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Forever Fairy Godmother – Fairy Godmother Friday

No two weddings are ever the same, and each bride and groom have their own unique interests and hobbies meaning that each wedding is unique and genuine to the couple, just as it should be!

The Fairy Godmother team of “Event Producers” works tirelessly to ensure a magical event for the client, and the fruits of their labor speak far beyond words could describe.

When Fairy Godmother first began over seven years ago, it’s success was purely based on that of “word of mouth” referrals. A foundation of excellence is where the first sprinkle of fairy dust took flight. We could tell you all about the perks to being a Fairy Godmother couple, but we would much rather some of our past brides to do that for us!

“Colleen was our Fairy Godmother for our Wedding 4/30/16 at Hathaway Ranch. She guided us throughout the wedding planning and vendor choosing process, recommending reliable and best value of vendors. Every wedding vendor we reached out to knows Colleen and comments on how great she is. I can’t imagine our wedding day without her and all the fairies that were there, making the day come together and letting us and our bridal party focus on getting ready and enjoying the day. I am a meticulous person and was very pleased with the timeline she created for the day and with the budget document where she kept track of every expense. We had such a wonderful wedding and highly recommend their services for any event! Thank you Fairy Godmother!”

Fairy Godmother with Bride Monica

Fairy Godmother Colleen with bride Monica at the breathtaking Hathaway Ranch! Photo by Valdophye Photography.

“Where do we begin,… There is not enough words in the dictionary to describe how amazing Fairy Godmother and Co. is. When my now Husband and I got engaged we met with Colleen, (which by the way is incredibly amazing) we sat down and discussed what we wanted our wedding to be, she developed ideas and made them a reality, contracting all the vendors and setting appointments. She was there from start to finish. We are extremely thankful we hired Colleen and her team of fairies. As we sit here and reminisce how sweet, supportive and awesome Colleen is along with the rest of Fairy Godmothers. Not only was this experience fun but it was well worth it. Colleen just so you know i will recommend everyone to you, and you will always have our business!!! We LOVE you, thank you for making our day go by smooth, it was perfect!!”

Fairy Godmother Colleen with Alex & Susie Vlahos

Fairy Godmother Colleen posing with Fairy Godmother couple Alex & Susie Vlahos! Photo by Left Coast By Design.

 “Planning a wedding can be stressful and crazy and exhausting, but with Cassandra by our side the whole way it was exactly the opposite. Cassandra and the other Fairy’s made me feel like I was the only bride in the world from the day we started planning to the day of our wedding. Cassandra took each of my dreams and ideas and turned them into a completely magical day. She was able to create the perfect day that represented both me and my groom seamlessly. It wasn’t just about the wedding for them, it was about helping two people celebrate the most magical day of their lives and begin a marriage. The Fairy Godmothers go above and beyond each step of the way. They make dreams come true.”

Fairy Godmother Cassandra Blake & Teri French Wedding

Fairy Godmother Cassandra with the new Mr. & Mrs. Blake French at the beautiful Santa Margarita Ranch! Photo by Shelli Renee Photography.

“Denise and her assistant helped keep everything rolling at my friends wedding. They were in contact with al the vendors and had a time line set up for them and the wedding party that was easy to follow. They were calm and moved people along so that the Bride didn’t have to become “Bridezilla” at her own wedding or at the people in the wedding party:) Highly recommend Denise EARLY she is amazing!!!!!! So many great ideas.”

Fairy Godmother Denise with bride Denee

Fairy Godmother bride Denee with her very own Fairy Godmother Denise!

“Where do I start?! There is way too much to be said about how Denise and Pam of “FG” saved my wedding day from certain disaster. Denise has been with us from the beginning, nudging us along when we needed it and supporting us and helping us where ever and whenever we called on her. They were so flexible with my insane work schedule, and endured listening to every frustration we had along the way (they even dealt with those frustrations head on!). They recommended WONDERFUL vendors for photography, videography and so much more. However….Where they really came through is at the wedding. When everything *no joke* that could go wrong actually went wrong – they handled it with both the force needed to get things done as well as the grace needed to do it in a way that was appropriate for a wedding.

