Beauty Queen

All brides want to look beautiful and perfect on their wedding day. For facial beauty some brides go on diets beforehand, others do cleansing, others go to the salon, others try new creams and exfoliating washes, etc. All of this aimed toward the perfect look. Here are a few helpful tips that don’t cost anything and are the best approach to a beautiful face.

1. Try using gentle, healthy exfoliating products instead of harsh ones which will make your face look inflamed. Some suggestions are: avocado face mask, honey face mask, almond face mask, or oil pulling.

2. Don’t start your diet (if you are planning on doing this) just a couple weeks before the wedding because this will cause your body to detox, which will affect your face in  a detrimental way. Detoxing can cause inflammation, pimples, excess oil, or dry skin, all things to  be avoided at your wedding.It is best to avoid harsh, quick fix diets at this time.

3. Avoid sugar! Most important thing step to beautiful complexion. Sugar is the number one cause of facial inflammation. It may be hard to do this at this stressful time, but if you want your face looking pretty and fresh, avoid it.

4. Best way to having perfect skin is not to do any drastic, last minute detox diets, stay away from harsh face washes, don’t do sugar, and just try to eat with healthier food choices in mind. When your body is going through so much stress, don’t stress it out more with harsh new changes.