Beginning the Fairytale

Colleen Bauer, owner and founder of Fairy Godmother, grew up with three sisters. In time, the four girls got married and had four sons. Of course, being true “girly-girls,” the sisters longed to have a little maiden in the family to indulge, dress up, and treat like a princess.

Alas, in 2002 Colleen’s youngest sister had the last grandchild, a beautiful blue-eyed, fair-haired girl named Elise Noelle.

Naturally, being the most girly of all the girls, Colleen was named Elise’s Godmother!


Over the years, “Auntie Coll” would appear, seemingly from nowhere, with fun and excitement for Elise. From surprise trips to Disneyland to scoring impossible-to-find concert tickets, Colleen always managed to make Elise’s wishes come true. After one particularly enchanted day, Elise exclaimed, “You’re not just my Godmother, you’re my Fairy Godmother!”

When it came time to name her company, Colleen instantly knew what to call it. She wanted to make every bride’s wedding day wishes come true and what better way than to become their Fairy Godmother! (And eventually, a Fairy Godmother to a wide variety of clients for a myriad of events!).

Elise is a pre-teen now but her faith in Auntie Coll’s magic has not waned.

A Fairy Godmother, doesn’t everybody need one?