All About Me – Fairy Godmother Denise – Fairy Godmother Friday

Happy “Fairy Godmother Friday!”

We are thrilled to continue our “All About Me” series as we introduce you to our Fairy Godmother team!

This week we proudly introduce you to Fairy Godmother Denise!

Denise has been with Colleen since the beginning, the VERY beginning.

In fact, the first event that Colleen ever did was with Denise!

Fairy Godmother Denise

Denise values her family and friends, but her fur babies Scruffy and Mag may give us all a run for our money! 

Fairy Godmother Denise

Aside from what we already know about our spunky Denise, we asked her a few unique questions to get to know her better.

What is something that most people don’t know about Denise?

She used to show horses and she collects dolls!

In asking Denise if she liked to dance, we found out that she had taken dance classes for over 19 years!

Fairy Godmother Denise Wedding Event Producer

Do you think that Denise would love to live abroad?

That answer was an immediate “NO!” 

While Denise may seem like she’s into all kinds of music, she really LOVES her “Oldies but goodies!”

Fairy Godmother Denise talking with guests.

When Denise wakes up, the first thing she thinks about it… 


It’s no surprise that this is also her favorite smell… Fresh coffee!

Fairy Godmother Denise

Denise is not just a morning person, but an optimistic person!

She views the glass half-full vs. half empty in all situations.

Fairy Godmother Denise

If Denise could have any job in the world, what would it be?

To be a Fairy Godmother, making everyone’s dreams and wishes come true! How perfect is that?!

Fairy Godmother Denise

Photo by The Photege.

Stay tuned for our “Fairy Godmother Friday” blog series as we continue introducing you to our Fairy Family!

All About Me – Fairy Godmother Colleen – Fairy Godmother Friday

Have you met the Fairies? 

Do you wonder what we enjoy doing outside of weddings and events? 

Each Fairy was asked a series of random questions to help you get to know us better!

This week, we are showcasing Fairy Godmother Colleen, Fairy Godmother’s very own owner and founder!

Colleen and her Prince Charming have one son, Brandon, and one fur baby, Ava!

fairy godmother Colleen Family Photo

Original Fairy Godmother Wedding

The original Fairy Godmother wedding. Check out that train!

Colleen and Brandon

If Colleen could live anywhere in the world… She would live near the ocean!

Her favorites include Santa Barbara, Avila, Morro Bay and Cayucos. When her son, Brandon, was growing up they spent a lot of time at their beach house in Cayucos, consequently she has many happy memories of her family on the beach! Colleen loves the calm, happy feeling of beach towns, and of course the sound and beauty of the ocean.

Fairy Godmother Colleen Kamal & Julissa Wedding

Fairy Godmother Colleen with her gorgeous bride, Julissa at the stunning Seven Oaks Country Club. Photo by Boone & Stacie Weddings

What is something that most people don’t know about Colleen?

She used to work as an Account Executive for Estee Lauder and would travel all over Southern California for the company. The job took her to New York, Florida, New Mexico, and Arizona. Not to mention she got to meet the one and only Leonard Lauder, Estee’s son, and Elizabeth Hurly! One of the best memories from her job with the company was getting to spend time in Estee’s actual office! Here she learned about merchandising, and just how important relationship building is!

Fairy Godmother Colleen with Alex & Susie Vlahos

Fairy Godmother Colleen posing with Fairy Godmother couple Alex & Susie Vlahos! Photo by Left Coast By Design.

If Colleen could change one thing in the world… What would it be?

Colleen is a huge animal lover!  It pains her to see so many animals abused, so she would do her best to make the laws much more strict for people who commit animal-related crimes.

California Wedding Day Awards Fairy Godmother

The Fairy Godmother squad when they arrived at the Vibiana for the 2017 California Wedding Day Awards!

We asked Colleen a fun question… Do you like to dance?

Turns out, she LOVES to dance! One of her bucket list items is to learn how to ballroom dance. Growing up she always wanted to dance, but her dad preferred her and her siblings to be in music, so she played the piano and guitar. One of her guilty pleasures is Dancing with the Stars.

Fairy Godmother Colleen in a Kate Spade Cocktail Dress

Fairy Godmother Colleen sporting her geranium Kate Spade cocktail dress at The Knot’s Wedding MBA after party.

