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The Grapery International Fruit Genetics Dinner Event – Magical Monday

It’s a “grape” life!

Just last week, the Fairy Godmother team had the ultimate pleasure of being able to help plan an event for The Grapery, hosts of the International Fruit Genetics summit dinner!



Jack and Carolyn Pandol, founders of The Grapery, have become one of Fairy Godmother’s favorite clients after doing numerous events of all calibers! Birthdays, business mixers, and social events! In fact, you may remember Carolyn’s 1960’s themed birthday party just last year!


The Pandol family founded The Grapery back in 1996 and since then have found numerous ways to give back to their community and to the staff that have created a solid foundation for the business that they love.

This last event was extremely unique! The Grapery was in charge of hosting this year’s summit dinner for International Fruit Genetics. Guests joined the fun from all over the world- 12 countries, to be exact.


Most of the guests arrived on not one, not two, but three charter buses at the Pandol’s home for this pre-dinner social event. Jack and Carolyn, being the hosts with the most, greeted their guests dressed as bunches of grapes passing out grape shaped stress balls! Carolyn is a strong believer in farmers having more fun, and we are sure that she proved this to be true! This was a hit with the guests, who doesn’t love two life-size grapes?!



These grape stress balls also doubled as fountain decor! Cocktail tables, mason jar drink carafes and burlap ties supplied by Walker Lewis Rents.


After guests were checked in, they mingled through the backyard that was complete with a grape tasting station, juggling bartenders, and the added touch of balloons everywhere!


The grape tasting station had over twenty different types of grapes ranging from “candy dreams” and “cotton candy” to “funny fingers!” This station was complete with a trellis backing complete with greenery and the appropriate table covering combination of deep purple and burlap with elevated design.



The Grapery – Cotton Candy Grapes

Tablescapes included floral arrangements by House of Flowers with bunches of grapes mixed in to add to the theme of the evening. Burlap tablecloths with ranch tables gave the event a country feel while maintaining the elegant ambiance. Tablecloths, country tables and chairs rented through Walker Lewis Rents.





Paradise Balloons really topped the IFG event off with their creations! From the balloon arch in the driveway for the first impression, to the added grape bunches floating around in the pool, to the larger than life grape configurations… these fun additions made the event feel inviting and warm. Not to mention the help that Lora Lee’s fancy balloon tools supplied in the inflation of the grape suits!

47a6d604b3127cce9854aeed535600000030102AYtGThu3bN9 47a6d604b3127cce9854aeeb535000000030102AYtGThu3bN9

We love filling the Pandol’s pool with balloons! This event was no different, single floating balloons and bunches of grapes could be found making their way around from the deep end and back!



We just LOVE when our friendors come together at events! Diana of House of Flowers, and Jessica from NV Catering here with our very own Fairy Godmother Colleen.


Chef Nate and his awesome NV Catering team served guests with hors d’oeuvres and delicious treats in their black and white tie attire, allowing the guests to focus on their conversations and relations rather than where to find the snacks! NV has become one of the Pandol’s preferred vendors for all of their events, Chef Nate has officially won their appetite over!



The evening was a complete success! Food, drinks and mingling were the perfect recipe for success!


From the Padol home, after guests had mingled their way into the evening, guests loaded back onto the buses and were transported to Stockdale Country Club where dinner would be served, as their summit came to an end!


As the event came to a close, the Fairy Godmother team was able to reflect on how lucky they are to have clients, like the Pandol family, who trust them fully and allow for the Fairies to take their vision and make it a magical reality! Our clients are the reason this “happy business” is SO “grape!”


Enchanted Bridal – Fairy Godmother Friendors

“Life has no blessing like a prudent friend.” -Euripides

It’s “Fairy Godmother Friday” and we cannot wait to share all about our dear friends at Enchanted Bridal Boutique!



Sisters Angela and Patricia opened Enchanted Bridal Boutique after Patricia’s engaged daughter went through the ultimate hunt to find the perfect dress. The two came together trying to figure out what they should do that would keep other people from having to search near and far for that one perfect dress. Once the idea was planted, a dream was born!


Photo by J.Michelle Photography

In 2014, Enchanted Bridal Boutique became a reality for the sisters, complete with a storefront located right here in central Bakersfield!            As the business has grown, so has the staff. Patricia and Angela have built an entire “enchanted” team! The Enchanted Bridal family thrives on the fact that there is a dress out there for every bride. You can count on Enchanted to help point out even the finest of details!




