A Fairy Godmother Robe

Happy Fairy Godmother Friday!

On Friday’s we like to share with you info about our team.

Today’s Blog post is about my love of robes.  Ever since I was a little kid a robe was a special thing.  It was one of those comforts all warm and cozy.  To this day I love a comfy and cozy robe; of course it has to be cute!

Well little did our bride Lindsey know my love for robes.  The morning of her wedding she told me she had a gift for me.  I was so touched that she thought of me.  I was thrilled when I opened the gift and it was a robe!   Such a sweet gesture and a testament to Lindsey’s kindness.  I love my new Fairy Godmother robe not only because it is warm and comfy but because of whom it came from!

Thank you Lindsey for your sweet and thoughtful gift and for being you!

A Short Robe History

The robe has always played an important part historically, and has gone through many transformations along the way. The kimono for example, is an integral part of Japanese culture which is famous for its luxurious silks and ceremonial method of putting it on.

The banyan – worn by men between the late 17th to early 19th century – was also known for being a luxury item, often made in silks with loose sleeves to be worn during lounging time or just before bed.

Through time the robe has constantly evolved into the wide range of loungewear, bath robes, day robes, bed robes, and the British ‘dressing gown’ that we have today, but none of the original style and luxury of the original kimonos and banyans that inspired the modern robe has been lost for the true connoisseur – with luxury chenille and silk fabrics being the most popular for sales on true luxury robes.

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