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Matinae Design Studio – Fairy Godmother Friendor

“Some souls just understand each other upon meeting.”                                                                                                    – N.R. Hart

This week’s special “friendor” has left an everlasting “print” on our hearts.

Jenae, owner of Matinae Design Studio, takes all of our “fairy” wild ideas and runs with them! From menus and place cards, to invitations and party favors, Matinae will do it all!


Jenae first launched Matinae Design Studio in June 2009, after years of freelance work, she set forth on her new adventure… A full-time owner position in paper products! Her hardwork and dedication to her craft are reflected in her products, did we mention that they’re always amazing?

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Kelli’s Keepsake Photography



While Jenae is one of our local vendors here in Bakersfield, she is known worldwide! How cool is that??

Jenae has built a solid foundation for Matinae based on her unique and personalized design for each client.

No two products are ever the same when Matinae is in charge!

47a5cf25b3127cce98548f00bafd00000030102aytgthu3bn9 47a6da05b3127cce98549d3bd93d00000030102aytgthu3bn9 47a5cf25b3127cce98548feaba1700000030102aytgthu3bn9 47a6d739b3127cce9854ad1c39a400000030102aytgthu3bn9 47a6d735b3127cce9854aceb5f8a00000030112aytgthu3bn9

While Jenae is doing what she loves, she gives it much credit for reconnecting her to old friends, old classmates, and not to mention the clients who have turned friends and vice versa. Her client-vendor communication is astounding!

Jenae is always able to adhere to an idea with sometimes just a few details.


Boone & Stacie Weddings

13731513_1227273250640614_4990812984694136753_n 47a6dc27b3127cce98548d1850b400000030102aytgthu3bn9 47a3ce26b3127cce98548b6d0aca00000030102aytgthu3bn9

From the bottom of our “Fairy” big hearts, the Fairy Godmother team thanks you Jenae! Thank you for taking all of our wild ideas, with just a hunch, and creating something larger than we could have ever imagined! From thank you tags, to event decor and invitations all the way to oversized maps… Matinae Designs is sure to satisfy our clients!

Wedding Paper Divas Unexpected Wedding Themes – Wedding Wednesday

Your wedding day is something that you will never forget. As you may know, planning a wedding is no simple feat and that is where our Fairy Godmother magic comes in! The Fairy Godmother team wants to help you plan your big day from start to finish, leaving no idea stone left unturned!


Before you even get to pick a venue or date, you may find yourself toying with the ideas of color schemes and maybe even a wedding theme! Some modern weddings have taken a more untraditional approach, modeling their special day after some of their favorite things! Whether it be a movie, comic book, or just a special character… All things are possible!


Photo by Left Coast By Design


Photo by Left Coast By Design


Photo by CJ Hopper Photography

Maybe a different approach is what you desire, but if need a little more help trying to figure out just what exactly you want your vision to be we have just the place for you! Wedding Paper Divas has recently compiled a list of wedding theme ideas that you may find some helpful inspiration.


Photo by J.Michelle Photography


Photo by Boone & Stacie Weddings


Photo by Patrick Ang Photography

We are so thankful to be in this “happy business” where things are ever-changing and we are forever learning! Not to mention how lucky we are to work in an industry where professionals and amateurs can collaborate together to share ideas, get inspiration, and work their way through any hiccups with the help of others! Thank you Wedding Paper Divas for your inspiration tools for future couples!

Wedding MBA Fairy Dust – Magical Monday

The wedding industry is a tough business! Did you know that less than a fraction of the wedding planners actually make it?

That’s why we take every opportunity to further our education in this “happy business!”

Last year, the Fairies of Fairy Godmother dusted off their fairy wings and headed out for Las Vegas, NV!

11863411_1047723475262260_8074851700753945121_n 14433134_10209446882462364_5658793328875595375_n 14358707_10209446969784547_6700560427076461245_n

Sometimes the most obvious things appear in your life, I mean… We have photo evidence! By the way, have you heard about our job title yet?



The wedding industry is ever-changing and we are forever learning!

With each event proving to be a new experience, there are no two events that are ever the same!




To stay up on the latest trends, in the loop on current marketing strategies, and find ways to better our workloads we have been privileged enough to join Wedding MBA, also known as the Wedding Merchants Business Academy.

