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Wedding Planner Wedding Planning – Wedding Wednesday

Have you ever wondered what it would be like for a wedding planner to plan their own wedding? We can easily cure your curiosity!

Our very own Fairy Godmother Reagan is now engaged to her beau, Maxwell (we like to call him Max)! They are to be married on March 25, 2017 here in Bakersfield, CA at a local country club. The couple has obliged to let us chronicle their experience and planning process from the viewpoint of a planner.


Mariel Hannah Photography

Reagan has had her wedding design “pinned” on her Pinterest board for quite some time, so when it came time to make her dreams a reality it took no time at all to get things going!

First things first, what is a wedding without a wedding party?! Reagan and Max are gathering their closest friends and family to stand beside them in a way that is most unique to their personalities and their relationships!

Reagan asked her girls with these customized requests made by her and her sister, Reidlee.


13393931_10208569418886323_3014103678087015940_n 13427773_10208569418806321_5300965315881837676_n 13413141_10208569418486313_8237458321144389819_n 13406890_10208569418366310_4741858227425485527_n 13413172_10208569418166305_3544628230800042925_n 12115821_10208569418046302_2632558914254699894_n

Maxwell asked his groomsmen with these Matinae Design originals!

13480446_10208635820226315_2121640790_n 13479367_10208635820146313_1427781293_n 13487802_10208635820186314_934208863_n 13479384_10208635820106312_834796587_n 13479614_10208635820386319_1839608323_n 13479396_10208635820426320_910113504_n

While Bridesmaids and Groomsmen are vital to your wedding day, we cannot forget the little ones…


13413685_10208616994035672_8396161464700812115_n 13407054_10208616994195676_3486162194738679659_n 13466268_10208616994395681_795383330134434841_n

Phew! Now that we have all the people we need for the big day, it is time for the details!

The Fairy Godmother team and Walker Lewis Rents crew have been “friendors” since we first met, we knew there was magic to be made! This friendship rang true when it was time to discuss rentals. Reagan was able to sit down and work with the owner himself, Mark Ramkey! Talk about awesome, we can always count on Walker Lewis to make our dreams a reality!


Fairy Godmother Colleen is so proud to have the honor of being Reagan’s very own Fairy Godmother. image

Stay tuned as we will keep you up to date on how Reagan and Max’s wedding plans are transpiring, we are getting close!


Mariel Hannah Photography

Tiger Fight Proud Sponsor – Magical Monday

The Fairy Godmother team loves to help whoever we can, whenever we can. When we were asked to help with this next event, we could not wait to say “YES!”


Lomas Photography

The Tiger Fight Foundation‘s goal is to make an apparent footprint on our society as a “philanthropic organization.” The non-profit organization holds fundraisers to benefit Kern County families who are going through any sort of pediatric blood cancer treatments, most commonly Leukemia and Lymphoma.


If you’ve ever been to Bakersfield, you might know how tight-knit this town is. Whenever there is a need, there is an outpour of community response that is just, amazingly indescribable. One example is that of Dewar’s. Again, if you’ve ever been to Bakersfield, you have more than likely heard of Dewar’s Ice Cream Shop, but have you heard of the Dewar’s chew? Even better, how about the Dewar’s Tiger chew? All of the proceeds from this specially crafted chew benefit Tiger Fight! Have you earned your stripes?


While we wish we could use our fairy magic to eliminate all these horrible diseases, however, we are able use our magic in other ways… So we do!


Lomas Photography

Fairy Godmother A Wedding and Event Company is a proud sponsor of the Tiger Fight Foundation, each year since it began the fairies get together and help run the “Casino Night” fundraiser held at the Padre Hotel.


Lomas Photography


Lomas Photography

From check in, to making sure the remainder of the evening ran smoothly, you can rest assured that the Fairy Godmothers had it handled! If you are looking for some “fairy magic” for your next event, contact us today!

NV Catering Fairy Godmother Friday – Fairy Friendors

“There is nothing on this earth more to be prized than true friendship.” -Thomas Aquinas

When Nate and Jessica Vasquez first started NV Catering in 2013, we had no idea what our future friendship would be like, but we had that “feel good” feeling about us and their new business!


April Massirio


Photo Source


As NV has grown, so has the bond with us here at Fairy Godmother. We are full heartedly thankful for what our “friendor” relationship has become!


Boone And Stacie Weddings


Nate and his team donated their time for the Fairy Godmother Foundation wedding this last March, talk about awesome!



Whenever we have a client with a unique vision, the NV team always uses their culinary skills to create the most perfect dish to fit their needs and desires.


FullSizeRender FullSizeRender-1


Nate and his team are always well staffed at every event and their team is always attentive and respectful, which allows for every event with NV to be a complete success. Here is the NV team doing what they do best, serving with a smile!




