20th Street Cottage “Wendy’s Words Library” – Fairy Godmother Friday

A few years ago one of Fairy Godmother Colleen’s dear friends, Wendy Wayne, succumbed to non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. Though her life here may have ended, a legacy continued.

Wendy Wayne not only left an imprint on Colleen, but also those of many others!

Free Little Library

Two of Wendy’s most dear friends were trying to find a way for Wendy to live on after her death, and with the help of LittleFreeLibrary.org, they found the best way! Honoring a woman who was so much more than an advocate, but truly a soldier in her craft. She not only promoted education, but for everyone to be the best that they could possibly be in order to successfully fulfill their ultimate potential.

Wendy's Words Free Little Library

“Wendy’s Words” is a community outreach which seeks to gain a greater sense of community, while also fostering and promoting literacy and reading.

As you know, Fairy Godmother is always looking for ways to give back to the community that built such a successful (and fun) business for us! What better way than to give to the community, AND honor a legacy that we hold near and dear to our hearts?!

After a little push and inspiration from Fairy Godmother Cassandra, Colleen knew just what to do. She consulted the help of a woodworker who was able to craft and create an exact replica of our quaint little cottage to host our public library.

Sketch of Cottage Free Library

It all started with a sketch!

Building of the Cottage Free Library Building of the Cottage Free Library

The 20th Street Cottage now has an official “Free Little Library” right out front our bright red door on 20th Street!

20th Street Cottage Wendy's Words Free Little Library

Our cute little cottage, and our mini cottage library!

Not only has our little library been recognized by “Wendy’s Words,” it has also passed it’s ninety day process of being an official “Free Little Library!” Complete with plaques of approval by both organizations!

20th Street Cottage Wendy's Words Free Little Library 20th Street Cottage Wendy's Words Free Little Library

The motto of the “Free Little Library” is “Building Community, Sparking Creativity, Inspiring Readers.”

20th Street Cottage Wendy's Words Free Little Library

It is our greatest wish that everyone live by Wendy’s Words…

20th Street Cottage Wendy's Words Free Little Library

Wendy’s Words!

We are so thrilled to be able to share in such a great cause. We hope that everyone who is able finds their way to our own little library, honoring a beautiful woman and contributing to such an amazing cause.

As the 20th Street Cottage door is always open for friends and guests, our “Wendy’s Words, Free Little Library” is as well!

20th Street Cottage Free Little Library

The little cottage library is already filling up with books thanks to the downtown community!