14355708_10154041920912807_1239523875245070425_n 12019756_1047874375247170_8389608478250383018_n


With information flowing from all directions, the Fairies got to listen to the seminars given by the best of speakers, including but not limited to Brit Bertino, designer of the Totty Belt! She is a designer, event producer, industry speaker and mentor!

12047204_1049442705090337_3736480376569264379_n 12038420_1048724965162111_8588878892604217886_n fullsizerender

While it is like going to school, there is a difference in attending the WMBA… It DOES include fun and games!

14433165_10209446894302660_6077862075001251445_n 14457455_10209446893462639_5685992453232411169_n 14390725_10209446892742621_5775059796980471189_n

Of course, no event would be the same if there wasn’t any mingling!

The Fairies got to browse all the booths, and even came across their friends at Be Inspired PR!



14448920_10209446954144156_3465930747341233704_n 14440913_10209446966944476_4443366317055949206_n 12036724_1048822538485687_8636214216172128108_n

In case you were wondering, you should know that we didn’t leave until we left our mark on WMBA Las Vegas!


The Fairies couldn’t pass up a photo opportunity with the one and only, Timothy Chi! Timothy is the CEO of WeddingWire, one of the most trusted wedding sites! Talk about starstruck!


At the WMBA, there is an evening where all of the planners get together and let loose at a cocktail party!

This gaves the Fairy Godmothers a chance to break out their finest outfits and heels!

14344725_10209446907622993_6178738082593218207_n 14457301_10209446916663219_3076922384671304785_n 14364906_10209446917263234_4664984640020535024_n 14344851_10209446918223258_2984475211359602912_n 14359108_10209446921223333_7105338549957384423_n 14358766_10154041921027807_326281858483021274_n 14364915_10154041919767807_8438412825043189474_n

The Fairies were even greeted by these characters, can you say Vogue?


Sweet treats and glitter are two of our favorite things! We were so lucky to indulge on these cake pops!


Fairies have needs! Fairy Godmother Colleen adds whipped cream to her coffee, and ALL the Fairy Godmothers NEED their coffee!

Did we mention that the Fairies have a thing for chocolate, as well??

14441166_10209446883622393_8775628953086093641_n 14446182_10209446957704245_481477812745804766_n

After departing the 2015 WMBA conference, we could only get geared up and ready for the next year!

We are gearing up to return to Las Vegas, this will be our third year in attendance!


Paradise Balloon Design – Fairy Godmother Friendor

“Nobody can be uncheered with a balloon!”                                                                                                                              – Winnie the Pooh

This week, we are sharing about one of our more “uplifting” Fairy Godmother “friendors.” Keeping spirits high with, and without, a string happens to be her specialty! Lora Lee of Paradise Balloon Designs!


Lora Lee first started her balloon creations in 1984 when she opened Paradise Balloon Designs. With over 20 years experience, she and her team of balloon artists can take any idea, dream or theme and turn it into an inflatable reality! No matter the request, Lora Lee is able to bring ideas to life, no project too small for Paradise Balloon Designs! Elephant themed? Check. Retro 60’s theme? Check. Country Western birthday-baby shower combo? Double check!

13516600_1285781621439771_3415959501370207832_n 12191073_1123133907704544_5686852055551237774_n 47a6dc02b3127cce985480b1fbf100000030112aytgthu3bn9

Lora Lee has brought ideas to life ranging from small centerpieces to full “blown” giant archways! She has even mastered the art of event lighting and pool arrangements through the art of balloon creation!

12188995_1123133934371208_5314335792368091045_n 14021592_1251707921530480_348269669581757595_n 14053928_1255583271142945_8292426434329713862_o 1897824_1123133951037873_7175151018534568395_n 11215504_1123133927704542_6320411004564252567_n

Since the Paradise team sets up many of their balloon arrangements on site, precision is a must! We can safely say that there has never come a time where Lora Lee and her team have been behind or been unable to work their magic, making them one of our most reliable vendors!

13417521_1278738845477382_7307650927893299845_n 14141681_1259388497429089_949499930196377088_n

The Hair Family has used Paradise for all their balloon needs and Lora Lee has exceeded any expectations!