Photo Source

In just three years time the bond between Nate, Jessica and the NV Catering staff and the Fairy Godmother team has strengthened tremendously and we are so happy that we have such loving “friendors.” Thank you NV for all you do!


Groom’s Guide To Wedding Planning – Wedding Wednesday

Continuing our series for groom’s during the wedding planning process, this week we are on what to do after you propose!


Photo Source

One thing to know right from the start while planning a wedding is that you either need to be all in, or all out. More often than not, popping in and out of the planning process can just end up confusing and hectic. We definitely don’t want to see that happen.

© Josh Wong Photography

Photo Source

First things first, celebrate your engagement! Take a moment to bask in new beginnings with your soon-to-be! These are the precious moments you want to remember, so enjoy them.


Photo Source

Next is to have the “talk” with your love about what you both want and hash out any discrepancies, or clashing views, that either of you may have.


Photo Source

Your budget will give you the best insight on what kind of wedding you will have, that plays an imperative detail in the entire planning process. Traditionally, this is going to be one of the biggest investments that you will be making as a couple.


Photo Source

The next steps to follow would be the selection of a venue, and of course the vendors! Your opinion matters on these topics, and if you really have no preference on the matter, make sure that your partner is aware and is okay with making some choices on their own.


Photo Source


Photo Source

The wedding planning process is most definitely just that, a process. Remember to be patient and to be presently conscious of feelings. A wedding planner will help make these choices much easier by narrowing down vendors and venues based on your wants and needs, and the personalities of all those involved.


Photo Source


Photo Source

Contact Fairy Godmother today to begin planning your big day!

Dorner Family Vineyard Wedding – Magical Monday

The Fairy Godmother team has had a very exciting past few weeks, but at the top of the list was having the Fairy Godmother debut at Dorner Family Vineyard!



Fairy Godmother Cassandra had the pleasure of being Sarah and Bobby’s very own Fairy Godmother! Off to Tehachapi the Fairy team went!



The grounds at Dorner Family Vineyard give off the rustic vineyard feel, while keeping it serene and elegant with large trees and luscious landscaping. Not to mention the most perfect rope swing!


Sarah and Bobby’s big day would not have been complete without a drink station! The Dorner Family Vineyard team takes care of these fun details, even supplying the glass rentals!

47a6d833b3127cce9854abc98aed00000030102AYtGThu3bN9 47a6d833b3127cce9854abb00ba400000030102AYtGThu3bN9 47a6d833b3127cce9854abb78a9300000030102AYtGThu3bN9

We love our little ones and we especially love their little outfits!



Decor is always the key point of any event, and the touches from Sarah and Bobby’s wedding were no different. Baby’s Breath in wine glasses, appropriately painted wine bottles and renovated pallets were just a few parts of their wedding decor!

47a6d833b3127cce9854abbc0ba800000030102AYtGThu3bN9 47a6d833b3127cce9854abb20ba600000030102AYtGThu3bN9

No wedding is complete without sweets! A beautiful setup of cake and cupcakes with a wine barrel table was a more than perfect rustic touch for these treats!


Every wedding has some sort of guestbook, but Sarah and Bobby wanted something that they would be able to display that was off the beaten path of traditional. Guests signed leaves that “sprouted” off from their names and date of their special day, and then added little notes of wisdom allowing guests to help “write” Sarah and Bobby’s story!



Complete with a Photo Booth and of course, a few of Fairy Godmother “friendors” Sarah and Bobby are “Happily Ever Holland!”


Fairy Godmother Marissa, Fairy Godmother Cassandra, our gorgeous bride Sarah, Jessica from NV Catering and photographer Marianne Lucas!

IMG_0822 47a6d833b3127cce9854abbf8a9b00000030102AYtGThu3bN9

Of course none of this would have ever been possible without the Dorner Family and their dedication to their venue! Fairy Godmother A Wedding and Event Company has officially spread their magic at Dorner Family Vineyard, and we are so excited to return! If you are interested in having your own Fairy Godmother team, contact us today!


Boone & Stacie Weddings Fairy Godmother Friday – Fairy Friendors

“There is nothing better than the encouragement of a good friend.”

– Katharine Butler Hathaway

This week we are honoring our “friendors” Daniel and Stacie Frenzel, who were also the recipients of the 2015 Fairy Godmother Vendor of the Year award!



Daniel (Boone) and Stacie are a husband and wife team with a story! They were both born and raised in Southern California, Orange County to be exact, and relocated to Bakersfield in 2006 just a year after they got married!


The couple was called to Bakersfield, originally, for Boone’s job where he was an administrative manager for Desert Block Company. Boone had a special hobby though, photography. Just a few years after their relocation, Boone was hired to shoot his first wedding in July of 2010. That was all it took for him to change career paths and to follow his passion!



