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Tassels & Tastemakers – Magical Monday

The wedding industry is an entire world full of people who all share one passion, creating magical events!

In 2013, a fabulous team of professionals at Be Inspired Public Relations decided that it was the vendors turn to attend a party! The Be Inspired PR team throws two parties a year for their fellow wedding vendors to mingle and enjoy a night off from their daily hustle.



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The Fairy Godmother team is in full support of furthering our education in this “happy business,” so we  definitely had to attend! The wedding and events industry is all about learning experiences, friendships and personal growth. In order to accomplish any of these, you have to blend your creativity with your intelligence and let the magic happen before you!


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Leaving Bakersfield with their fairy dust flying behind them, Fairy Godmothers Reagan and Cassandra attended the Spring Tassels & Tastemakers 2016 event in March at the Hudson Loft in Downtown Los Angeles. Their goal was to gain more knowledge on the current party trends!


Photo Source

Before heading on over to the Hudson Loft, these Fairy Godmothers had to take a view from the top at the Biltmore Hotel!


These Fairy Godmothers are no strangers to elegance, they are both fancy and flawless!

Check out Fairy Godmother Cassandra posing with this candlelit piano!


Fairy Godmother Reagan taking a mini break, looking absolutely dashing!


Treats of the night included mini tacos, macaroons and even s’mores! All the sweets were stamped or related to the “Jewel” theme of the evening, the macaroons even had a jewel stamp on the top!




Aside from the delicious hors d’oeuvres that were supplied, the decor surrounding the loft was to die for! The interior was overflowing with chic florals  and fashionable chandeliers. There was no space left untouched, every nook and every cranny was filled with decor.

unnamed1 unnamed

As you can see, we love learning and growing! We would love to plan your next event, contact us today for a no obligation consultation with your very own Fairy Godmother!

Freestyle Event Services – Fairy Godmother Friendors

“The only way to have a friend is to be one.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

At Fairy Godmother we not only have the best friends, we have the BEST of friends!


When Colleen began Fairy Godmother, her “friend circle” steadily grew with mentors. Mark with Freestyle Event Services has been with us from the ground up and one of the very first mentors for Fairy Godmother! Whenever we need him, he’s there. Even when the fairy magic creates some pretty wild ideas, not to mention rain… And do we mean some serious rain!


While being a successful businessman, Mark is a wonderful dad to his two daughters. Teaching them the importance of hard work and determination, while being the best role model possible. While he is a phenomenal dad and businessman, he has provided as a constant cheerleader to the Fairy Godmother company. He has consistently pushed us to do better, even at our best! Watching Freestyle and Fairy Godmother grow and share their magic, with great thanks to his constant encouragement!


Photo by InMotion.Pro

While being a dad and businessman is important, we also know that a little fun is always a good thing… And man oh man, have we found one of the most fun guys around! Picture a friendship that was created off the idea of confetti cannons… Yep, you guessed it, that’s exactly how we became “friendors!”


Colleen recalls just how she met Mark back in November of 2008. When she began planning the Women’s Business conference to be held in April of 2009, she knew right off the bat that confetti cannons were a necessity, obviously. A friend from Rabobank Arena, Sam Williams, suggested a DJ company who she felt could help, from the first time Colleen met Mark it was instant friendship.


Photo by J. Andrews Photography

On behalf of the Fairy Godmother team thank you for your constant friendship and guidance in this “happy business!” Mark, let this blog provide as one way to say “thank you” for always making time for us, being a great mentor and coach, and above all else, thank you for being a “forever friend” to all of us Fairies!

Happy Wedding Wednesday

Today we’re chatting with our very own Fairy Godmother Reagan about finding your dream dress.




Even if you have a specific shape in mind we recommend trying on all styles you never know what will give you that magical feeling!



Taking photos with you to the boutiques really helps the staff assist you swim through the sea of dresses.







Be sure to schedule your appointments and take those close to you for support. Fairies are always up for a good shopping spree.

Dorner Family Vineyard Outdoor Wedding – Magical Monday

While the Fairy Godmother team has just recently made their debut at Dorner Family Vineyard, we had the pleasure to return to celebrate the marriage of Kelcy and John!


Fairy Godmother Marissa and her bride worked oh so well together leading up to the big day, and for the day of, the Fairy Godmother team slid in to help create the big day John and Kelcy had been dreaming of.


