Bridal Make up tips by Fairy Godmother

Avoid a wedding-day disaster  with these tips for every bride, bridesmaid, or even guest!

– If you’re going to get a fake tan, spray-tan at least two days prior to the wedding date.

– Play up your make up for pictures by putting on a little more make up than you would apply normally.

– Moisturize your skin by using a primer before you start applying your make up.

– Never use your fingers to apply your make up, always use a sponge or a brush.

– Using an eye shadow primer ensures smudge-free makeup.

– Instead of using a pencil eye liner, use a cake liner. Once you apply it, it will last all day!

– Use eye-enhancing techniques, like focusing dark eye shadow on the corners of your eye to make them look big, bright, and beautiful.

– Curl your lashes at the root, the middle, and at the tip. However, false eye lashes give the look of full lashes

– Waterproof makeup is key

– Carry a few touch-up products in your makeup bag.

Above all make-up is made to enhance your natural beauty!