Legend has it that “behind every great man, is a great woman” and we think it just may be true! After his first wedding Stacie was at every wedding thereafter, so it just made sense for Boone to teach her the ropes! Stacie praises her husband saying she had an “amazing” teacher!


Daniel and Stacie have been “Boone & Stacie” full time since 2011. Together, the two take photographs that are identical in style! This just goes to show how great skill can be taught, their work is even considered “cohesive” which makes it even better!


Fairy Godmother loves supporting our “friendors,” especially when they have helped us build such an amazing business! Fairy Godmother Colleen says working with Boone and Stacie is always a treat, they are kind fun professional and their work is beautiful. Fairy Godmother Marissa says that Boone and Stacie really get to know their clients and treat them like family, they are sure to learn everyone’s name and build an everlasting friendship with the bride and groom. A memory Fairy Godmother Cassandra has is when Boone and Stacie were photographing a couple and Daniel taught the groom how to dip his bride by dipping Stacie! Daniel told the groom that he would soon learn, especially after being married for a few years!



We appreciate all of the good, solid leads that Stacie and Daniel send our way. Especially when the communication continues even past the event so that so we can ensure our clients are taken care of from both sides.

View More:


We are in the wedding business and we are so thrilled to share that Daniel and Stacie will soon be sharing 11 years of marriage! Daniel and Stacie say that their dedication to each other is what makes them professional in the business. The value they share for their marriage allows for them to photograph the memories of their clients in the best way, knowing just how special a wedding is!




Daniel and Stacie travel all over the map to capture precious moments, but here at home they raise their two children and their fur baby!


Again, thank you Daniel and Stacie for your forever friendship to Fairy Godmother and the team!

How To Plan a Proposal – Wedding Wednesday

“Wedding Wednesday” is now taking a turn for the best, we are here to help the grooms!


We know how hard it is for some grooms to muster up the courage to pop the big question, and that is why we are dedicating this “Wedding Wednesday” to the boys!


Photo Source

According to Bridal Guide, even the most hopeless of romantics struggle with proposals, and Bridal Guide also brings forth the myth that you have to have a “BIG” proposal. One thing that grooms should always remember, is that this proposal is yours and to take the opinions of others (you’ll get plenty) “with a grain of salt.”


Photo Source

A few things to remember before you get down on one knee… Be sure to talk with your bride-to-be’s parents, this is probably the most important tradition! Save up some cash, find out the correct ring size and most importantly be sure to know her style! These few details from BRIDES will help you pick a ring that she loves!


Photo Source

Now for the bigger details… Location, location, location! After you pick the perfect spot, you can now add in the extras. Professional photographers are always a plus! Remember, your proposal is supposed to be a surprise to your future spouse, how awesome would it be to have those memories forever??


Photo Source


Photo Source

Finally, the family and friends. You have to choose who to invite and who you will simply call afterwards. Another decision is if you’ll have anyone around at all, or if it will just be an intimate evening between you and your beloved.


Photo Source

Whatever you decide, however you plan your proposal, the Fairies at Fairy Godmother are more than willing to help you through the entire process. Beginning to end, what good is magic if you do not get to share it?! Contact us today!

Bakersfield Bell Tower Wedding – Magical Monday

Just a few weeks ago, the Fairy Godmother team was so fortunate to play a part of the ending of an era… The Ivy, formally known as the Bakersfield Bell Tower, will no longer be holding events on Saturdays now as they will be opening the restaurant for dinner.


Ashley de Pencier Photography

Erin and David were the lucky couple to make this mark in history, and how perfect it was! …Even though it was the hottest day of the year on record, the couple did not let this get in the way of their excitement!


Ashley de Pencier Photography

13418967_1096977410341666_2908717540195993346_n 13418899_1096977010341706_1873226069993987706_n

Getting ready was a total breeze! Fairy Godmother Colleen said that “Erin was a doll to take care of, professional, sweet, fun, and oh so happy!” It is a Fairy Godmother tradition to give their bride a hankie for her to dry her tears of joy, and of course, just one small token of magical appreciation!

13406775_1096977563674984_5668990726397507323_n 13427929_1096977603674980_6106122133198036617_n 13407065_1096977620341645_876774006336323702_n

Did we mention that she was thoroughly excited and could barely contain it?! She was taking as many peeks as she could!


While we adored working with Erin and David, their bridal party was just as wonderful! The combination of their bright, fun, supportive, and yet responsible personalities made it perfectly clear as to why Erin and David chose them to stand by their sides as they tied the knot and celebrated the most magical day in their lives!


Ashley de Pencier Photography

 When you have a couple as good looking as we did with Erin and David, you know that your day will be absolutely flawless! An elegant white wedding gown and traditional black tuxedos with a pop of color set the stage for the day.