Anyone who knew all that went on behind the “curtains” so to speak of my wedding knows that without them, my now husband and I would have ended up out in the rain lightning and cold with our guests, starving and mistreated. Unfortunately we were still pretty mistreated as we had a nightmare of a vendor for our venue locations and our catering. Calling them “rude” is putting it politely 🙂 Having a destination wedding comes with its own mess of problems – problems and crappy treatment from a vendor is the LAST thing any bride and her family and guests need on top of it. Just as I can’t put into words how amazing Denise and Pam were, I can’t put into words how awful the staff at our wedding/reception locations were (with very FEW exceptions). If you want to know the BIG thing that happened that they helped with, read on…

To start, thunderstorms were predicted as a possibility on my wedding day, and due to this, the management at this resort town..let’s call them “ELEPHANT” 😉 were supposed to have a plan B already prepared. This was not done – and of course it rained gallons! So, FG made sure all of my guests and other traveling vendors made it to the new location safely, and then made sure that the Plan B location was cleaned of all of its rat poop, dead bugs, and cafeteria furniture – other vendors such as the photographers helped out as well! All while Elephant’s staff just stood and watched! Also, they made sure that Plan B even happened in the first place because Elephant did not want to give up an additional location. My ceremony went of without a hitch and guests were then escorted to the reception location. In fact, during all of this, Denise and Pam made it go so smoothly, I had NO idea what had occurred until after the fact! (like the Elephant staff not helping one bit while Denise and Pam busted their butts doing Elephant’s job!)They made sure we stayed on schedule as much as possible, even though the change in location put us back and hour. While there were so many more things that could not have been possible without them, I cannot go on.

I promise that if you decide to use FG for your event or wedding, you will not regret it! You will think “how would we have ever done this without them?!” Because seriously – without exaggeration – I don’t think I would have had a wedding without them.”

Fairy Godmother Denise & Fairy Godmother Pam

Fairy Godmother couple Emily & Jarred with their Fairy Godmothers Denise & Pam in Mammoth! Photo by Misty Dameron Photography.

Fairy Godmother Couple Emily & Jarred

Fairy Godmother Couple Emily & Jarred. Photo by Misty Dameron Photography.

 While we love to tell everyone what we do, and why we do it, people always find comfort in testimonials of past clients. There is comfort knowing that there is someone out there who was feeling just as you are, or going through the same scenario that you may be facing.

Your wedding day is a once in a lifetime opportunity, you don’t want to spend countless nights trying to plan everything on your own, and that is why we are here to help! Contact Fairy Godmother today to start planning your magical day, we can’t wait to share our fairy dust!

Our Favorite Things – Magical Monday

“Rain drops on roses and whiskers on kittens…”

These are a few of our favorite things!

To kick off December, the Hair boys hosted their annual combo birthday bash, this year’s theme was coined after, you guessed it, a few of their favorite things!

Fairy Godmother has had the upmost pleasure of being the chosen event planners for the Hair family for over 7 years now!

Watching David and Serena’s three boys grow up has been such an indescribable joy, but even more so to watch them grow as their interests grow and shift.

Favorite Things Hair Family

The Hair family photographed by Theresa Wooner Photography.

Favorite Things Hair Boys Birthday

Three of our favorite clients! Photo by Theresa Wooner Photography

 David, Corbin and Parker let their fairies in on some of their favorite things and the magic began!

Combining Super Mario, Star Wars and tennis may seem like a challenge, but leave it to the Fairy Godmothers to create a seamlessly magical event. Incorporating the boy’s interests into centerpieces was just the start of the fun, and what better way to wrap it all together than in brown paper packages tied up with string??

Balloon designs by Paradise Balloon Designs scattered around the party area were the perfect added touch on this outdoor event. We are fortunate enough to have such talented “friendors,” like LoraLee, who are able to make our dreams and ideas come to life!

Favorite Things Super Mario by Paradise Balloon Designs

Paradise Balloon Designs. Photo by Theresa Wooner Photography

Tennis Balloons by Paradise Balloon Designs

Paradise Balloon Designs. Photo by Theresa Wooner Photography

Star Wars Balloon Designs by Paradise Balloon Designs

Paradise Balloon Designs. Photo by Theresa Wooner Photography

Bounce houses, tennis lessons with a Stockdale Country Club tennis professional and vintage video games were just a few of the scheduled events for the sunny December afternoon.

