to fly to DC at no cost to them to see THEIR memorial.

Source Honor Flight Kern County

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While Lili works tirelessly to fulfill the dreams of her endeavor, she gives all credit to the supporters and their generosity. On May 27th she posted this on her Facebook page… “Four years ago today 21 Kern County WWII vets, ages 84-101, flew on the very first Honor Flight Kern County. In just 4 short years we have flown over 900 veterans to see THIER memorials in Washington DC at NO cost to them. Anyone can have a good idea but this Ongoing feat could never be done without our tireless volunteers, self funded guardians – and YOU , our donors. Thank you . Words can not express my gratitude to you all. YOU are all personally responsible for changing the lives of these veterans- at the end of their lives- I will never forget blubbering uncontrollably when that first flight taxied out on the run way with our 21 Super heroes on Board. I couldn’t believe it went from a cool idea to actually happening! Below are a few favorites from Flight #1.”

13321784_1088879587818115_8222237999854040739_n 13327509_1088879561151451_7179485852243895803_n


Talk about an amazing woman! It is the utmost pleasure to call Lili not only a friend, but a valued mentor! Founding a business is no simple task, think about the business as a baby. As we are sure you have heard, “it takes a village to raise a child,” the same goes for creating your own brand! It takes a village, and then some.


We are forever grateful for the advice and support from our dear friend Lili, Fairy Godmother would not be where it is today without her.

13339731_1088879594484781_6745523773589682619_n 13342176_1088882404484500_565430483_n 13319908_1088879601151447_4094550869863685944_n

The Fairy Godmother team would like to extend our deepest and most sincere gratitude to those who make it possible for us to do what we love every single day freely. Freedom is not free and we are so fortunate to live and work in a country that is protected by the great men and women of the United States military.

There are not enough “wands full of thanks” to express our gratefulness, but on behalf of the Fairy Godmother team, we thank you!

Fairy Godmother Friday – Fairy Garden Workshop!

This last Tuesday, Fairy Godmother helped put on a wonderful fundraiser supporting the Fairy Godmother Foundation!

With the help of a few of our “friendors” Fairy Godmother hosted a “Fairy Garden Workshop” right at the 20th Street Cottage!


Invitation designed by Matinae Design Studio

The lovely ladies at House of Flowers brought all the goodies over and taught a group of 40 people how to create the most magical Fairy Gardens that you ever did see! They even brought the most perfect gnomes, butterflies, and it would not have been complete without Cinderella fairies!



13239400_10206460567454729_6880324255966818657_n 13266052_10206460566654709_7590210894229144137_n


NV Catering catered the event with gourmet hotdogs, and some were even bacon wrapped! Yum!


Janaye of J.Michelle Photography was able to join the fun and capture some of our fun and silly moments while making her very own Fairy Garden!


Talk about a desert table, Stephanie and her team from Gimme Some Sugar Cakes created the perfect table for the event! Complete with fairy houses, moss and the tastiest of treats! Check them out showing off their very own Fairy Gardens!

13241204_1239393102752373_7535379011644069676_n 13260111_1239393032752380_5515265974475240001_n 13254598_1239393116085705_4046996065183573314_n


Of course, this event would not have been possible without the generous donations of tables, chairs and linens from our “fairy” good friends at Walker-Lewis Rents!


We love the outpour of support that our community has shown for the Fairy Godmother Foundation, we would like to thank our “friendors” and our continued supporters for making all of the magic possible! If you would like to donate to the Fairy Godmother Foundation, please do! Stay up to date with our events by following us on Facebook, or contact Fairy Godmother today!

A special thank you to J.Michelle Photography, Gimme Some Sugar, House of Flowers and NV Catering for the photos!

Wedding Wednesday – It’s Your Big Day, Now What?

It’s your big day, and you are about to experience one of the best days of your life!

One thing that you will be doing on your wedding day is being treated like royalty! One of the many luxuries will be to have your hair and make-up done. The time leading up to your ceremony will be all about pampering you, with your photographer capturing every moment!


Photo credit Left Coast By Design

By this time you have already had run through sessions with your hair and make-up artists, so you know exactly what to expect! When you are getting your hair and make-up done, you want to be sure that you wear a coverup of some sort, whether it be a specialty robe or a button-down shirt!

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Make-up and hair done by Alivia Daniels

Another major thing that is often forgotten is to be sure that if your stylist will not be staying with you the duration of your day, that you get a touch-up kit! A few other tips include waterproof mascara, durable lipstick for all those “kissable” moments, and of course, keep it simple but pretty.