Ashley de Pencier Photography


Ashley de Pencier Photography


Ashley de Pencier Photography


Ashley de Pencier Photography

No wedding is complete without flowers! Full bouquets and rose boutonnieres added the most perfect touches to the day, with the most gorgeous florals by Carlos from Make It Happen Events the day was sure to be a hit, and oh how it was!


The awesome floor lighting from Walker Lewis Rents was one of the wants of the groom! David really wanted to have floor lighting and Fairy Godmother Colleen used her fairy powers to make it happen!



Ashley de Penciler Photography

There were no cold feet here, David was so excited for his bride-to-be to make her debut down the aisle. Colleen even used the word “giddy” to explain it! Did we mention local news journalist Mike Hart was the officiate? Or that Aaron Perlman was in attendance to read the most perfect verse? The moment they said, “I do” the party began!




Ashley de Pencier Photography


Ashley de Pencier Photography


Ashley de Pencier Photography

Talk about yummy! We love the sweet treats and there were plenty!


Ashley de Pencier Photography


As we are sure you know, Fairy Godmother is all about the details! Check out those beautiful petals!


This wedding was no different with a few extra details, but this time we added a bit more style and four wheels… Oh, and an engine!


Ashley de Pencier Photography

Every wedding has it’s own precious moments, and this wedding had so many! A picture sure is worth a 1,000 words!

13406865_1096976963675044_7452648069840966613_n 13442158_10155022728374552_2510288401206062056_n

Ashley de Pencier Photography

The Fairy Godmothers could not resist a post wedding selfie! Be sure to contact us today for your wedding and event planning needs!


Fairy Godmother Friday – Fairy Friendors

“Zippidy Zoo Da, Zippidy Aye, My oh my what a wonderful Fairy Friday!”

As a part of our series thanking our “fairy” best friendors, we are “sew” very happy to share the magic of Mary Rita!


Photo Source


Photo Source

Mary Rita is a top notch tailor. Her skills go range from simple stitchwork to creating works of art out of old dresses, talk about talent! Veils, pearls, beading, and of course lace, Mary Rita can do it all and even has it all. We LOVE to borrow her fun sewing trinkets for props! Vintage sewing machines and spools of thread are just a few of our favorites.



Mary Rita is more than just a seamstress, she is a true miracle worker!


Photo Source


Photo Source

One of our latest experiences with her is nothing short of a fairytale. A few weeks ago at our Bakersfield Country Club wedding for Taylor and Ryan, about an hour before the wedding, the maid of honor could not seem to get her dress zipped. After trying and trying, the dress finally zipped! Only to snap open shortly after. One call from Fairy Godmother Colleen to Mary Rita with a “911” urgency is all it took! Fairy Godmother Reagan quickly drove the dress, safely of course, clear across town and had the dress with a new zipper back to the wedding just ten minutes before the couple would walk down the aisle!

IMG_0547 IMG_0546

Fairy Godmother Reagan said that this was the fastest zipper replacement she had ever seen, in and out in just eleven minutes from the minute she walked in Mary Rita’s door!


IMG_0543 IMG_0544

Taylor and Ryan’s wedding went without a hitch because of the fabulous Mary Rita, just one more reason to have a Fairy Godmother by your side on your big day… You never know what might happen! Contact us today to book your own Fairy Godmother!

Wedding Wednesday – It’s Your Big Day, Now What?!

It’s “Wedding Wednesday” here in fairyland! As we are finishing up our “It’s Your Big Day, Now What?” series, we just wanted to say that we are so happy to have been able to share our wedding day advice with you!


Photo by Left Coast By Design

From the very beginning of the planning process, to getting you down the aisle as newly weds, we are so pleased to use our fairy magic to make your big day a magical one.


Photo by Valdophye Photography

The Fairy Godmother team has a few takeaway reminders as you are gearing up to say “I do.”


Be sure to get plenty of rest, you want to be sure that you will wake up invigorated and ready to get married! You may also want to run by your groomsmen, and bridesmaids (yes, girls have fun too!) about their expected behavior as the day transpires.


Photo by Left Coast By Design

Be careful not to get too worked up over some little bumps in the road, your day will be perfect and you have planned too long and hard not to enjoy your big day! Be sure to stay hydrated and eating, we want to be sure that you are healthy all day long.


Photo by Ashely de Pencier Photography

As you walk down the aisle, be sure to take your time. Soak in everyone around you, not to mention your soon-to-be waiting for you at the end of the aisle!


Photo by Left Coast By Design

As you move into your reception, be sure that during speeches you and your loved one give thanks to all your guests, and especially those who helped make your day possible!


Photo by Jessica Frey Photography

Most of all, remember what is important. Remember to smile and that you are surrounded by your closest friends and loved ones, and let’s not forget- you’re married!!!


Are you looking for your very own Fairy Godmother? Contact us today to get a no obligation consultation!