Guests of all calibers were able to join in the tennis fun as the Stockdale Country Club’s tennis pro gave lessons and taught the guests all the cool moves and fun techniques! A fun twist on getting party goers to be active and learn something new!

 What is a birthday part without cake?! Magnificently delicious cakes and goodies made by Gimme Some Sugar illustrated each of the boy’s interests perfectly! Tennis, Super Mario and Chewbacca made fabulously tasty artwork.

It is always the greatest pleasure to be your Fairy Godmother, Serena! Your family is picture perfect and we are so happy to be your chosen event planner year after year. We love that you trust Fairy Godmother to let our creativity run free to create your magical event!

Fairy Godmother Favorite Things Event Producers

The Fairy Godmother team loved getting into character! Backdrop by Custom Creations. Photo by Theresa Wooner Photography

Why Fairy Godmother? – Fairy Godmother Friday

Have you ever found yourself wondering what a wedding planner does beyond the actual wedding planning?

No two planners are the same, and we want to share what makes us special!

Fairy Godmother Denise

Every bride should feel like an absolute princess on her wedding day, and let’s not forget the groom. Hence why every bride should have their very own Fairy Godmother!

One of the best parts of having a Fairy Godmother by your side, from start to finish, is that we have done this a time or two before…

We understand that things happen, and we have found ways to prevent them and to fix them!

Fairy Godmother Cassandra holding umbrella for bride during wedding procession

Rain or shine, Fairy Godmothers never rest! Photo by Boone & Stacie Weddings

Another quality of excellence that the Fairies of Fairy Godmother pride themselves on is their total dedication to the client.

Fairy Godmother Colleen

On wedding days we are tending to not only the bride from the moment she gets her hair and makeup done, but to the vendors as they arrive and the delightful guests as they arrive needing direction.

Fairy Godmother Denise

Fairy Godmother has your magical day, handled!

Fairy Godmother Colleen

Photo by Artisan Photography

Our attention to our clients is not our only pride and joy, but also for our dedication to the industry. All of us at Fairy Godmother are constantly learning and educating ourselves, allowing for us to not only be experienced professionals, but to be trusted and expert professionals!

While we believe that every couple deserves their very own Fairy Godmother, we think there is power in numbers! Every event, wedding or corporate party, has at least two Fairy Godmothers in attendance to aid for whenever and wherever the need arises.

Fairy Godmother Cassandra

Attention to detail, expertise and peace of mind are all common client testimonials as to why they chose Fairy Godmother.

Fairy Godfather TJ

We are happy to say, and credit, the substantial growth of Fairy Godmother is majorly due to word of mouth referrals from our past clients and their families.

We cannot thank our friends, families, friendors, and clients for the success that Fairy Godmother has experienced in the last 7 years. We are so grateful for you!

Fairy Godmother


A “Fairy” Merry Christmas – Magical Monday

From all of us Event Producers here at Fairy Godmother A Wedding and Event Company, we would love to wish you a “fairy” Merry Christmas!!

As 2016 comes to a close, Fairy Godmother wants to send our seasons greetings to all of our fairy followers!

A very special Merry Christmas to our couples who are celebrating their very first Christmas together as husband and wife, and for many more ahead!

Not to forget those who are celebrating two, five, ten, and fifty Christmases together!

We are so fortunate to share in the magical moments that mark the beginning of so many memories to come for couples!

Weddings are the start to anniversaries, birthdays, babies and holidays.

We are wishing only the best for our future clients and event clients in the new year.

2017 is going to be the best year, yet!

As wedding and event planners, we get to see it all. We want to be sure that every client knows that each and every one of them is unique in their own ways.

While Makenzie captured these Christmas card photos for us, we knew that she would be able to photograph each of our very own unique personalities.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for a fabulously magical year here at Fairy Godmother! We never could have done it without you, and we are forever thankful for all of the continued support we constantly receive from our clients, “friendors” and family!

Traditional Twist – Fairy Godmother Friday

Each wedding, or event, is unique in its very own way. Just how unique is up to the creative genius of the couple!

A wedding is not only a special day to honor the couple as newlyweds, but to honor their likes, interests and hobbies! In order to make them a little more personal, with modern touches, we have some advice to share.

Cinderella Love Story Fairy Godmother Co.

Royal scroll wedding invitation for a traditional twist. Photo by J.Michelle Photography invitation by Matinae Design Studio.