Photo credit Lauryn Marette Photography


Photo credit Lauryn Marette Photography


Circus Picnic – Magical Monday

We all know how fun summertime picnics are, but what about circus themed picnics?!


Fairy Godmother Denise has had the pleasure of working with one of Bakersfield’s largest companies in planning their holiday parties, and this year she was able to plan their summer picnic! We love our happy clients! Daniella loves her Fairy Godmother!


Denise was even the Kern Shriner Clown personal escort!



Fairy Godmother Denise with Godmother Racquel and Godfather TJ snapping a quick photo with the clowns, so fun!


Fairy Godmother is more than just planning and coordination, Fairy Godmother Denise stuffed goodie bags for the many children that would come through the picnic gates!

47a6db34b3127cce985494fd148c00000030102AYtGThu3bN9 47a6db34b3127cce985494f095b100000030102AYtGThu3bN9

The best fitting venue ended up being the Kern County Shrine Club, and man it was absolutely perfect for the occasion! The Fairy Godmother team got down and dirty to clean tables to ensure that everything would be absolutely perfect for all the families who would be attending.


While planning a circus themed event, the possibilities are endless! So, of course this event was no different. It was complete with cotton candy and sno cone stations, popcorn, many concession booths, and of course, inflatables! Thank you to Amazing Bounce for handling all of our blow up needs!


47a6db34b3127cce985494e7149600000030102AYtGThu3bN9 47a6db34b3127cce985494e295a300000030102AYtGThu3bN9

And as you probably already know, the Fairy Godmother team has fun no matter where they go… So of course they took a quick second to try out the inflatable fun! Fairy Godmother Denise tried her hand at batting practice and Fairy Godfather TJ attempted the Amazing Air Race!

47a6db34b3127cce985494ef149e00000030102AYtGThu3bN9 47a6db34b3127cce985494f3148200000030102AYtGThu3bN9

If you’ve ever been to a circus you know that face painting and yummy treats are an essential detail, so don’t worry Fairy Godmother Denise had it covered! Mossman’s Catering handled all the food needs, from keeping the drinks on ice to the cotton candy!

IMG_8824 IMG_8828

47a6db34b3127cce985494f1148000000030102AYtGThu3bN9 47a6db34b3127cce985494fe95bf00000030102AYtGThu3bN9

Face painting is also a circus “must have!” Cindy and her team at Party Art Fun were phenomenal! The kids (and adults, too!) were lined up to get their faces painted! We saw everything from Star Wars to fairy princesses!


What makes a “kid zone” even better? How about a giant balloon arch! Amazing work by Paradise Balloon Designs!


And of course, no event is complete without a DJ! Gabe from Freestyle Event Services came to spend the day making sure the party never stopped!


As always, no event would be successful without the support and backing from our AWESOME Fairy Godmother team! Cleaning, setting up, blowing up balloons, and doing everything in between! Here we have Jocelyn, Racquel and Marissa blowing up the fabulous centerpieces!


Fairy Godmother would LOVE to help you plan your next event, contact us today!

20th Street Cottage – Fairy Godmother Friday

Where does the Fairy Godmother team kick up their wings and feel most at home, you ask?

At our quaint little cottage right here in Bakersfield on the corner of 20th and “D” streets, of course!


When Fairy Godmother just began, we had a small corner little office inside Don Hall Jewelers… Then we grew a little more to a larger closet office… And finally landed at our “Home Sweet Home” at the 2oth Street Cottage.

13246325_1080044668701607_1721307520949530954_o 13161745_1080044548701619_1290552883619389852_o


13221611_1080049738701100_684260878618546272_n 13239459_1080049638701110_3741860856042219450_n 13116383_1080049635367777_7975552771285488356_o

As anyone may know, you don’t just “feel” at home anywhere, but there was something that the little white house on 20th Street had that made you get that cozy feeling.


When it was first discovered, the Fairies were actually looking at other real estate on the road when it caught their eye. Now, we know magic, and I think anyone would agree that some serious magic has touched the little house. It all started with dirt floors, wooden plank walls, and a hole in the ground where the bathroom was supposed to be.




As the transformation began, from the choosing of the perfect “French Grey” paint for the walls to the absolutely stunning crown molding, the little white house became cozy and warm and began to feel more like a quaint little cottage!


The name had stuck, “20th Street Cottage” it was! A brand was born and memories were to be made. The bright red door creates an inviting feel, with the black and white striped awnings giving that “homey” feel. The cottage isn’t just our office, it’s our little Fairy’s true home.

And now we offer events at the cottage! Check us out at 20th Street Cottage or contact Fairy Godmother today!