Do you think that Colleen would ever want to live abroad?

She doesn’t! She spent three years in Oklahoma and missed her family so very much. She might be able to swing a year abroad, but she has no plans to do so.

A Taste of NV Fairy Godmother

Fairy Godmother Colleen greeting the crowd, and promoting the Fairy Godmother Foundation! Captured by Jonah & Lindsay Long

Does your name make any interesting anagrams?

No, but it does mean “Little Girl” in Irish!

Fairy Godmother Fairy Workshop J Michelle

What type of music do you love the most?

Colleen loves all the decades of music, however if she had to choose, she would choose classical music!

She also loves the sound of rain, or of course, the ocean!

Fairy Godmother Colleen with Jack & Carolyn Pandol at the International Fruit Genetics Dinner

Jack & Carolyn Pandol having a “grape” time with their very own Fairy Godmother!

Finally, we asked Colleen what the first thing she thinks of in the morning is!

She usually thinks ahead for her day, and sets goals of all the things that she would like to accomplish!

Stay tuned as we continue to share more fun and interesting facts about the faces of Fairy Godmother!

Redwood Ranch Three Rivers – Fairy Field Trip – Fairy Godmother Friday

As you all may very well know, the Fairies can’t sit still for long!

So, in normal Fairy fashion, Fairy Godmother Colleen and Fairy Godmother Cassandra loaded up and hit the open road- destination- Three Rivers, California! 

Fairy Godmother Redwood Ranch Three Rivers

Another beautiful, guided venue tour had to happen, and the Redwood Ranch at Three Rivers was just the one!

Bakersfield has so many venues to offer, but every once in a while we find a couple who wants something that people have never seen before, something new and exciting, something fresh… And oh, did Three Rivers satisfy all of that and more!

Fairy Godmother Redwood Ranch Three Rivers

Fairy Godmothers Colleen and Cassandra amidst the glory of Redwood Ranch!

This venue is perfectly tucked away and is the perfect location for the couple who desires adventure and craves to satisfy their wanderlust.

Fairy Godmother Redwood Ranch Three Rivers

The barn at Redwood Ranch, which can house up to 16 guests!

This venue is not only surrounded by gorgeous scenery and right along the flowing rivers, but it also may double as the perfect weekend getaway.

Fairy Godmother Redwood Ranch Three Rivers Fairy Godmother Redwood Ranch Three Rivers Fairy Godmother Redwood Ranch Three Rivers Fairy Godmother Redwood Ranch Three Rivers 

Guest lodging is onsite, secret swimming holes and it even has more than three potential “enchanted” ceremony sites! 

Just as we like it, there was magic waiting at every turn!

Our tour guide and ranch manager, Jalene, was ever so helpful and took us on “tour” which doubled as an adventure on the Redwood Ranch property!

Fairy Godmother Redwood Ranch Three Rivers

Let the Fairy Godmother squad help you find the very best wedding venue for you, contact us today!

Welcoming Sara Elms – Fairy Godmother Friday

Happy “Fairy Godmother Friday!” 

This week we are SO excited to share some “fairy” special news…

The Fairy squad has grown, and we are ecstatic to welcome Sara Elms to our Fairy Family!

Fairy Godmother Sara

Aside from being the newest Fairy Godmother… Sara is a dog mom to Bella and Bandit, wife to (the oh-so amazing) Logan, and spends her days working in an elementary school! 

Fairy Godmother Sara Fairy Godmother Sara Fairy Godmother Sara Fairy Godmother Sara

We first had Sara on our setup team where she surpassed all of our very strategic checkpoints, then she was promoted to an assistant where she excelled far beyond our expectations, and now she has happily accepted our invitation to our core team!

Fairy Godmother Assistants Fairy Godmother Assistants Sara and Shannon Fairy Godmother Assistants Fairy Godmother Assistants Sara and Shannon Fairy Godmother Assistants Sara Fairy Godmother Assistants Sara

From the first moment we met Sara, we knew that she had some fairy dust in her veins. 

It was just an added plus that she may, or may not have, sprinkled some of that fairy dust on her amazing husband to join in on our magical adventures! We are thankful for not only

We are thankful for not only Sara but for Logan too!