10389251_908378099180127_1583825966287430184_n 1477363_693323577352248_1800352300_n

Lora Lee, the Fairy Godmother family thanks you for your constant encouragement and friendship! Not to mention the countless hours, and balloons, spent making our dreams come true and our clients happy. We also thank you for always taking our ideas and creating something much larger than we could’ve ever thought possible!


It’s A Wonderful Life 70th Birthday – Magical Monday

“I know what I’m gonna do tomorrow, and the next day, and the next year, and the year after that.”                                                                                                                           -George Bailey

 When Joanne began planning her husband’s 70th birthday party, she knew one thing for certain- that his favorite movie was “It’s a Wonderful Life!”


Joanne had planned and hosted many parties in the past, but this year she wanted something a little more relaxing on her end. With wanting to enjoy the party, Joanne inquired with Fairy Godmother and Fairy Godmother Reagan was more than excited to meet with and plan for Jim’s party!


The movie made it’s original debut in 1946, a time of glory and class! Conveniently, the same year that our guest of honor, Jim, was born! With a little Fairy Godmother magic, a movie night was in the works!


While keeping a steady focus on Jim’s favorite movie, there were a few other details that Joanne really desired to incorporate. Joanne wanted to use a color theme with black and gold, giving the vintage feel and a timeless appeal! Fairy Godmother Reagan knew just who to call for this perfect table backdrop, Nanette with Custom Creations!

47a6d739b3127cce9854ad93b81b00000030112aytgthu3bn9 47a6d735b3127cce9854ace95f8800000030112aytgthu3bn9

With an intimate crowd of about thirty people, Jim wanted to be sure that his guests were able to share in more than just a few of his favorite things. Dinner without dessert is just torture! As always, NV Catering was sure to dish up their finest dishes, to be followed by delicious snacks!


These indulgences included root beer floats, a fully stocked candy bar, and a popcorn station complete with sweet and salty popcorn toppings!

47a6d739b3127cce9854ad90392800000030112aytgthu3bn9 47a6d735b3127cce9854acdade8b00000030102aytgthu3bn9 47a6d739b3127cce9854ad98392000000030102aytgthu3bn9 47a6d739b3127cce9854ad9e392600000030112aytgthu3bn9

No birthday party is complete without cake! And to make it even better, there were cupcakes, too! When it came to choosing a bakery, as luck would have it, Joanne and Jim both love the confections that Sweet Surrender has to offer. In case you hadn’t guessed yet, Jim has quite the sweet tooth!

47a6d739b3127cce9854ad9fb81700000030112aytgthu3bn9 47a6d735b3127cce9854aceb5f8a00000030112aytgthu3bn9

FunFlicks Bakersfield brought in the finishing touch! Under the cool, Summer moon Jim and his guests were able to enjoy their sweet treats while watching “It’s a Wonderful Life.”


Varner family, from the bottom of our “fairy” big hearts, we thank you for trusting us and letting us plan and coordinate such a special day for you! Oh, what a wonderful life it is!


Apricot Lane Bakersfield – Fairy Godmother Friendor

“It’s all about good friends and good shopping!”

This week, we are taking a turn off the beaten path and sharing about one of our very dear “friendors” who doubles as a Fairy Godmother bride!

View More:

Photo by Makenzie Photography

Tami, owner of Apricot Lane Bakersfield, got her first taste of the Fairy Godmother company when she held her store’s 4 year anniversary event! The Fairy Godmother team stepped in to design and coordinate the event. Guests were greeted with bubbly champagne and shopping discounts in a festive atmosphere.


View More:

Photo by Makenzie Photography


Bringing that “Fairytale Feeling” to all that we do, this anniversary party was no exception! Desserts and decor, what would be better?!


Photo by Evermoore Films


Photo by Evermoore Films

The friendship that began as a client’s open house for her store, turned co-team styled photoshoots that doubled as Apricot Lane marketing and wedding industry inspiration (as you may have seen on Bakersfield billboards), has blossomed into quite the partnership!


Photo by Evermoore Films

14292402_1164182163621190_5614880194842732703_n 14322557_1164181446954595_7963711376466960061_n

View More:

Photo by Makenzie Photography

 When Eli, Tami’s now husband, popped the question- Tami knew just who to call!

Fairy Godmother Colleen loaded up her bags and fluttered her fairy wings all the way down to the San Diego harbor, Tom Ham’s Lighthouse to be exact! The lighthouse was home to so much history and fun things to see, inside and out!


