4th of July Party Ideas – Fairy Godmother Friday

Happy (almost) 4th of July!

Here at Fairy Godmother, we love celebrating just about any and every holiday that we can… and what better way to show our patriotism than with an Independence Day party?!

Bringing in all things American from pinwheels to four wheels… We have you covered!

It is hot, hot, hot! Summer is definitely in full force here in Bakersfield, so we wanted to make this party simple! 

Summer is definitely in full force here in Bakersfield, so we wanted to make this party simple. We guarantee that most of your decor items are already things that you may have laying around from years past, lets put them to use.

First, your tablescape. 

This is where you will entertain your guests as they relax under the patio, or inside, while maybe the kids are out in the pool or finding things to do.

We used pinwheels and some red, white and blue fabric to bring the table to life. Adding in splashes of color with Jones’ soda, the cutest wooden utensils, and the perfect napkin fold!

Of course, what Fairy Godmother design would it be if it didn’t have a little bit of sparkle… Almost like a firework!

 And it doesn’t stop there… Your party can be anything you want it to be.

Over the top, or extra simple… But never, ever do you want to make it complicated! 

Your decor elements can be loosely placed around your chosen space, but don’t forget presentation!

We decided to use this super awesome 1954 Chevrolet as our sweets “table!”

We know that yellow isn’t in the normal patriotic “color scheme,” but what better way to show off your American muscle?!

What sweets are going to satisfy your patriotic appetite?

How about frozen whipped cream strawberries, sprinkle-dipped marshmallow rods, or some of these fabulously decorated Cookie Monger cookies!

Fairy Godmother Brady Rushing Patriotic Styled Shoot

Cookies by The Cookie Monger. Photography by Brady Rushing Photography.

 Don’t forget to stay hydrated! 

 Now, what do you think about infusing your water station with various red and blue berries?!

A super easy and fun way to keep the theme of your event on track while remaining completely stress-free!

Most of all, stay safe this holiday and have the best time ever spreading your own magic! 

If you would like for Fairy Godmother to help you plan your next holiday party or event, contact us today!

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