Fairy Godmother Assistants Logan

This is perfect proof that Sara has one of the most supportive husbands in the business! 

Welcome Sara to our magical team, we are so excited to watch you continue to grow in this “happy business!” 

Why Hire Fairy Godmother? – Fairy Godmother Friday

We have all heard the horror stories of wedding day tragedies, but how could it have all been avoided?

What keeps people from hiring a planner? Is it the cost? Their confidence in doing the tasks themselves? 

These are all very common reasons, but not the best to keep you from the peace of mind you rightfully deserve!

Your wedding day isn’t just a bunch of dollar signs behind a party, it’s an investment towards your future as newlyweds. 

Make your wedding day the best day of your life, not the most stressful. 

Let us give you a few good reasons on why hiring Fairy Godmother is an absolute necessity!

Fairy Godmother A Wedding and Event Planning Company

One advantage that Fairy Godmother has in the wedding industry, is that we are a team of event producers! 

No two planners are ever the same, and no two personalities are either.

We find the best fit for you, you know, just like Prince Charming did with Cinderella’s slipper.

Every bride should feel like an absolute princess on her wedding day, but what about the groom? Chopped liver?

Not with Fairy Godmother! Each wedding has a Fairy Godmother for each soon-to-be!

Nobody gets left out with the F.G. Squad around!

Fairy Godmother Boone & Stacie Weddings Bakersfield Country Club Event Producer

Fairy Godmother Colleen making sure the groomsmen are looking their very best!

Each Fairy Godmother is fluttering around tending to your every need and desire on your magical day. 

What is one of the best advantages to having your own Fairy Godmother squad on your wedding day?

To be honest, we have done one or two before, you get to relax knowing that every detail – especially the ones you haven’t thought of yet – have been carefully handled with just a pinch of fairy dust. 

Fairy Godmother Cassandra holding umbrella for bride during wedding procession

Rain or shine, Fairy Godmothers never rest! Photo by Boone and Stacie Weddings

Fairy Godmother Janet Setting Decor Pandol Christmas Open House

Fairy Godmother Janet getting the patio ready for guest arrival! Photo by J.Michelle Photography

 Here at Fairy Godmother, we take great pride in ourselves on many aspects of this “happy business,” but one of the most valued is our dedication to our client.

We take time through the planning process to not only be your wedding planner but to also be your friend!

Fairy Godmother Marissa

Fairy Godmother Marissa with bride Natalie!

Fairy Godmother Colleen Kamal & Julissa Wedding

Fairy Godmother Colleen with her gorgeous bride, Julissa at the stunning Seven Oaks Country Club. Photographed by Boone and Stacie Weddings

We are here for you every step of the way, sending you down the aisle is just the beginning of our lifelong friendship! 

Our attention to our clients is not our only pride and joy, but also for our dedication to the industry.

All of us at Fairy Godmother are constantly learning and educating ourselves, allowing us to not only be experienced entrepreneurs but to be trusted expert professionals!

Fairy Godmother Sonny Ganguly Wedding Wire World 2017

Some of the Fairy Godmother squad with Sonny Ganguly of Wedding Wire!

While your Fairy Godmother is tending to you and your needs from hair and makeup to putting you in your dress, or tux, our amazing team is out checking on your vendors, ensuring decor is exactly as you imagined, and that everything is absolutely perfect! 

Fairy Godmother organization

Our own Fairy Godmother Angel, Pammy! The “Mary Poppins” of Fairy Godmother. Photo by Boone & Stacie Weddings

 Attention to detail, expertise, and peace of mind are all common client testimonials as to why they chose Fairy Godmother.

We are happy to say, and credit, the substantial growth of Fairy Godmother is majorly due to word of mouth referrals from our past clients and their families. 

We thank everyone who has helped support Fairy Godmother in the past 7 years! From weddings, showers, mixers and every event in between- we can’t wait to see what the next 7 years will bring us! 

Fairy Godmother couple Brett & Whitney Bouquet by Cherry Blossom Bouquets. Photography by Jonah & Lindsay Long.

Bouquet by Cherry Blossom Bouquets. Photography by Jonah & Lindsay Long.

Fairy Godmother Couple Lauren & Matt Darr

Matt and Lauren celebrating their nuptials! Photography by J.Michelle Photography.

