Congratulations! You’re Engaged, Now What…? – Magical Monday

Yay! You’re engaged, now what?! 

At this point in our series, we are about 8-10 months away from one of the best days of your life! 

In the midst of selecting your wedding day vendors, there are some other details to pick out. 

One of the first selections will be what your wedding party will wear.

Dresses and tuxedos… The options are endless! 

Fairy Godmother Wedding Attire

Photograph by Left Coast By Design.

There are a few things to remember when selecting your wedding party’s attire! One is that your wedding party is the face of your wedding, they will be in majority of your photos, and most of all- you don’t want to be the couple that made their wedding party wear something atrocious! 

When it comes to your bridesmaids, you want to make sure that their gowns won’t upstage your bride while remaining cohesive with the style. Whether you personally select each person’s attire or give them free reign, you have to have some sort of direction regarding wardrobe, after all it is your wedding day!

Groomsmen are a bit more simple, with a lot less wiggle room as far as accessories and wardrobe choices are concerned. A solid color tux, or suit, accented with a color relative to the wedding decor makes it easy and still looks great!

If you’re more of a relaxed, carefree couple you may consider deciding on a color scheme and let your wedding party decide on their own outfits. 

It is important to keep in mind your party’s body types, budgets, and personalities in mind. We all know that there is nothing worse than being stuck in something that you feel extremely uncomfortable in.  

 Let Fairy Godmother help plan your big day, not only plan, but to share our advice on proper wedding party wardrobe for your magical day! Contact us to schedule your consultation!

Congratulations! You’re Engaged, Now What…? – Magical Monday

Congratulations! You’re engaged, now what…?!

Now that you’re big day is shaping up, it’s time to add in all the details.

One of the most memorable parts of your wedding day will be what you get to look back on, your photos!

Fairy Godmother Wedding Photographer

Photographed by Left Coast By Design.

This is one job that we HIGHLY recommend you entrust to a professional.

Memories are forever, we want you to make sure that your day lives on just how you remember it. From the portraits to the details, a professional photographer is sure to capture every element and detail of your wedding day.

Fairy Godmother Wedding Photographer

Photographed by Makenzie Photography.

First things first, never just choose a photographer because your mother’s brother’s cousin’s friend owns a really nice camera and takes a really great selfie. Look into their portfolio, do you like their style? Are there photographs similar to what you are interested in? Does their style fit your personality? These are just some of the beginning questions that will pave the way towards your decision.

One of the best things you can do is to consult your planner. Anyone who is anyone will have a reputation in the wedding industry. Your planning, or event producer, will help you make the best decision!

Fairy Godmother Wedding Photographer

Photographed by Gwen Corona Photography.

 What are the things that you notice most about photos? Does your potential photographers satisfy your eagle eye?

One of the BIGGEST and most IMPORTANT questions to ask yourself is “Are our personalities compatible?” Aside from your wedding coordinator, your wedding photographer will be the one vendor that is with you for a major chunk of your day. You want to be sure that your needs, desires, and all those little things that go “unsaid” are met or exceeded.

Fairy Godmother Wedding Photographer

Photographed by J.Michelle Photography.

Another rule of thumb is to compare the packages that your potential vendors may offer. What is the “basic” or “entry” level package of one photographer, may be a middle grade for another. It is important to let the vendor share about what they offer, but it is very important to make note of any questions that may remain unanswered.

Fairy Godmother Wedding Photographer

Photographed by Boone & Stacie Weddings.

One of the best ways to accomplish this is to have a photographer who understands you, has your interests at heart, and is willing to do what it takes to make it all come together. Compatibility is a must!

Lastly, be sure that you have a contract signed by both parties involved! A contract will bind your photographer to what is expected of them, this includes the hours they will be with you, the equipment they will be supplying, and the rights that you have as the client. All of these things are vital to your day.

Fairy Godmother Wedding Photographer

Photographed by Shelli Renee.

Let Fairy Godmother help you find the perfect photographer for you, contact us today!