Wedding Wednesday – You’re Now One Day From Your Big Day, Now What?

We are just one day away from your wedding day, YAY!

We hope the last few days have been relaxing for you and that this guide has helped keep you on track. Soon you will be married and everything will be absolutely perfect!


Photo credit InMotion Pro

With just a day left before your big day, you should take an available moment to confirm your transportation arrangements! Whether it be from your getting ready location, to ceremony, to reception… We want to be sure that you don’t get left behind!


Photo credit Valodphye Photography

Hopefully, by this point you have established a solid relationship with your transportation company, maybe even driver.


With this, it makes it easy to know what is expected on their end, and also how they will expect you to be. For instance, maybe you’re habitually late, this might be a good thing for them to be aware of in advance. With Fairy Godmother, we know that you won’t be, but just in case.


Other things to consider for your transportation needs will be what is included, be sure to have a firm understanding of what is included so that you are not caught off guard by losing an hour of time, or maybe that bottle of bubbly you thought was included.


Finally, be sure to know who will be riding with you. Just because the limo says it can hold ten people, doesn’t mean it should when you consider big dresses and tight tuxedos.


If you are looking for someone to handle your wedding day transportation needs, Fairy Godmother has many well-established relationships with the finest transportation vendors! Contact us today!

Purrfect Birthday Party – Magical Monday

At Fairy Godmother, we do more than just weddings! How about baby showers, special events and birthdays?? We LOVE them! We especially love when we are able to host these little events at our own 20th Street Cottage!


When Fairy Godmother Cassandra was asked to be a little girl’s Fairy Godmother, the answer was an automatic “YES!” We would be “kitten” you if we said no! Berlynn first saw the Fairy Godmother magic in action for her little brother’s baby shower. When it came time for her birthday she requested that she have a Fairy Godmother of her own!


Berlynn would be turning 8 years old and wanted a cat themed birthday party, how “purrfect” is that?!


But as you may know, there is no cat themed birthday party that is complete without cat ears and whiskers. The purr, the meow, and the perfect pounce, you had best believe Berlynn’s “pawwtty” had it all! Miss Berlynn was very insistent that she not wear a dress to her party, she was to be a black and white “old fashioned” cat fully equipped with her very own cat tail she created!


Using cat-like instincts, we picked only the most vibrant and fun colors possible for this party… Blues, pinks and polka dots! Berlynn played an active part on the planning committee and was very particular about her colors, but especially needed blue! Accented the tables with gorgeous florals to make Berlynn’s party bring out the most “purrfect” cat’s meow!


The party wouldn’t be complete without a goldfish station complete with nets, and even an “adopt a cat station” to make the party a real hit!

At Fairy Godmother, we believe there is no such thing as too many cats! If you would like to join the fun, contact us today!

Wedding Wednesday – You’re One Day From Your Big Day, Now What?

It’s “Wedding Wednesday” here in Fairyland, and with your wedding being just a day away, there are just a few minor details to be sure you have in order… the fashion details!


Photo credit Left Coast By Design

From head to toe, we want to be sure that you have every detail ready to go for your big day. This eliminates any day of scrambling wondering where you left your shoes, or forgetting the rings at the jewelers.


Photo credit InMotion Pro


Photo credit Left Coast By Design



Photo credit Left Coast By Design

From your rings to your shoes, to bracelets and accessories in between, down to your toes! Having your details in order prior to your big day is essential for many things, one of which is peace of mind. The others are for photos! Most often, the photographer will shoot their detail photos as the bride gets ready, these shots are the shoes, the accessories and of course, the rings! Making it imperative to the timeline and run of the day that all items are accounted for.




Photo credit Left Coast By Design

If you need your very own Fairy Godmother to help with all of your wedding details, contact us today! 

Sprinkling Fairy Dust – Magical Monday

As you may know, the Fairies at Fairy Godmother love doing lots of things, and by that, we mean LOTS of things!


One of our most favorite things though, is sprinkling our fairy dust wherever we may go!


This last weekend we had bunches of the gorgeous floral centerpieces from our beautiful wedding at Hathaway Ranch for Michael and Monica and just could not bear to throw them away.



So, Fairy Godmother Colleen being as caring and generous as she is found a new use for them… to donate them to a senior living facility on behalf of Michael and Monica!


As we unloaded the truck of the arrangements, the residents were in complete awe of the beauty of these flowers! It was such a warm and fuzzy feeling knowing that these flowers which would have once been tossed post wedding were now serving a second purpose in brightening the days of those who live there.


Let this be a friendly reminder to pay it forward, whenever possible. You never know just how the smallest of gestures can make the biggest impact!