Bakersfield Women’s Business Conference

Happy Fairy Godmother Friday!

On Friday’s we like to share personal stories about our team.  Today’s post gives you some insight to how Fairy Godmother began.

Exactly 5 years ago I was the 2009 Conference Chair for the Bakersfield Women’s Business Conference.

It was the single biggest event I had ever planned in my life.  An event with over 1400 women.  I had the most amazing board and we had a blast.  We made so many changes, we changed the colors, the web-site, the logo, how we did the lunches, the way we fundraised, we updated all of our committees, created a logo shirt and  brought in wonderful sponsors like Flourishing Art and Free Style Entertainment.  From this conference I had several people tell me I should really start an event company.  I thought about it for the next 4-5 months, did my homework and we did our first wedding in January 2010.

Our little company has grown, we now do day-of Wedding Coordinating, Wedding Planning and Event Planning.  Our team has grown from 1 Event Planner to a team of 10 we have 1 in Redding and 1 in San Diego.

The conference Thursday was amazing, we sold out!  I had the pleasure of being the Keynote Chair for the conference this year.  Lynda Resnick, is so professional and such a powerful women.  Giuliana Rancic was warm, kind, genuine, sweet and so easy to work with.  She loved Bakersfield; she couldn’t believe how nice people were to her.  Robin Mangarin-Scott had us all crying with her powerful message.

The conference will forever have a powerful place in my heart because it gave me Fairy Godmother!

I am so proud of my friend Deanna Blaise our 2013 Chair!

Thank you to everyone that attended, we are looking forward to next year!

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The most AMAZING assistant ever!

The most AMAZING assistant ever!

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