Fairy Godmother Colleen with Alex & Susie Vlahos

Fairy Godmother Colleen posing with Fairy Godmother couple Alex & Susie Vlahos! Photo by Left Coast By Design.

Fairy Godmothers Colleen and Cassandra with the oh so talented Stacie and Chef Nate!

Fairy Godmother Hair Boys Circus Themed Birthday Party

One of our most favorite families, the Hairs, who have trusted Fairy Godmother with their boys’ birthdays every year!

The beginning of a timeless friendship with the Hathaway family, doing their first Superbowl party!

Carolyn Pandol's 55th Birthday

Mrs. Carolyn Pandol surrounded by so many loved ones celebrating her birthday, 60’s style!

Unicorn Ice Crème Social – Fairy Godmother Friday

“Always be yourself, unless you can be a unicorn, then always be a unicorn!” 

Here at Fairy Godmother, we LOVE being unique and original, so it is no surprise that we are basically obsessed with unicorns and glitter!

Fairy Godmother Unicorn Ice Creme Social

The CUTEST unicorn-inspired invitation by Matinae Design Studio.

In normal Fairy Godmother fashion, this year’s ice crème social had to be even more magical than the last!

And just like that of a unicorn, it had to be one of a kind. 

It all starts with a little magic at the table!

Fairy Godmother Unicorn Ice Creme Social

Invitation and Paper Products by Matinae Design Studio. Photography by Marianne Lucas Photography.

We believe that every detail counts, this includes the napkin ribbon! 

Minute details make the biggest difference when it comes to decor, and even more so when it is a focal point for your guests.

Did someone say sweets?!

Our dear friend, “friendor,” and roommate at the 20th Street Cottage, Courtney of GhilaDolci Bakery, created the most magical treats!

Unicorn cupcakes and rainbow sprinkled sugar cookies, oh yes!

Matinae Design Studio made the perfect props for the occasion, and even included our very special little Fairy into the details! 

What would photo booth props be without the backdrop? Don’t worry, we had that covered!

Sequins make everything… just better!

And never forget that you’re magical!

Don’t worry, your Fairy Godmother family couldn’t forget the bubbly!

There’s no better pair than champagne and sprinkles, are we right?!

Oh, how we just had too much fun decorating for this event! 

Sometimes you just want spin around in a world of color and throw glitter on everything. Since that’s not realistic we wanted to create and feature this tablescape fit for a first birthday princess, or reigning dream queen, like our idol Studio Mucci!

Personalized candy hearts, cotton candy clouds, and marshmallow twists… Oh my! 

When throwing a unicorn-inspired event like this, you want it to bright and memorable. 

Using tassel streamers, iridescent decor, and custom ice cream cups… Even the kitchen was decorated for this happy time!

What event is complete without florals?!

Our friends over at Log Cabin Florist helped our vision come to life with the cutest arrangements!  

A HUGE thank you to everyone who joined us, and if you weren’t able to make it… Join us next year! 

Let us use our fairy dust to help you plan your next event, contact us today!

4th of July Party Ideas – Fairy Godmother Friday

Happy (almost) 4th of July!

Here at Fairy Godmother, we love celebrating just about any and every holiday that we can… and what better way to show our patriotism than with an Independence Day party?!

Bringing in all things American from pinwheels to four wheels… We have you covered!

It is hot, hot, hot! Summer is definitely in full force here in Bakersfield, so we wanted to make this party simple! 

Summer is definitely in full force here in Bakersfield, so we wanted to make this party simple. We guarantee that most of your decor items are already things that you may have laying around from years past, lets put them to use.

First, your tablescape. 

This is where you will entertain your guests as they relax under the patio, or inside, while maybe the kids are out in the pool or finding things to do.

We used pinwheels and some red, white and blue fabric to bring the table to life. Adding in splashes of color with Jones’ soda, the cutest wooden utensils, and the perfect napkin fold!

Of course, what Fairy Godmother design would it be if it didn’t have a little bit of sparkle… Almost like a firework!

 And it doesn’t stop there… Your party can be anything you want it to be.

Over the top, or extra simple… But never, ever do you want to make it complicated! 

