A Princess is Leaving

Happy Fairy Godmother Friday.

We like to save our Friday Blog to share with you information about our team.  Well today’s blog post is about our friend Jessica.  We feel it is appropriate writing about her on Fairy Tale Friday because in many ways she is part of the Fairy Godmother family.

I met Princess Jessica (as we so fondly call her) several years ago at a bridal show.  We went to lunch and hit it off.  You see much like me she is a huge Disney fan and her favorite princess is Cinderella!   So I was not surprised when she was over my house one day and saw my Cinderella costume in my office and asked if she could try it on….perfect fit.  One thing lead to another and Princess Jessica became Princess Cinderella at our next bridal show.

Jessica and her hubby are off  for an adventure of a lifetime; they are going to travel the world with a back pack on their back and then will settle in Austin Texas.  I will miss her very much.

If I could only have one word that would describe Jessica it would be “sparkle”, she lights up a room when she enters, she is warm, kind, funny and oh so talented.

I will not say “goodbye Jessica” I will only say “see you later”.

The entire team wishes you well and would like to thank you for all of your help and advice with Fairy Godmother.


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