Remember, a photo says 1,000 words!



Congratulations! You’re Engaged, Now What…? – Magical Monday

On behalf of the Fairy Godmother family, we want to congratulate your recent engagement!

We hope that you have found our “Congratulations! You’re Engaged, Now What?” series to be helpful, and we hope to follow your wedding planning process!

One of the most important parts of your magical day is getting married!

One of the most important components of your big day is having an officiant.

Officiant French Wedding Fairy Godmother Shelli Renee Weddings

Photography by Shelli Renee.

Your officiant can be a multitude of people, whether it be someone close to the family or an individual of faith.

One of the very first things to consider when hiring a wedding officiant is that you want to feel comfortable with them. This is the person who is going to tie you with your spouse for eternity!

Feeling comfortable is just the start, you want to make sure this person has no judgment on your union, and more importantly you want someone who knows a little about you to make your ceremony as personable as possible. After all, it is YOUR wedding day!

Huge Officiant Fairy Godmother Wedding

Photography by Austin Thomas Photo.

If you want to hold your wedding outside of your church of choice, but still want to have a religious officiant… Good news, you can! If this is something that you are interested in, be sure to check and see if the person you are interested in is interested and what their limits may be.

Perez Officiant Fairy Godmother Wedding

Photography by Jessica Frey Photography.

Are you more of an “offbeat” couple? Meaning that maybe the clergyperson just isn’t for you, and that’s completely fine! There are alternative options available! Maybe you need more of a Luke Skywalker kind of couple? Or maybe Gandalf is more your speed? These are just a few ideas, you have options!

Thome Officiant Fairy Godmother Wedding

Photography by Left Coast By Design.

Moore Officiant Fairy Godmother Wedding

Photography by CJ Hopper Photography.

Aside from the style of your ceremony, you want to be sure that you and your officiant have a very clear understanding of what is expected from both parties. You want to be sure that your officiant is everything that you want. Things to consider are the way they come off to others, and the language that they will be using. Will religion be played into it? Will there be any special ceremony additions? Unity candles, mixing of sand, etc.

Finally, be sure to have some sort of written agreement with your officiant. During your wedding planning, the last thing you want is to have any issues with agreements, so solidifyeverything you do with a contract! Don’t let wedding planning become stressful!

Fairy Godmother Timeline by Boone & Stacie Weddings

Photography by Boone & Stacie Weddings.

This is the buildup to the happiest day in your life, let the planning continue! Contact Fairy Godmother today!


Congratulations! You’re Engaged, Now What…? – Magical Monday

You’re engaged! There has been so much planning up to this point, but you are moving right along with the help of your planner!

At this point in our “Congratulations! You’re engaged, now what…?” series, you are approximately 8-10 months away from your magical day!

Now that you have nailed down some of the finer details, lets jump into more of the fun stuff… Choosing your wedding party!

Your wedding party is usually compiled by your very best friend along with siblings or other immediate relatives. This is not where you find a place for your entire family, but maybe a cousin or someone who has been your trusted confidant for many years. Maybe even a college roommate! This is also not the place for your new friend of five minutes.

Save yourself a little sanity and think about who has been there for you when you’ve needed a shoulder to cry on, or an ear to tell a secret to. Those are your people.

Fairy Godmother Valdophye Wedding Party

Photo by Valdophye Photography.

Your wedding party can be as big, or as small, as you desire. However, think of things such as time, activities, and patience when considering your party. If you are interested in a fairly quick ceremony, but you have a bridal party of 15 on each side, it may take them a minute to all walk down to the altar, and stall your speedy plans.

 Remember, when asking your friends to join you in your nuptials, be sure to mull over your options. Ask yourself, “Will I be as close to this person in 10 years, as I am today?” If your answer is no, you may want to reconsider. Another final tip is to make sure that your wedding party will all get along and mesh perfectly! 

If you haven’t already, contact Fairy Godmother and let us share our fairy magic with you to create a seamlessly magical event! 