With such a large and gorgeous venue, it was essential that the team kept constant communication… and of course that the day would start with their cups of “Fairy Fuel!” (Thank you Starbucks!)


Upon arrival at Dorner Family Vineyard, the team just had to take in some of the beauty across the property! The luscious trees and greenery that surrounds the reception site is straight out of a fairytale!

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The staff at Dorner made sure that the reception site was absolutely impeccable, and who could have asked for better weather on this beautiful July day!


While “the times, they are a’changin” the modern twist on photo booths is to now have a #hashtag for your wedding or event. John and Kelcy were ready for their #GoinBaker2016 best day, ever!


Around the property, guests would find cute little signs and sayings that were special to our soon-to-be newlyweds. Of these, one would give guests a good chuckle…

“Alcohol, because no good love story ever started with a salad.”

Guests would find this at the bar station where they would also find these signature drinks!


With floral centerpieces of burgundy, pink and white the perfect touch was a rustic styled crate which fit perfectly with the style and venue!

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When it came time to get everyone ready for the ceremony, the fairy godmother team “fluttered” to action!

There were boutonnieres to be pinned, dresses to be fluffed, and vests to be tightened… All the things that a Fairy feels so happy about!

47a6d931b3127cce9854a933361400000030102AYtGThu3bN9 47a6d928b3127cce9854a944e36500000030102AYtGThu3bN9 47a6d931b3127cce9854a94eb75900000030102AYtGThu3bN9

The couple opted to do photos before their ceremony so that they could join their guests more quickly at reception. With this, there was no need to scramble around searching for the wedding party at a later time.

47a6d931b3127cce9854a92f360800000030102AYtGThu3bN9 47a6d931b3127cce9854a92d360a00000030102AYtGThu3bN9

The ceremony site was ready for action! The long aisle was perfectly clear, barrels and florals were in their proper places all we needed now were the guests and our Fairy Godmother couple!

47a6d928b3127cce9854a946e36700000030102AYtGThu3bN9 47a6d928b3127cce9854a947625600000030102AYtGThu3bN9 47a6d931b3127cce9854a920b73700000030102AYtGThu3bN9 47a6d931b3127cce9854a923360400000030102AYtGThu3bN9

John and Kelcy became Mr. and Mrs. Baker on July 9, 2016 in beautiful Tehachapi, California at Dorner Family Vineyard. Here they are with their very own Fairy Godmother, Marissa!


And, “oh how sweet it is!” The reception was filled with delicious food and delectable treats from Tastries Bakery and yummy cookies!


While the Fairy Godmother team knows how to make an entrance, we also know just how to finish off an event and make an exit!


If you are looking for help planning your big day, please contact Fairy Godmother and let us use our fairy magic to make your day just as magical as you have always dreamed!

Walker Lewis Rents – Fairy Godmother Friendors

“Friendship is when people know all about you, and like you anyways.”

This week we are highlighting our “friendor” Mark from Walker Lewis Rents!


When you have a “friendor” who is as passionate about the dream as you are, it opens the door to endless possibilities!

This is just what Mark is to us, an amazing “friendor” and companion through the endless possibilities.

Mark is not only a successful business man, he’s also a huge family man!

While being a spouse, a father, and a business man is no simple task… Mark handles it beautifully like it was a cake walk!

13709987_1120215361351204_8145796591149528392_n 13716042_1120215358017871_7119729592377567382_n

Here Mark is with his wife and daughter at a beautiful Fairy Godmother wedding where Walker-Lewis provided the rentals… Talk about fun!


Fairy Godmother Colleen says “Mark has been with Fairy Godmother since our beginning. He has stood by us and all of our crazy ways, and never bats an eyelash at any of our ideas, no matter how wild they may be. Mark is always quick to respond when we have an “emergency” or just when we may have a last minute need. He is a great mentor and friend.                         He is the type of friend who is the first one to show up, and the last one to leave.”


Fairy Godmother Cassandra has some of the best brainstorming sessions with Mark. She says, “Being a creative designer with a mind that always wants to push boundaries, it helps to have a partner and friendor like Mark, owner of Walker Lewis. Sometimes our conversations start off with me talking in circles then Mark looks at me like I’ve lost it, pauses and presents an idea that brings everything to life in a realistic attainable perspective, insert me ending with a *happy dance* Never once does he answer with “no, you’re crazy.”   The fact that Mark takes the time to understand and collaborate on the magic is something I can’t thank him and his staff for enough.”