Your decor elements can be loosely placed around your chosen space, but don’t forget presentation!

We decided to use this super awesome 1954 Chevrolet as our sweets “table!”

We know that yellow isn’t in the normal patriotic “color scheme,” but what better way to show off your American muscle?!

What sweets are going to satisfy your patriotic appetite?

How about frozen whipped cream strawberries, sprinkle-dipped marshmallow rods, or some of these fabulously decorated Cookie Monger cookies!

Fairy Godmother Brady Rushing Patriotic Styled Shoot

Cookies by The Cookie Monger. Photography by Brady Rushing Photography.

 Don’t forget to stay hydrated! 

 Now, what do you think about infusing your water station with various red and blue berries?!

A super easy and fun way to keep the theme of your event on track while remaining completely stress-free!

Most of all, stay safe this holiday and have the best time ever spreading your own magic! 

If you would like for Fairy Godmother to help you plan your next holiday party or event, contact us today!

To see this styled shoot as featured on Home Confetti, click here

We LOVE FG! – Fairy Godmother Friday

Do you love Fairy Godmother? 

Do you really, really, really LOVE Fairy Godmother?

Why not share the love and support a great cause?!

I Love FG Fairy Godmother Foundation Fundraiser

The proceeds from these awesome “I love FG” t-shirts are going directly to the support of the Fairy Godmother Foundation

I Love FG Fairy Godmother Foundation Fundraiser

If you haven’t heard before, the Fairy Godmother Foundation donates an entire wedding, with the generous help of our friendors, to a deserving couple at little to no cost to them!

I Love FG Fairy Godmother Foundation Fundraiser

The lovely ladies of Enchanted Bridal Boutique are showing off these amazing shirts!

Most every service and item is donated to the couple in honor of their magical day, how cool is that?? 

The requirements to receive an amazing wedding are that the couple must be facing some life altering circumstance that has caused the couple to table their wedding planning for one reason or another. 

I Love FG Fairy Godmother Foundation Fundraiser

One of our very own Fairy Godmother brides, Samantha, sporting her fabulous shirt!

In 2015, our Fairy Godmother Foundation couple was Kurt and Blanca Dudley! Kurt had stomach cancer that, after a few years in remission, had come back post engagement as stage 4 cancer. Kurt and Blanca had a magical wedding! After a canceled experimental medical trial, Kurt sadly lost his battle in August 2016. 

Kurt had stomach cancer that, after a few years in remission, had come back post engagement as stage 4 cancer right in the midst of wedding planning. Thanks to the help of the Fairy Godmother Foundation, Kurt and Blanca had a magical wedding! After a canceled experimental medical trial, Kurt sadly lost his battle in August 2016. 

After a canceled experimental medical trial, Kurt sadly lost his battle in August 2016. 

Fairy Godmother Foundation 2015

The next Fairy Godmother Foundation couple was Robert and Rachel Mendoza!

Their 5-year-old son, Isaac, had an inoperable brain tumor that had caused Rachel and Robert to put their wedding plans on hold. Taking care of their son, Rachel finishing her Masters, planning a family and working full time… The wedding plans were halted.  

Now 9, Isaac continues his chemo treatments.  Isaac’s family started the Team Isaac Facebook page to help raise thousands for the Kern County Cancer Fund and show people everywhere Isaac’s enduring spirit.

Fairy Godmother Foundation 2016

The Fairy Godmother Foundation was a dream that Fairy Godmother Founder/Owner Colleen Bauer has always had! She had dreamed of owning a business with a storefront that would give back to the community.

I Love FG Fairy Godmother Foundation Fundraiser

One of the very first brides of Enchanted Bridal, Sarah, wanted to show her support for the Fairy Godmother Foundation!

After creating Fairy Godmother A Wedding and Event Company, Colleen went on to found the Fairy Godmother Foundation, and after years of hard work and dedication, it is recognized as an official Non-Profit 501(c)(3)! 

I Love FG Fairy Godmother Foundation Fundraiser

If you would like your very own shirt, contact us today or visit Enchanted Bridal Boutique and for $12.00 it can be yours!

To see and learn more about the Fairy Godmother Foundation, and the granted wishes, please visit the newly designed site by Jubilee Studios

Perfect Wedding Planner Proposal – Fairy Godmother Friday

Today’s the day, it’s finally here! 