Congratulations! You’re Engaged, Now What…? – Magical Monday

Yay! You’re engaged!

Now, you have chosen your venue, date and wedding planner… Let the fun begin!

What is one thing that we love more than wedding planning? Shopping!

A wedding gown is one of a bride’s most prized possessions, you want it to be absolutely perfect!

It is best to start your shopping excursions as early as possible, gowns can take up to a year to prepare!

In this day in age, with as many different brands and styles available, brides have so many options. It is imperative that you consider any potential religious restrictions to your gown. 

Shopping around early for your gown is best because you don’t want to feel rushed, and you want to be sure to try them out and see what you love!

Help yourself alleviate the potential stress factor of wedding gown related business by getting ahead of the game and staying on top of your appointments.

When shopping for your gown, you want to be sure that you are in full understanding of your chosen store’s policies and practices, along with what is included in your purchase when you are ready to do so. Inclusions may or may not include your hairpiece, veil, or alterations.

Staring points when you head out to find your perfect gown are simple…

First, have your budget ready!

You want to make sure that you spend your time focused on gowns that are in your investment zone.

This will help narrow down your potential options!

Let the bridal salon make recommendations. You know how the old saying goes, “don’t knock it ’til you try it!”

They are in their profession for a reason, and have seen many brides try many gowns! See what they have to offer, you never know how it may go!

Many brides will bring their everyone in their phonebook if they can to their dress fittings… Don’t do this. Limit your squad to your core group of those who will have valid points and make solid recommendations, limiting your crowd will give you a more intimate experience for something as special as this!

One note that will prevent a potential headache is to make an appointment! If you want the attention that you so deserve, make an appointment to get an expert to cater to you. Let the experts immerse you into a proper experience.

Finally, trust your instincts! If your squad has to constantly tell you that you look stunning, and you aren’t feeling it… Chances are it’s not the “one!”

This is totally okay, but don’t settle. You are supposed to feel just like the princess that you are on your big day, don’t let the wrong dress make you feel otherwise!

Original Fairy Godmother Wedding

The original Fairy Godmother wedding. Check out that train!

If you are looking for wedding planning guidance, contact Fairy Godmother and let us use our magic to make sure all of your wedding day needs are met!




Congratulations! You’re Engaged, Now What…? – Magical Monday

Yay! You’re engaged!

At this point in the series of “Congratulations! You’re engaged, now what?” we are about 12 months away from your chosen date.

While you may have already chosen your venue, there may be other facilities desired. Many couples will hold their ceremony at one location, and their reception at another.

It is vital to this process that all of your dates align perfectly, these are the little details that can create waves on your wedding day. Confirming dates and having a physical contract will save you time, and a potential headache, in the event that something does go awry.  

It is incredibly common for couples to get married at their home church and then having their reception at a hall, or venue of the couple’s choice.

There is far more that goes into venue selection that the “ooh’s” and “ahh’s” of appearance and amenities.

Key factors that contribute to venue selection are guest count, style, ambiance, budget, spacial requirements, location, and what is or is not included are just a few.

Having a ballpark idea of your potential guest count is crucial to venue selection because you cannot have 200 guests at an intimate lodge with a maximum capacity of 50. Some things just will not work.

Budget is vital because, well, you more often than not, get what you pay for. If you are looking at hosting a frugal reception only with 50 guests, you might not choose the venue with a $20,000.00 rental fee.

Space is one of the most important parts of venue shopping! While it does revert back to guest count, you may also want to think of any extra spaces that you may want, or need. If you plan to have a sweets station, a drink station, maybe even a mimosa bar, you will need to ensure that you have adequate spaces available.

Finally, another major piece of booking the most perfect venue is to make sure there is a clear understanding by all parties involved of everything that is included, and what is not included. Are you allowed to bring in your own caterer? Does the venue have a preferred vendors list? Will there be a site coordinator included, and will they work well with your planner?