“Fairy BIG” thanks to Mark and his Walker-Lewis team for making all of our events possible.

There is no way we could do it without you!

Thank you from the bottom of our Fairy hearts, we appreciate all you do!

Wedding Planner Wedding Planning – Wedding Wednesday

Happy “Wedding Wednesday!”

We are trailing Reagan and Max as they plan their big day, and as we have said before, a wedding planner wedding planning is no small feat!


Mariel Hannah Photography

Reagan is one of our very own wedding and event designers, so it is no surprise that she would be partaking in crafting her very own wedding items!


Mariel Hannah Photography

While Reagan would not let us in on what she was creating…just yet, she did share with us some of her textures and custom coloring! By mixing a few colors, she has mastered the perfect color palette!


Traditionally, the color blue is directly correlated to depth and stability, resembling the sky and sea. Blue also  symbolizes trust, loyalty, wisdom and confidence. Some of the most perfect qualities to surround Reagan and Max on their big day!


Lastly, it’s no surprise that Reagan gave us a few hints with her color scheme through her engagement photos… But, we will not tell all of her secrets so soon! With March still being eight months away, we have plenty of time for planning. We are sure there will be plenty more surprises!


Mariel Hannah Photography

If you are interested in having your very own Fairy Godmother for your big day, contact us today and set up a no obligation consultation!

Traditional Indian Bakersfield Wedding – Magical Monday

Happy “Magical Monday!” This week, we are highlighting part 2 of Anik and Hema’s wedding day!

Last week, we shared the details of Anik and Hema’s traditional ceremony, this week we will share about their beautiful day!

13707569_1118048518234555_8929662326506339366_n 13754139_1118048451567895_2216024087093391540_n

All of the female guests in attendance of Anik and Hema’s wedding were given an orchid corsage as they entered the wedding reception at Stockdale Country Club. How cute is this idea?!


The tables were elegantly decorated with custom elevated florals from Make It Happen Events, and each setting was set perfectly with gold chargers which were perfectly accented with purple napkins and gold holders. No floral arrangement is complete without hanging crystals and beautiful candles!



Hema’s mother was also a major part of the planning process! It was a given that she would be giving a speech for the newly weds!

13716132_1118047974901276_2703764649699611947_n 13692648_1118047958234611_1127918559641403010_n 13692553_1118047941567946_2101563545494602823_n

The room was filled with love and florals! With accents all around the room, no space was left untouched. Doorways and chandeliers were even thought of!



The centerpieces were full of luscious flowers and foliage, creating a fabulous masterpiece completing the “tablescape.”




And what kind of place setting would it be if there wasn’t a Matinae Design original?! These thank you notes were the personal touch from Anik and Hema that showed their deepest and most sincere gratitude to their guests.



Do we think of everything, you ask? The answer is “YES!” Roses and crystals hanging from the chandelier? Got it!



Sweet Surrender brought in the tasty treats! A little bit of everything created the ultimate sweets table!


Anik and Hema were such a wonderful couple to work with! Elegance and class is the best way to describe their big day, and we are so fortunate to have shared in it!


The Fairy Godmother team was ready for action!


Hema and her Fairy Godmother, Colleen!


There’s no event too big! Contact Fairy Godmother today for all of your wedding day, or event, needs!

Gimme Some Sugar Bakery – Fairy Godmother Friendors

“Happiness is having too many best friends!”

When Stephanie became a Fairy Godmother “friendor” we knew that there was magic to be made… Or should we say, baked?


Stephanie has always had a deep passion for baking and “sweet treats,” but how she came up with the name wasn’t something she had always dreamed of… It was even better! Growing up, Stephanie’s grandmother always told her to “give her some sugar” when referring to young Stephanie laying a smooch on her grandma’s cheek…

So, when Stephanie grew up and it was time for her to give her business a name, it was easy! “Gimme Some Sugar” was no doubt the new business’ front!

new silhouette logo1

Every encounter we have with Stephanie is nothing short of magical! She is such a great mother to her daughter, Harper! Together with her wife Terri, Stef works tirelessly not only as a baker, but as a mother giving her daughter the best life possible!




Colleen wanted to share about her relationship with Stef!