Photo by Valdophye Photography

 Not only are Angela and Patricia some of our very best “friendors,” but they are also active within the Fairy Godmother Foundation. Our most recent Fairy Godmother Foundation bride, Rachel, was gifted her dress from the Enchanted Bridal sisters! This dress just so happened to be a David Tutera original, who Rachel got to not only meet, but to enjoy dinner with when he was in Bakersfield for the Kern County Bridal Association‘s bridal show! When Rachel walked into Enchanted Bridal, she had no idea that she would not be paying for her dress- Patricia and Angela caught her completely by surprise, and we got this special moment on camera!


 IMG_2930 IMG_2929


You can often spot one of the Fairy Godmother’s inside Enchanted Bridal Boutique, joining their brides and bridal parties as they search for THAT dress! Sometimes they even accidentally match! Getting to watch brides try on all of the dresses that make them feel like princesses is just one of the many perks to being a Fairy Godmother.


While being a bridal boutique, we can still count on the Enchanted team to go along with some of our wild ideas and styled photoshoot themes. Most recently, the Enchanted Bridal team was the source of this Cinderella’s wedding gown… A gorgeous fit for such a perfect shoot!



Photo by J.Michelle Photography

And also dressed our model in our recently published “Free Spirited Kind of Love” Bohemian photoshoot!


Photo by Alison Claire Photography


Photo by Alison Claire Photography


Photo by Alison Claire Photography

From the bottom of our “Fairy” big hearts here at Fairy Godmother, we thank you, Enchanted Bridal, for all of your continued support and friendship in this “Happy Business!”

Free Spirited Kind of Love – Magical Monday

The Fairies have been busy working while waiting for wedding season to approach!

With a few weddings to kick the year off, they had a little bit of time to collaborate with some of our wonderful “friendors” and create inspired styled photoshoots!


Photo by Alison Claire Photography

Flowers by White Oaks Florist

Rentals by Union Vintage Rentals

These photoshoots are a fun way for the Fairy Godmother team, and their collaborative partners, to illustrate their talents and to show just how wild your dreams can be and still turn into reality!


Photo by Alison Claire Photography

Please, join us as we embark on our adventure and explore deeper into the world of bohemian wanderlust!


Photo by Alison Claire Photography

Flowers by White Oaks Florist


Photo by Alison Claire Photography

Flowers by White Oaks Florist

Rentals by Union Vintage Rentals

This recently published shoot, “Free Spirited Kind Of Love,” appeals to those loving couples who adore adventure and thirst for something different. This shoot was complete with colored glass, vintage lace and handmade dream catchers!


With these types of photoshoots, every detail is imperative! As you can see, these two Fairies are hard at work making sure every aspect is absolutely perfect at every single angle.


Flowers by White Oaks Florist

As the love for wanderlust began, the collaborative team dreamed in everything relating to Bohemian aesthetics… Feathers hand dipped in glitter, woods, bright colors and a few home accents made this shoot a true success!


Photo by Alison Claire Photography


Photo by Alison Claire Photography

Rentals by Union Vintage Rentals

A low set table was the perfect addition for the guestbook. Subtle splashes of color, layers of antique laces and an acute placement of vibrant florals drew guests in with open invitation.


Photo by Alison Claire Photography

Rentals by Union Vintage Rentals

The vivacious florals by White Oaks Florist bring a bright and inviting feel to any setting. Florals provide height to open spaces where the landscape may lack taller, or shorter, objects. Animal bones and colored glass vases were the ultimate holder for the abundant floral arrangements.


Photo by Alison Claire Photography

Flowers by White Oaks Florist


Photo by Alison Claire Photography

Flowers by White Oaks Florist


Photo by Alison Claire Photography

Flowers by White Oaks Florist


Photo by Alison Claire Photography

Flowers by White Oaks Florist


Photo by Alison Claire Photography

Flowers by White Oaks Florist

Rentals by Union Vintage Rentals

 Matinae Designs designed these amazingly well crafted paper products that fit perfectly into the theme. With rich and vibrant colors complimenting the invitations perfectly, there was no doubt that these couldn’t have been more perfect!


Photo by Alison Claire Photography


Photo by Alison Claire Photography

Flowers by White Oaks Florist


Photo by Alison Claire Photography

Vintage lace was the perfect accent material to add that elegant and traditional touch, but what you do with it is all up to you!


Photo by Alison Claire Photography


Photo by Alison Claire Photography

We had the absolute pleasure of having some of the best models for this photoshoot, this couple took to the theme with the most natural of flows.47a6d600b3127cce9854ae05316e00000030102AYtGThu3bN9

Photo by Alison Claire Photography

Flowers by White Oaks Florist


Photo by Alison Claire Photography


Photo by Alison Claire Photography

Rentals by Union Vintage Rentals


Photo by Alison Claire Photography

Rentals by Union Vintage Rentals

Delicious desserts by GhilaDolci Bakery  were flawlessly baked and created to fit the most Bohemian of themes. Natural cakes with fruit accents tied the natural and bright color schemes together.