47a6d734b3127cce9854acb5476000000030112aytgthu3bn9 47a6d734b3127cce9854acb4c65100000030112aytgthu3bn9 47a6d734b3127cce9854acb6c65300000030102aytgthu3bn9

Here is where past Fairy Godmother Yessi re-joined the team and assisted Colleen in spreading her magic for Eli and Tami.


This beautiful arch set the scene for our Fairy Godmother couple as they said their vows to each other.


Rehearsal for the big day was an absolute success! Both of Tami’s parents walked her down the aisle to the man of her dreams!



Fairy Godmother Colleen with Eli’s mother, having your parents and your Fairy Godmother together… What a treat!


Overlooking the San Diego harbor, Eli and Tami’s closest loved ones gathered to watch the two tie the knot! The love that filled the bay that day was overwhelming, with their families at their sides it is easy to say that it was one of the most perfect days!

47a6d734b3127cce9854acb9476c00000030112aytgthu3bn9 47a6d734b3127cce9854acbac65f00000030112aytgthu3bn9 47a6d734b3127cce9854acab477e00000030102aytgthu3bn9 47a6d734b3127cce9854acbd476800000030112aytgthu3bn9 47a6d734b3127cce9854acbcc65900000030102aytgthu3bn9

The reception overlooked the San Diego harbor, dinner with a view does not get much better than watching the sun set over the water!

47a6d734b3127cce9854acc1471400000030102aytgthu3bn9 47a6d734b3127cce9854accac62f00000030102aytgthu3bn9 47a6d734b3127cce9854acc9471c00000030102aytgthu3bn9

Who wouldn’t want to celebrate their favorite newly wed couple with gorgeous views of the harbor’s boats!



Tami had the most gorgeous bouquet, full of greenery and natural tones.


What wedding would be complete without a sweets table? Tami and Eli wanted to be sure that their guests satisfied their sweet tooth!



Whether it be an anniversary or a destination wedding, you can count on your Fairy Godmother being there! The Fairy Godmother team is so thankful to have been a part of Tami and Eli’s big day, and are forever thankful of the fabulous friendship that is ever-growing!



Fairy Godmother Foundation Bookmark Donation – Magical Monday

“A dream is a wish your heart makes!” – Cinderella

Wedding planning is a time where you get to think of EVERYTHING imaginable to make your big day truly magical, but what is something that you can give guests as a wedding favor that gives back to those in need?


Don’t fret, Fairy Godmother has thought of it all! With a team and board (not all pictured) as amazing as ours, it is no surprise that we are constantly finding new ways to help those who need it most! Something as simple as a bookmark allows for a newlywed couple to not only give a takeaway item to their guests, but this purchase is also a donation to the Fairy Godmother Foundation.

10505500_1686151904957413_6665391393663716627_n  13450062_1749299811975955_5160495187340912391_n

The Fairy Godmother Foundation is a non-profit charity that collaborates with local “friendors” to come together and provide a beautiful wedding to a deserving couple facing life altering circumstances. Most often, these circumstances are the reason a wedding has been put on hold, and without the help of the Fairy Godmother Foundation, would not be possible.


14316982_1160752060630867_3510188207230986272_n 14292490_1160751660630907_180262303896492782_n

These bookmarks give a little insight to what the Fairy Godmother Foundation is all about, this can be given in place of a favor. The bookmarks end with a personal touch featuring their names and wedding date, if chosen.


This bookmark is a meaningful token of appreciation for celebrating a new couple! A donation in lieu of a favor, that may have been otherwise thrown away, is made in guests’ honor to help a deserving couple. The best part is that anyone can order these! A minimum donation is $200 for 150 bookmarks and for $250 for 200 and they can be ordered simply by emailing Fairy Godmother Colleen at!


Other donation favor items have included Christmas ornaments! Every tree needs a little magic!


 Our first Fairy Godmother Foundation couple were Kurt and Blanca. Kurt was facing terminal cancer and their wedding had been postponed due to his treatments and illness. That’s when the Fairy Godmother Foundation took the reigns and the magic began! A wonderful team of vendors and volunteers came together and planned a beautiful wedding. It also holds a very special place in our “Fairy” big hearts as our own Fairy Angel Pam was their lead decor designer.