“I met Stephanie at a BNI meeting about 6 years ago, I loved her at “hello!” She was baking out of her Mom’s home at the time, and would bring in these wonderful trays of chocolate covered pretzels and bunches of other goodies. We would buy a bunch of them to deliver to our clients.

I knew she had something special. I was so happy when she moved into her shop, it is such a darling and happy place.”


“Stephanie was one of the first people I went to when I was thinking about starting Fairy Godmother, she pushed me to do it, she believed in me before I believed in myself. She has been my mentor and friend ever since. She is funny, kind, loves life, is super expressive, and is always always willing to help where ever she can. 

She has been a bakery of choice for two years in a row for our Fairy Godmother Foundation weddings. She continues to wow me with each of her masterpiece cakes. Love and adore her!”


Photo by Ashley de Pencier of Stephanie and her sisters!

 All of us here at Fairy Godmother  are so happy that Stephanie decided to give us some “sugar!”

Wedding Planner Wedding Planning – Wedding Wednesday

Week 3 of trailing Reagan and Max’s planning process is here!

Engagement photos were an absolute must for this Fairy Godmother! But not just any engagement photos… Fairy Godmother Reagan let her creative outlet run wild with these and her photographer, Mariel Hannah, captured these moments perfectly!


Mariel Hannah Photography

Taking simple, elegant gowns and throwing her own twist on them was just the start! On the California coastline, with the waves crashing onto the shore, these photographs are nothing short of flawless.


Mariel Hannah Photography

Enchanted Bridal Boutique helped Reagan choose the dresses most fitting to her needs. Adding sleeves and lace overlays were a graceful and stylish touch to the dresses. One of the Fairy Godmother team’s most favorite seamstresses, Mary Rita, came to the rescue! With a few extra pieces of material and some serious stitching Reagan’s visions came to life!


Mariel Hannah Photography


Mariel Hannah Photography

According to our friends over at The Knot, engagement photo sessions are a great way for couples to “test drive” their wedding photographer. Reagan and Mariel go way back, so it was no surprise to this Fairy Godmother couple that their expectations were not only met, but exceeded!


Mariel Hannah Photography


Mariel Hannah Photography

Keep up with the “fairy magic” that we have been up to! Reagan and Max only have a few short months left before the magic unfolds, be sure to keep up with the process!

Indian Wedding Bakersfield – Magical Monday

As you may know, as tradition goes, traditional Indian weddings are quite the extravagant event.

Day 1 of the festivities was the ceremony at the Hindu Temple of Kern County. Fairy Godmother Colleen and Hema are pictured with Hema in her traditional clothing, talk about flawless!


Hema and her mother are so beautiful, inside and out.

Having the pleasure of being trusted with Hema’s big day is a true honor.

Fairy Godmother Colleen and Hema worked very closely together on all of the details of the wedding and reception, every single step of the process was taken in unison by the two!


Cinderella may have had her own Fairy Godmother, but she still lost her shoe!

We wanted to be sure that did not happen to Hema!


It is a Fairy Godmother tradition for the bride to receive her very own Fairy Godmother hankie, to have just in case  any happy tears may fall during the ceremony. Each Fairy Godmother takes the time to write a special message to their bride, this is just one way that Fairy Godmother makes your day magical!



The Fairy Godmother crew works tirelessly at every event to ensure that everything is taken care of ahead of time.

The team is at your event to handle every detail beginning to finish, yes that means the ice!

Here, Fairy Godmother Janet and Fairy Godmother Cassandra are setting up the drinks!

13645362_1112996062073134_2359741004158235363_n 13592374_1112996038739803_9180487659864115516_n

This event was no different, Anik and Hema’s wedding was rich with Indian custom and bright colors! Matinae Design Studio created a beautiful program outlining the evening’s events.


Flowers, flowers and more flowers! We just LOVE when our friendors bring in these gorgeous arrangements!

Beautiful florals by Make It Happen


Hema and Colleen collaborated on the feel and design of her wedding and came up with a beautiful vision.

Next step they brought in Make it Happen to bring their vision to life.  It turned out beautiful!

The aisle lining the ceremony was simple, yet elegant.

A deep red aisle runner with touches and accents of rose petals and floating candles.



Stay tuned for part 2 of this gorgeous wedding in our “Magical Monday” wedding series!

Contact Fairy Godmother today for all of your wedding and event needs!