It’s “Fairy Godmother Friday!”

There is nothing greater than sharing joyous news about our fabulous Fairy Godmother family…

With that being said… We are so excited to announce that our very own Fairy Godmother Cassandra said “Yes!” when her beau got down on one knee! 

Plenty of planning and preparation went into this surprise engagement, friends and family were in the know for roughly five months! 

After minor detours in day-of execution, Jeremy, with the help of his secret helpers, had set into motion a plan for the perfect surprise proposal right in downtown Los Angeles at the Cliff’s Edge restaurant. 

It would not have been appropriate for our dear Cassandra if there weren’t a few of her favorite things involved… This includes, you guessed it, confetti cannons!! 

Cassandra wouldn’t have had just any confetti, only the best… And the most eco-friendly… EcoParti

Not only was Cassandra surprised with an entire lifetime of love and happiness, she was also surprised by her closest family and friends! 

Aside from her family and friends making the trek from Bakersfield to Los Angeles for this grand event, our dear friend Allison Claire of Allison Claire Photography was hiding in the nearby stairwell to capture the best shots! 

In case you think we are kidding, she was actually hiding in the stairs and had to move actual objects to remain unseen, but with the perfect view!

We are SO happy for our dearest Cassandra and we welcome her fiance Jeremy to the family of Fairy Godmother!

Congratulations, Cassandra and Jeremy!!

Kevin Rush Entertainment – Fairy Godmother Friday

Are you planning a wedding? Have you considered attending a bridal show, but aren’t sure where to start? 

Join us this coming Sunday, June 11th at 11:00am until 3:00pm at the Bakersfield Petroleum Club for another fabulous Kevin Rush Entertainment Bridal Expo! To ease your check in process, tickets may be purchased in advance here!

Kevin Rush Entertainment Bridal Expo Fairy Godmother

This event will have some of Central California’s most elite vendors ready to give you the wedding day advice and guidance that you have been looking for. 

Attending any large event, like a bridal show, can be overwhelming. There is a lot going on, and you feel like a fish in deepest sea, but it doesn’t have to be that way. 

If this will be your first bridal expo, or if you want to make the best of this event… Fairy Godmother has compiled a list of a few tips and tricks to help!

Kevin Rush Entertainment Bridal Expo Fairy Godmother

First things first. 

Call your squad. Get your bridal party together, and maybe include some of those family members who have smaller roles in your planning process, and head on over to the Petroleum Club! A few perks of attending these events with your crew is that they may help you remember things long after the day has ended, and of course, they can help you carry away some of the giveaway loot that you will obtain as you mosey from booth to booth! 

Fairy Godmother Kevin Rush Entertainment Bridal Expo Booth Design

Florals by Cherry Blossom Bouquet. Rentals by Walker-Lewis Rents.

Going from booth to booth, everyone will want you to join their mailing list, try for their raffle drawing, and of course, to get more information! One of the easiest and most convenient ways for you to do this without getting completely over writing your information over and over is to print labels! These labels can be your normal address labels off the computer with the following information…

  • Couple’s Names
  • Wedding/Event Date
  • Venue (If you have one)
  • Email Address 

Now, you may be totally fine with giving all of this information, but have you ever actually cleared out your inbox…? By creating an email account strictly for your wedding day activities is easy and will keep your personal inbox so nice and tidy post wedding day! Think about it… Every venue you have inquired about…. Every caterer… Every limo service… You can see it now, that little icon hitting the 1,000 emails mark long after your big day. Make it easy, and after your wedding you can delete the account and carry on without seeing wedding style trends as you celebrate ten years of marriage. 

Fairy Godmother Colleen and Fairy Godfather TJ with Angela of Enchanted Bridal!

Finally, don’t be afraid to mingle and socialize! You aren’t marrying these potential vendors right then! You want to get to know your potential vendors, learn about their business, find out what makes them successful in their field! 

Fairy Godmother Team Event Producers by Makenzie Photography

Most of all, come see us! Stop by the Fairy Godmother booth and let us learn all about your fairytale day!

If you can’t make it to the show, drop us an inquiry here and we can set up a time to go over everything when it’s most convenient for you.