“Let them eat cake!”

We love sweets, and we sure hope that you do too!

There is no outline for what your wedding cake has to look like. If you aren’t into cake, you can even do something different! This is YOUR big day, serve what YOU like!

If you are looking to put your own unique touch on your delectable delight, we want to share some inspiration from past events that satisfied our creative mind and our sweet tooth!

Maria & Ryan Fairy Godmother Wedding

A spooky and divine Halloween themed wedding cake!

Lauren & Ryan Fairy Godmother Wedding

Lauren & Ryan’s yummy donut cake. Photo by Boone & Stacie Weddings

Now that you have seen how much creative freedom you have with your cake, how you cut the cake is up to you! The groom is to place his hand over the bride’s, and cutting through the cake to the bottom layer symbolizes their commitment to unity.

Tradition has it that the larger the knife, the stronger the marriage will be. We have a Fairy Godmother couple that made sure they confirmed a strong marriage by using a large sword to cut their cake, how awesome!

 Not sure how to keep guests entertained during the downtime of your big day? Don’t you worry, we have an idea for that, too! It is best to take as many photos with your wedding photographer before ceremony as possible to cut down on time between ceremony and reception, but we know that life happens!

One Fairy Godmother couple had a ferris wheel at their wedding, a fantastic idea that guests are still talking about!

The party does have to end when the music stops!

Many couples want to honor tradition, and we appreciate that. We also like challenging the expected! Opposed to saying “goodnight” to your bride and groom, how about a more festive way to bid them farewell as husband and wife??

Fairy Godmother couple Teri and Blake had a multi-colored glowstick exit. Allowing for guests to get up and have a fun time waving and being silly with their glowsticks before they went home.

Here at Fairy Godmother, we LOVE when our couples add their own personal flare to their wedding plans. Please let the Fairy Godmother family of “Event Producers” help you plan your big day and maximize your creative genius for your very own traditional twists, contact us today!

20th Street Cottage Christmas Open House – Magical Monday

To kick off December, the Fairy Godmother family celebrated at the 20th Street Cottage Christmas Open House!

20th Street Cottage Christmas Open House

Invitation designed by Matinae Design Studio.

This Open House was unlike anything that the cottage has previously hosted…

The introduction of a new roommate, the unveiling of a newly designed space, and delicious treats and warm cider called for one thing, a Christmas Open House!

20th Street Cottage Christmas Open House Pandols

Street view of the 20th Street Cottage by Boone & Stacie Weddings

The 20th Street Cottage is near and dear to the heart of Fairy Godmother. From the ground up, we have been at the cottage, meeting clients and friends in our office, brewing hot coffee in its kitchen, and celebrating in the yard… but after a few short years, it was time for some change at the 20th Street Cottage.

Coleen reached out to Jamie Urner of Jamie Urner Interior Design Studio, and she was to our rescue! Starting with just our front room and kitchen, Jamie gave life to a dream we didn’t even know we had.

Marvelous color palettes and gorgeous chandeliers were just the start of the 20th Street Cottage‘s makeover. Window coverings, new furniture pieces and artwork completed the look.

Magdalena of Magdalena Portraits debuted her new office as guests made their way through the cottage. Mingling and jingling was just some of the fun!

20th Street Cottage Christmas Open House Guests

Magdalena with a few 20th Street Cottage Christmas Open House guests! Photo by Boone & Stacie Weddings.

Guests were able to snap photos in front of our winter backdrop, complete with holiday Photo Booth props… So fun!

20th Street Cottage Christmas Open House Pandols

The ASM Family joined the fun, thank you to J.C. for playing his best Christmas collection!

20th Street Cottage Christmas Open House Pandols

Preferred clients Jack & Carolyn Pandol playing some “reindeer games!”

20th Street Cottage Christmas Open House Client

Past client Shannon and son Maverick with Fairy Godmother Colleen. Photo by Boone & Stacie Weddings.

20th Street Cottage Christmas Open House

The lovely ladies of Enchanted Bridal Boutique and Ami of Cherry Blossom florist!

The Fairy Godmother decor sent you straight into a winter wonderland upon entry! Our fabulous friends at Walker Lewis Rents brought in space heaters that allowed guests to stay out and enjoy each other’s company.