Photo by Alison Claire Photography

Flowers by White Oaks Florist


Photo by Alison Claire Photography

Flowers by White Oaks Florist


Photo by Alison Claire Photography

Many people often feel restricted to the traditional table setting, but if you are so inclined to add your own twist on your special day, you may as well do it how you want! For this “Boho” shoot, low table tops placed on cinderblocks was just the feel we desired!


Photo by Alison Claire Photography


Photo by Alison Claire Photography

Flowers by White Oaks Florist

Rentals by Union Vintage Rentals

Place settings were accented perfectly with gold utensils and turquoise napkins, and we cannot forget the feathers!


Photo by Alison Claire Photography


Photo by Alison Claire Photography

Elements in aiding design go much further than just color schemes and themes, every detail has a rhyme or reason, allowing for meticulous execution. To aid in this, whicker highback chairs were added, providing a break in color and a little more height to the photograph.


Photo by Alison Claire Photography

Flowers by White Oaks Florist


Photo by Alison Claire Photography

Rentals by Union Vintage Rentals


Photo by Alison Claire Photography

Rentals by Union Vintage Rentals

We are forever thankful to the collaboration team that brought every aspect of this styled shoot to life! This “happy business” just keeps getting better, and none of it would be possible without the best “friendors” in the business!

Photographer – Alison Claire Photography

Beauty – Alivia Daniels

Models – Brock and Lindsay Nettleton

Apparel – Enchanted Bridal Boutique

Event Planner – Fairy Godmother A Wedding and Event Company

Apparel – Fino’s Menswear and Tuxedo

Bakery – GhilaDoci Bakery

Invitation Designer – Matinae Design Studio

Cinema & Video – R & C Films

Equipment Rentals – Union Vintage Rentals

Linens & Coverings – Walker Lewis Rents

Floral Designer – White Oaks Florist

47a6d600b3127cce9854aef8b0a300000030102AYtGThu3bN9 47a6d600b3127cce9854aefb319000000030102AYtGThu3bN9

Bridal Association Kyle Brown – Fairy Godmother Friendor

“Always be a little kinder than necessary.” – J.M. Barrie

Our dear friend Kyle Brown, Executive Director of the Kern County Bridal Association, is our highlighted “friendor” of the week!

Colleen remembers meeting Kyle like it was yesterday! Kyle had been the D.J. for the Rabobank Christmas parties for many years, so when she started thinking of starting Fairy Godmother A Wedding and Event Company he was one of her first calls! Kyle gave Colleen the best advice, he said “Event planners come and go in this business. Many people think that just because it looks simple, and once they begin their endeavor they come to the harsh realization that takes lots of work and they don’t make it. You have to invest in the business, apply commitment and stay in it for the long haul. Your reputation in this small town is everything, take care of it and it will take care of you.”


Colleen did just that! Not only was she able to create a business with an impeccable reputation, she was able to build a business and let it grow! We are proud to say that Fairy Godmother A Wedding and Event Company is approaching it’s seventh year in business, and one of the longest running wedding and event companies in the Central Valley! None of this would’ve been possible without Colleen’s dream, passion, determination, and the wonderful mentors who have been by her side through it!


To be a Fairy Godmother “friendor” there are a few things we might have you do… If wearing a Christmas tuxedo just so happens to be one of those things, so be it. Kyle still manages to put up with our wild shenanigans and ideas! And for this, we are forever thankful!


Kyle not only runs the KCBA, but he also has a chair on the Fairy Godmother Foundation! While being an active board member and busy businessman, Kyle finds time to enjoy each event as if they are the only one. Every event is the most important!


While Kyle is a busy man, he still finds time between mixers and events to be the greatest dad possible to his children, Alex and Taylor. Talk about the best qualities!


On behalf of the Fairy Godmother family, thank you Kyle for your constant guidance and mentorship, for your involvement with Fairy Godmother and for your deep commitment to the Fairy Godmother Foundation and all we do!

Classroom Classics – Magical Monday

It’s that time of year again!

As the kids are getting ready to go back to the classroom and find their seats, we want to share some of our past favorites education related events!

Just last April, we celebrated Memphis’ 5th birthday with an education theme! The party was complete with “apple” cupcakes, not forgetting the worms!


Memphis did have one special request… While it may not be education related, a piñata is always a good idea! However, piñatas CAN be used to teach on the force of motion and gravity!


While children’s parties are always a sure hit, one client added a twist to our usual “Back to School” events!

