Bubble Gum Barbie Concept Shoot

Happy Magical Monday!

Our beloved Fairy Godmother Wedding and Event business continues to expand and thrive.   Many of you know us as a “Day-of” Coordination business but over the past year the “Event Planning and Design” side of the company has really taken off!  Our aim has been to listen to our client’s ideas and inspiration and (with a wave of our wands) design and execute a brilliant and meaningful event!

Recently we’ve been having some fun coming up with our own concepts and developing them to execution phase to give our clients a tangible example of how we turn their dream into reality.  In today’s blog we are thrilled to bring you images from our concept shoot!  This “event”  was inspired by my personal love for a leader in the fashion-market for over 50 years, Mattel’s iconic Barbie!  Along with our high-stylin’ gal we added some glamour, a punch of pink and a retro twist.  I think the execution of this concept came out so chic and sweet!  Can’t wait to hear what YOU think.

And, just like a wedding or event, we could have never pulled this off without our trusted and talented business partners.  From models to make-up artist and flowers to photographers…we have many allies to thank.  Our gratitude goes out to:


Thank you to an awesome team of vendors!

All in the Invite/ Maria

Andrew Waite/Model

Gimmee Some Sugar/Sharon

Ladies and Gent’s/Laura

Mallory Moore/Model

Moony Love/Hair and Make-up

Walker Lewis/Mark/Amanda

White Oaks Florist/Jayme

Xpressions by Michelle – Wedding & Portrait Photography



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