These are all questions that usually come up in walk-through visits and information tabs, but in the event that they do not, you now have the “Congratulations! You’re engaged, now what?” blog series to make sure you have everything covered! For what the blog does not cover, contact Fairy Godmother today to start planning your magical event!

Congratulations! You’re Engaged, Now What…? – Magical Monday

Congratulations on your recent engagement! 

In this series, we are about 12 months out from your magical day!

Now that you have a wedding style in your mind, and you have your wedding budget set… It’s now time to hire Fairy Godmother! 

Fairy Godmother A Wedding and Event Planning Company

Many people are skeptical of their need for an event producer, so there are a lot of questions that arise before booking. Think of an event producer as an insurance policy, you don’t know why you have it until you need it. 

Fairy Godmother Esther & Ivan C&B Pictures

Photo by C & B Pictures, now Bella Allure Studio.

Wedding planning is a big deal with lots of moving parts! Here at Fairy Godmother, we want to alleviate any stress factors and let you enjoy your day to day life leading up to your magical event, let our fairy dust handle the rest! 

There is power in knowledge! If your venue offers a site coordinator, be sure to know exactly what they will and will not do for you. Remember, usually, a site coordinator’s first matter of importance is the venue. 

Fairy Godmother Agee JEH Ranch

The Fairies are with you every step of the way, even during photos! Snapped by Boone & Stacie Weddings.

One of the best parts of having a Fairy Godmother by your side, from start to finish, is that we have done this a time or two before…

We understand that things happen, and we have found only the best ways to prevent them from happening and to fix them if they happen!

Another quality of excellence that the Fairies of Fairy Godmother pride themselves on is their total dedication to the client. We aren’t just there to ensure your day runs as it should, but to also be by your side throughout the entire event. 

Richie & Sydnee Fairy Godmother Boone & Stacie Weddings

Fairy Godmother Cassandra with her stunning bride Sydnee! Photograph by Boone & Stacie Weddings.

Our attention to our clients is not our only pride and joy, but also for our dedication to the industry. All of us at Fairy Godmother are constantly learning and educating ourselves, allowing for us to not only be experienced professionals, but to be trusted and expert professionals!

Freestyle Entertainment Fairy Godmother

Fairy Godmother Colleen with the one and only Mike of Freestyle Entertainment! Captured by Valdophye Photography.

While we believe that every couple deserves their very own Fairy Godmother, we think there is power in numbers! Every event, wedding or corporate party, has at least two Fairy Godmothers in attendance to aid for whenever and wherever the need arises.

Fairy Godmother Event Producers

Fairy Godmother Event Producers. Photo by Makenzie Photography.

We are so excited to share in your engagement excitement, so be sure to contact Fairy Godmother today for your consultation, and let the fairy magic begin! 


Congratulations! You’re Engaged, Now What…? – Magical Monday

We are so thrilled to congratulate you on your recent engagement! 

Your planning process has just begun and we want to help you through it.

Did you know that the average investment on a wedding in the United States is $35,329.00?!

Budget planning is one of fundamental planning necessities to this process, after all, it sets the blueprint for your magical day! 

The first step in coming up with your budget is organizing who will be contributing to the investment!

Traditionally, the bride’s family will pay for most, if not all, of the event. In modern times couples and the couple’s family all come together to contribute. 

Another major part of budget planning is your guest count! 

Being practical with your invites is essential. Most people with an intimate wedding of fifty people most often will not have the same budget as a wedding of two-hundred people. This is 100% okay, but it needs to be known right from the start so there are no little surprises as you begin this super fun journey!

According to the wedding experts at The Knot, here is the breakdown of a traditional wedding budget…

“48 to 50 percent of total budget to reception; 8 to 10 percent for flowers; 8 to 10 percent for attire; 8 to 10 percent for entertainment/music; 10 to 12 percent for photo/video; 2 to 3 percent for invites; 2 to 3 percent for gifts; and 8 percent for miscellaneous items like a wedding coordinator…”

After you have factored your venue into your budget, you can begin budget planning for your big day! Be sure to include the things that precede the big day, such as your announcements and any events that may go with it, maybe rehearsal and rehearsal dinners. Couples even go as far as to throw a brunch or BBQ the day after the event to thank everyone for their help, attendance, and friendship!