Jenny threw a “Back to School” party for all of her classroom moms! A fun day filled with laughs, yummy treats and sangria!


No sangria bar is complete without fresh cut fruits! The Fairies love options, so we had a few to choose from!


De Coeur Bake Shop supplied the midday deliciousness, perfect rentals by Walker Lewis Rents and fabulous paper products by the oh so talented Matinae Design Studio.


When beginning to plan your next “Back to School” event, contact Fairy Godmother!

The Cookie Monger – Fairy Godmother Friendor

“A sweet friendship refreshes the soul!”

It’s “Fairy Godmother Friday” and we are sharing about one of our “sweetest” friendors!

Our dear friend Stacey, owner of The Cookie Monger has been a blessing to Fairy Land!

Fairy Godmother and The Cookie Monger participated in the “Dessert Designer” table contest on July 30th at the first ever Sugar Fest!


Fairy Godmother collaborated with The Cookie Monger for the recent Sugar Fest! Stacey crafted some fabulous Alice in Wonderland wafer card soldiers, the Queen of Heart’s crown, and the Cheshire Cat’s mouth… Complete with fading lights! Their collaboration awarded them in the top three of the contestants!


From our styled shoots, client requests and even for our own personal orders… We just love Stacey! These are the perfect cookie to satisfy your “sweet tooth!”

47a6d624b3127cce9854a9f182c700000030102AYtGThu3bN9 47a6d624b3127cce9854a9fe03f800000030102AYtGThu3bN9

Fairy Godmother Marissa used The Cookie Monger for her husband’s birthday… How fun are these personalized cookies?!


We appreciate Stacey’s constant support and willingness to join in on our creative endeavors!

Stacey was an active partner in our Cinderella inspired styled photoshoot. Her amazing skill and attention to detail proved to add a sugary twist on a royal fairytale.

__J_Michelle_Photography_21of1734_low __J_Michelle_Photography_21of1735_low __J_Michelle_Photography_21of1728_low __J_Michelle_Photography_21of1736_low __J_Michelle_Photography_21of1802_low

As featured on SanDiegoWedding photos by J. Michelle Photography

On behalf of the Fairy Godmother family, we thank you Stacey “The Cookie Monger” for all you do, continue to do, and have done for us!

Sugar Fest Bakersfield – Magical Monday

Happy “Magical Monday!”

Things have been “sweet” here in Fairy Land, we are so happy to share about

Bakersfield’s First Annual Sugar Fest!



Sugar Fest is a local “Sweets Showcase” that benefits the local schools here in our area!

April Massirio had an idea, and we won’t sugar coat this one! With an idea and the perfect measurement of inspiration, a collaboration of delicious ideas was born! An idea this big needed a partner, with the help of her friend Hillary Haenes Sugar Fest was born!

13906739_1132000036839403_1960953074538574596_n 47a6d626b3127cce9854a9ec328200000030102AYtGThu3bN9


From start to finish, this was a very “paws” on project! Hillary’s sidekick was sure to save the day.


The Fairy Godmother team was an active part of the “Sugar Squad” and helped sponsor this “sweet” event!

Cookie decorating to ticket sales, we love it all!

47a6d626b3127cce9854a9c232ac00000030102AYtGThu3bN9 47a6d626b3127cce9854a9c5b39b00000030102AYtGThu3bN9 47a6d624b3127cce9854a9fc03fa00000030102AYtGThu3bN9



Sugar Fest would not be complete without a real life Strawberry Shortcake!

Miss Strawberry Shortcake was around the event to greet guests and got as many photos at the Photo Booth as possible!

Fairy Godmother Colleen was sure to share in some of this sweetness!

47a6d626b3127cce9854a9c7b39900000030102AYtGThu3bN9 47a6d626b3127cce9854a9c432aa00000030102AYtGThu3bN9

We love seeing our “friendors” out and about!

Here we have Peter Wonderly who provided the music for the day.


Tastries Bakery had a few fabulous tables at Sugar Fest!

47a6d626b3127cce9854a9c1b39f00000030102AYtGThu3bN9 47a6d626b3127cce9854a9dbb38500000030102AYtGThu3bN9 47a6d626b3127cce9854a9c032ae00000030102AYtGThu3bN9

Gimme Some Sugar with their Kate Spade inspired table!


13886456_1132000060172734_6439483393773815025_n 47a6d626b3127cce9854a9e3b3bd00000030102AYtGThu3bN9 47a6d624b3127cce9854a909823f00000010102AYtGThu3bN9

Stephanie is always out being a little helper, of course!


Bakersfield Mayoral Candidate Karen Goh was able to satisfy her sweet tooth at Sugar Fest!