13567044_1755412331364703_2915083198724243599_n 13502116_1755487994690470_2561529739267986475_n


Our second Fairy Godmother Foundation couple were Robert and Rachel. Their son, Issac, has an inoperable brain tumor that caused Robert and Rachel to shelve their wedding plans. Robert and Rachel were a dream to work with. Not only was Rachel being the best mom to her boys, being an amazing fiancé AND planning a wedding, but she was also finishing classes for her Masters degree!


Photo by C & B Photography


Photo by C & B Photography

Our very own Fairy Godmother Colleen with Issac. As we all know, being the best man in a wedding is a pretty big deal!


We also would like to thank our local news outlets who allow us to spread the magic throughout Bakersfield, and beyond!

14344212_1160751523964254_6117861053034365328_n 14232996_1160750983964308_4035573891582354277_n

Neither of these weddings would have been possible without the continued support from our community. Through the attendance of our many fundraisers, generous donations and volunteering we have helped make dreams come true!


GhilaDoci Bakery – Fairy Godmother Friendors

“You’re the friend everyone wishes they had!”

This week, we are sharing the love we have for our dear “friendor” Courtney of GhilaDoci Bakery!


GhilaDoci Bakery was a dream come true for Courtney after getting her degree in business economics, and after attending Le Cordon Bleu in Southern California. Growing up in an Italian family meant that cooking and baking were in Courtney’s blood! She helped her Mom and Nonna create yummy treats like biscotti and pies, which aided in her great love for food!


Courtney first caught the eye of Fairy Godmother Colleen in 2013 at a wedding she was coordinating. The Fairies have a keene eye for detail, so you know that we thought she was THAT good!



As life goes, time went on and the friendship grew from deep within the frosted sides of a delicious wedding cake. Fairy Godmother Colleen and Courtney became such great friends that Colleen even had the honor of being Courtney’s very own Fairy Godmother!


Photo by Jessica Frey Photography


Photo by Jessica Frey Photography

We are so honored to have been Courtney’s wedding planner and oh how fun it was! A gorgeous bride is worth flaunting, so here we are! Courtney and Jack are a splendid Fairy Godmother couple that we hold dear to our hearts, and it only gets better that she is one of our preferred Fairy Godmother “friendors!”


Photo by Jessica Frey Photography


Photo by Jessica Frey Photography

On the professional side, Courtney has won the hearts of our Fairy Godmother team. Fairy Godmother Reagan says “Courtney is so sweet and thoughtful of others! She will be doing my wedding cake in March and has answered my 70+ emails with patience! She is a very talented lovely lady.”

Fairy Godmother Marissa has only good things to say about Courtney! “I can truly say that she is always so sincere and professional. She is a busy lady, but oh so talented!”


Our love for GhilaDoci Bakery runs deep, these are just some of the delicious creations that have found their way into Fairy Land.

Fairy Godmother Cassandra ordered a custom creation that leaned a bit more towards the wild side… Who would have thought that deer and oil would come together for such a yummy treat!


Elegance at it’s finest, this 50th anniversary cake had a tale all it’s own! After all, they do say “less is more!” While maintaining a simple theme with a pop of color, this cake was just as delectable as it was beautiful!


It is such an honor to have a “friendor” that prepares all of their treats from scratch! Courtney takes great pride in her reputation that was built on her handmade treats created from the finest of ingredients. On behalf of Fairy Godmother, we thank you for your delicious confections and forever friendship!

Don Draper Meets Gatsby Wedding – Magical Monday

It was a very busy weekend here in Fairy Land. Just this last Sunday, after years together, Bailey and Thomas finally tied the knot with their Fairy Godfather by their side!

When the planning first began, Bailey had so many ideas from her past experience with the Fairy Godmother Company! While they did want a traditional wedding, they also wanted to be sure to add their very own personal touches to make their big day unique to their personalities and interests. So they did just that!


Merging the ideas and creative outlets of Don Draper and the classic theme of Gatsby, adding in some geometric shapes and accents, this wedding surely came together to appease their creative desires.


Bailey being a very hands on bride delved into many “DIY” projects, including but not limited to, painting yard decor flamingos and coloring pineapples to best fit their theme.

IMG_3201 IMG_3203

Vintage touches including holding a photograph of her grandmother on her wedding day in her bouquet, almost as close as she holds it to her heart.