20th Street Cottage Christmas Open House 20th Street Cottage Christmas Open House 20th Street Cottage Christmas Open House

As if heaters weren’t enough to give you that warm and cozy backyard feel, the 20th Street Cottage now has it’s very own Italian lighting covering the event space!

20th Street Cottage Christmas Open House

Courtney of GhilaDolci Bakery had some sweet treats, all in Christmas theme, of course!

20th Street Cottage Christmas Open House Pandols

Here Courtney, owner of GhilaDolci Bakery, shared some of her yummy holiday treats with us standing in the falling snow!

20th Street Cottage Christmas Open House Pandols 20th Street Cottage Christmas Open House Pandols

What could be better than indulging in some warm cider and gingerbread cookies to kick off the Holiday season?!

How about a surprise chorus flashmob?!

Yep, you read that right!

The Bakersfield Blend Chorus, a chapter of the Sweet Adelines International, surprised guests by breaking out into song while mixed into the crowd. One by one, the chorus joined together before guests and sang only the most beautiful Christmas carols!

20th Street Cottage Christmas Open House Bakersfield Blend Chorus

Bakersfield Blend Chorus surprised guests with a flashmob of Christmas tunes!

 Fairy Godmother is proud to have called the 20th Street Cottage home, and even more proud now that it has been re-designed making it even more full of love and happiness!

20th Street Cottage Christmas Open House

The Fairy Godmother team of Event Producers showing their love! Photo by Boone & Stacie Weddings

Fairy Godmother would like to thank all of those who came out to show their support and to see our newly designed little cottage! Our friends, clients, and vendors all mean the world to us and we are forever thankful to have such special people like you!

If you would like to host your next event at the new 20th Street Cottage, contact us today!

Recycle, Repurpose, Reuse – Fairy Godmother Friday

Now that your wedding day has come and gone, and all those months of planning made for one of the best days of your life, what do you do with all of your wedding decor?!

We want to share a few ways for you to recycle, repurpose and reuse your wedding items!

Esperanza Wedding Decor

 Recycle: You spent months planning your big day, maybe even years! The last thing you want to do is just toss out all of those vintage mason jars that you spent time searching for. Or the hundreds of yards in burlap that you simply cannot bear to let go to waste.

Chances are, if it’s something that is valuable to you, someone else may be looking for the same thing! Believe it or not, there is a market for gently used wedding paraphernalia.

Even better, your wedding planner may have a stock of wedding items that is ever growing! Selling off your votives, unique decor and dishes may be the easiest way to relieve yourself of your post-wedding inventory.

Repurpose: Just because your wedding is over, doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to get rid of everything. Chalkboards that may have previously pointed guests towards your nuptials, or those cute little mini boards that identified your sweet treats are perfect at home, too!

Chalkboards are in! Forget the days of printing signs, we are in the times where D.I.Y. projects are flourishing and what gives you better pride than saying you did it yourself?!

Reuse: Think of why you chose specific items… Centerpieces entangled with chosen pieces of literature, cozy loveseat instead of chairs at the head table, and even backdrops can be reused!

Remove the books from that big post-wedding box and place them on bedside tables, bookshelves or anyways a little literary touch can be added. Backdrops make for that much needed touch on patios or entryways, have a little piece of your wedding all over! Take that once head table loveseat and put it in your living room, because why not??

Esperanza Sweethear Table by Austin Thomas Photography

Let Fairy Godmother help you plan and design your next event using recycled and vintage accents, contact us today!

Eager Helpers – Magical Monday

We all love and adore our families, but we all have those family members who want to be more than just guests at the wedding, and that’s okay!

We have found a few ways for you to keep your sanity and for them to stay busy, this way everybody wins!

 The best way to make sure that everyone is minding their own business, is to keep everyone busy. Frequent meetings are one of the best ways to keep everyone accountable.

By delegating small jobs combined with expectations which are plainly laid out on the table, there is little to no room for miscommunication, or misunderstanding.

Communication is key!

As a couple, you should be transparent with your wants and desires, especially for your wedding.

If you feel strongly about something, make sure you get it! It is your magical day, and of course always remember that you don’t have to share all the intimate details of your day, just enough will leave some surprises for your guests.

Matt & Stephanie by Left Coast By Design

Matt & Stephanie’s Memory Table. Photo by Jessica Fairchild Photography.