Fairy Godmother teamed up with Staci from The Cookie Monger and together they put an Alice in Wonderland inspired table together for the event, appropriately titled “Down The Rabbit Hole.”

Wafer paper, giant cookies, and fairy dust… Awarded in the top 3!

47a6d626b3127cce9854a9e7b3b900000030102AYtGThu3bN9 47a6d626b3127cce9854a9f9b3a700000030102AYtGThu3bN9

The Padre Hotel joined the fun and had an artistically delicious table!




GhilaDolci Bakery was sure to turn heads with their yummy treats!


You know the Fairy Godmother crew loves to have a little fun!

Cheshire Cat, cookie crowns and donuts, oh my! The Cookie Monger nailed it with these awesome cookies!


47a6d626b3127cce9854a9e6328800000030102AYtGThu3bN9 47a6d626b3127cce9854a9c3b39d00000030102AYtGThu3bN9

Danny Morrison from Bakersfield’s very own Hits 94.1 was also sure to include the younger crowd in on the fun!

47a6d626b3127cce9854a9d432ba00000030102AYtGThu3bN9 47a6d626b3127cce9854a9d7b38900000030102AYtGThu3bN9

Fairy Godmother would not be where it is today without the help and love of our friends! We are so honored to have avid followers who show up to events just to see us, if you ever see a Fairy out and about, never hesitate to say “Hello!”

Alicia came out to Sugar Fest to show her support!


If you need help planning your next event, contact Fairy Godmother today!


The Westchester Downtown – Fairy Godmother Friendors

“Good friends are like the stars. We don’t always see them, but we know that they are there.”

We are fortunate enough to have a newer venue here in Downtown Bakersfield, The Westchester Hall!

Also known to many as “The W.”


Photo Source

With this new and elegant venue came a new friend, Becca! Becca quickly fit right in with the Fairy crew, her spunky and sassy personality was the perfect fit and it feels like we have known her forever and ever!


Becca is the Director of Events at The Westchester Hall. Utilizing her background and skill from the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising paired with The W’s immaculate inventory, Becca is able to help put on a fabulous event.


To set the stage on how dedicated Becca is, let us tell you a brief story… Fairy Godmother Colleen and Becca went down south to Los Angeles for a convention, in route home there was a horrible storm that ended up stranding the two! After many hours, Becca’s little car conquered holes, hills, and curbs to get them to the last available hotel room in the area! The two weathered the storm, becoming even closer of friends!


Always dressed to the “T” with a smile on her face, Becca is always eager to hear what wild idea the Fairy Godmother team has for her! Manzanita trees with hanging crystals? Got it! Photo Booth props? She has those, too! Becca loves weddings, she says “Seeing two people in love, surrounded by people they love” is her favorite part!


Just to set the stage as to what kind of person Becca is, with a broken ankle in a boot and all… And on crutches… She still came out to support the Fairy Godmother family in a high heel! This girl has serious dedication!


Becca, on behalf of the Fairy Godmother team, we would love to thank you for your

continued support and love for all magic we do!

Wedding Planner Wedding Planning – Wedding Wednesday

It’s “Wedding Wednesday” again in Fairy Land!

For those who haven’t been following, let us catch you up on what our fellow Fairy Godmother Reagan has been up to!

Alongside their very own Fairy Godmother Colleen, Max and Reagan have been hard at work planning their dream wedding, but while they do we are going to cover some ground on how they began their process!


Mariel Hannah Photography

If you recall back to our previous “Wedding Wednesday” series timeline, we will break down the perfect timing for the entire progression and bring you to the point we are at now.


Mariel Hannah Photography

While Reagan has had her dream wedding planned for many years, there are a few details she couldn’t have done in advance! (Max got to help, too! We promise!)


Mariel Hannah Photography

Choosing a wedding date was no simple task, after all, it is forever! When they chose their venue and the “ethereal” feel of their wedding, March was simply a given! Luscious greens, comfortable temperatures, and how about in season florals?!


Via Reagan’s Inspiration Board

After having chosen Stockdale Country Club as their wedding ceremony and reception site, a beautiful wedding dress, and a date… Next up were engagement photos!


Stockade Country Club

As you have seen, Mariel Hannah did a phenomenal job of capturing the love between Reagan and Max along California’s Central Coast. Engagement photos are one of the ways that you “test out” your wedding day photographer. Getting a feel for what you want and your style is imperative to the process!


Mariel Hannah Photography

Now that you are up to speed, stay tuned for next week as we get back to “Wedding Planner Wedding Planning.” If you are interested in having your very own Fairy Godmother, contact us today!