Our groom, Thomas, enjoyed the day. While the bride is most often the center of attention, we want to remind everyone that the groom is just as important! Here, we caught Thomas having a silly moment during their first official photos as husband and wife!


Bailey and Thomas had the cutest flower girls, complete with their floral halos. But one other girl that Bailey holds near and dear to her heart is her dog, Maple. So it was no question that she would also be walking down the aisle.

IMG_3231 IMG_3232

It is a Fairy Godmother tradition for the bride to receive her very own Fairy Godmother hankie, to have just in case any happy tears may fall during the ceremony. Each Fairy Godmother, or Fairy Godfather, takes the time to write a special message to their bride, this is just one way that Fairy Godmother makes your day magical!


Sunday September 4, 2016 we were able to witness as two families came together to form one as we celebrated the marriage of the new, Mr. and Mrs. Freckleton!



With all eyes on them, Bailey and Thomas’ first dance was an absolute dream. The weather was perfect, and the ambiance of the entire wedding was encasing a beautiful moment that they would forever remember.


Throughout the entire planning process, such a strong bond is created between a bride and her Fairy Godmother, in this case Fairy Godfather. When it comes to wedding day, and all the pieces come together to create the ultimate vision, it’s the job of the Fairy to ensure that all of the “moving parts” as we call them, connect together smoothly. From hankies to bustles, the Fairies are there for you.


We leave a little touch of magic, wherever we go. We were so fortunate to have been there for Bailey and Thomas on their big day, and great thanks to all of those involved from Bailey’s parents, to the bridal party for all they did to make Bailey and Thomas’ big day a magical success!



If you are in need of your very own Fairy, contact Fairy Godmother today!

Left Coast By Design – Fairy Godmother Friendor

“Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another,

‘What! You too? I thought I was the only one.”

– C.S. Lewis

It is crucial to have a very special, and strong, bond with your photographer and that is just what we have with our dear “Friendor” Lindsey owner of Left Coast By Design.


Lindsey has been capturing special moments for many years, but after leaving the East coast for the “left” coast, Lindsey hit the ground running.


Aside from teaching photography at a local high school, Lindsey also opened Left Coast By Design. With over 12 years in the business, Lindsey is a licensed California lifestyle photographer!


In addition to being a full time teacher and business owner, Lindsey is also a full time mother to her mini me, Memphis! Talk about spunk, this kid has got it all! And the best part, he LOVES his mama and makes sure that everyone knows it! This kid!


Photo by Lauryn Marette

10613088_1573534946215660_2913375255262373423_n 10492462_1603926069843214_4752288772673865499_n

Not to mention her two four legged rescue dogs, Nashville (“Nash”) and Bella!

If only there were a unit of measurement to tell you just how big Lindsey’s heart is. This “hustlin’ mama” goes the distance with everything she does, and she does it well!


On top of all of these wonderful “jobs,” Lindsey also has founded and organized the Frontier High School “Phrontier Photo” organization. This allows for students to collaborate and aid each other as they grow with their talent while doing good in the community. Their motive is to help those in need, using art as a vehicle for change.


You may even see some Fairies posing as models for the Phrontier Photo students! I spy with my little eye…


Photo by Phrontier Photo via Left Coast By Design 

But the fun doesn’t stop there, she maintains some of the best relationships with her alumni! Some of which you may recognize from the Fairy Godmother family! Her first alumni was wedding planner and designer, Fairy Godmother Cassandra. Since graduation, Cassandra has become great friends with Lindsey, even used her skill and imagination to create Memphis’ 2nd Lorax themed birthday cake!


Another alumni that you may recognize from the Fairy Godmother family is Fairy Godfather TJ! From two years of photo class in high school, to her T.A. senior year, TJ still finds “Miss I” as an inspiration and mentor to all he does.


Outside of the classroom, Lindsey and “Left Coast By Design” have found their way into our Fairy hearts! The Fairy Godmother family is so “fairy” happy to have Lindsey as one of our trusted “friendors!”


Lindsey’s talents far surpass that of just any “normal” photographer, her imagination and passion make the wildest of dreams possible!


Photo by Left Coast By Design


Photo by Left Coast By Design

On behalf of the Fairy Godmother family, we thank you for your continued friendship and opportunity to grow alongside you in this “happy business” that we love oh so much!