Another rule of thumb that is good to remember, is to be sure that there is a little wiggle room in your investment. You want to be sure that those unexpected, or “hidden,” charges are covered and won’t throw a wrench in your event!

If you need help planning your magical day, please contact us today and let us help you track your budget and assist you in maximizing your dollar!


Congratulations! You’re Engaged, Now What…? – Magical Monday

Congratulations on your recent engagement!

This is one of the happiest times of your life, and we are so excited to help guide you through it.

Now that you have chosen your venue, date, and have some tips on how to stay organized, let’s pick a style!

Your wedding is supposed to be a direct reflection of your personalities, likes, desires, and all around what makes you happy!

Tolladay Fairy Godmother Wedding by Boone & Stacie Weddings

Photography by Boone & Stacie Weddings.

Including your venue, your entire wedding day is to be everything you have ever dreamed of. Why not make it happen?

Country-rustic meets country club? Absolutely. Storybook meets historic landmark? You got it.

There are endless possibilities to anything and everything you can dream up, the execution is just what makes it memorable!

According to our friends over at Bridal Guide, here are a few of the top wedding style trends!

Currently, the most popular wedding style is rustic. Rustic tends to lean towards ranch venues, and rural outdoor weddings. A combination of burlap and lace, touched up with boots and florals simply defines the style. The more modern spin on the style would be dressing up old ranches and open spaces with very elegant drapery and vintage furniture, so fun!

Speaking of vintage… The vintage wedding style has taken the world by storm! Reverting back to the times of glitz and glamour, couples are now trying to throw a better party than Jay Gatsby himself! The vintage style is timeless, and of course keeps the romance and depiction of love so alive on your big day! Lets not forget one of the best ways to keep that dapper wedding day charm is with a vintage automobile!

 Themed weddings! We love all of our wedding themes, but we also love being able to exercise our creative freedom with themed weddings! Themed weddings allow for couples to fully immerse their guests into a unique experience.

Here at Fairy Godmother, we would love to make your wedding style dreams come true! Contact us today to get started, and again, congratulations on your engagement! 

Congratulations! You’re Engaged, Now What…? – Magical Monday

Congratulations on your new engagement! 

For this happy time, it is imperative for the streamline (and your sanity) that you stay organized!

One of the best ways to stay organized is with a designated wedding binder!

One of the best reasons to stay organized is simply that you have enough to worry about, planning a wedding does not have to be stressful, and what way to make it easier than to have everything in a central location for easy access. 

A fabulous quote we love to live by from Linnyette Richardson-Hall!

A fabulous quote we love to live by from Linnyette Richardson-Hall!

When you first begin your search for vendors, and other wedding day information, a wedding day e-mail address helps you keep all your “paperless” documents in one place! Wait for it… With a search bar, fabulous!

For anything that does not make it into your new “wedding only” binder, and anything that is in your new wedding day e-mail address, make sure that there is a specific “spot” for these goodies to stay out of oblivion. 

Fairy Godmother Co planner

Even our younger guests like to be in the know!

Starting a checklist and setting aside time to plan is crucial to your wedding planning. This time to yourself gives you the opportunity to go over documents thoroughly and to jot down any questions that may arise from doing so. 

Fairy Godmother

Fairy Godmother brides have their planning process, handled!

Looking to make this process even easier? Hire someone to take the reins and guide you through the maze of wedding planning!

A wedding planner will keep track of your day, from start to finish. Letting your planner be a backboard and central point in your planning process alleviates the stress on you, you get to continue with your normal day to day all while something so magical is in the works! 

If you are looking for help planning your magical day, make Fairy Godmother your first call, we are all in!

Fairy Godmother by Makenzie Photography.

The Fairy Godmother team is always “All in” for our clients! Photo by Makenzie Photo.