It is so important to always remember that these people who you think are trying to takeover, are doing it all out of love for you! They only want to help you as you make strides for the best day, ever!

If the financial investment is the reason for pleasing your “eager helpers,” as it so often is, be sure to respectfully let it be known why you may not be interested in doing something a certain way. This is YOUR day!

As the wedding planner, let your couple know that you are now able to be their designated “go-to” person, and that you are more than willing to run interception for your couple.

This means if your mother’s best friend’s sister has a question about your napkin choice, they are able to call your planner instead of stressing out our bride, or groom-to-be!

If you are in need of a Fairy Godmother to help plan and manage your day, contact us today to schedule a consultation for your magical event!

Event Producers – Fairy Godmother Friday

The Fairy Godmother team is more than what meets the eye…

It’s late night brainstorming sessions, constant communication, friendship, family, coffee (lots of coffee) and of course, fairy dust.

We avoid the term “coworkers” as we are more than that, we are a true “fairy family!”

As we take pride in our work and continuously strive to further our passion, we are progressively growing and we are so proud to say that we are now calling ourselves “Event Producers!”

It has been a while since we have taken the time to introduce ourselves, so let us tell you about the faces behind Fairy Godmother!

Fairy Godmother’s owner and founder, Fairy Godmother Colleen! We are so lucky to have Colleen as our mentor and friend, so many magical memories have been made thanks to Colleen pursuing a dream and a vision.

Lover of cupcakes, chocolate and caramel candy bars, adorner of Disneyland especially Cinderella! The cup is always half full, if not flowing over. A terrible cook and a great baker. Thankful for her husband and adores her son. Loves to shop and dressing up. True girly girl and hopeless romantic. Loves making new friends, but believes in old friends and new shoes! A complete perfectionist, and the calm in every storm. A firm believer that every girl deserves a fairy tale wedding, complete with a Fairy Godmother by her side!

Right along Colleen’s side as she built Fairy Godmother was Fairy Godmother Denise.

Half Basque by heritage, and an excellent cook! Lover of Border Collies and Sudoku puzzles. Doll collector, tap and jazz dancer. Clothes, bling, clothes, bling and more bling! “Get it done” type of girl, 24 year veteran in the banking industry before answering the passion of “event planning!” Getting dressed up is fun, but so is being comfy!

Fairy Godmother Cassandra

Crafter with a love for thrift shopping. Binge watches Friends and loves watching Sleeping Beauty. A million hobbies with a splash of coffee with cream and sugar. Loves to cook and bake, but especially for others! Pancakes for dinner and there’s always time for vegetables. The color yellow and holiday seasons are just a few of her favorite things. Shopping is done best when you get a bargain. Home decorating and event planning allow for brainstorming sessions, which are a must! “Lady Boss” who aspires to be a women’s advocate. A “go-getter” who believes that everything happens for a reason.

Fairy Godmother Janet

Marvelous baker and cook, and lover of Reese’s peanut butter cups. Forever thankful for my husband and children, absolutely love my grandchildren! Hattie, our four legged fur baby rules the roost. Getting things done and shopping are two strong loves! Played the violin in elementary and junior high school, and sang solo in high school honor choir. Family time at the beach is our sanctuary. Previously employed in the legal and catering fields and now event planning!

Fairy Godmother Marissa

Fueled by determination to make things happen. Dessert instead of dinner. Baseball season is the best season. Accessorize, always. Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead consume any extra time. Educated in Fashion and Interior Design. Special knack for finding what makes people “tick.” Secretly, not secretly, wish I was a mermaid. The Great Gatsby and fuzzy socks are pure genius, strength training and morning workouts are my favorite way to stay active. Decorating and home décor are a passion, but breakfast for dinner is a must. Always finding the beauty in the surrounding world.

Fairy Godfather TJ

Optimist who finds great joy in anything camouflage, with a side obsession of Disneyland. Family over everything, especially my nieces and nephew! Loathe cauliflower, but love Dewar’s Ice Milk. If missing, can most likely be found at Target. Dogs over cats, summer over winter. Comes from a long bloodline of hunters, and used to dance competitively. Hobbies include tennis, satisfying wanderlust desires, and not doing laundry. “It’s kind of fun to do the impossible.”

Now that you have met us, we would love to meet you!

Contact Fairy Godmother today for your consultation, we would love to hear about your event!