FTD Centerpiece Ideas – Wedding Wednesday

Here at Fairy Godmother, we believe that every wedding needs to be just as beautiful and unique as the couple. 

With that being said, we find it so fun for the couples to share their ideas and dreams behind their magical day plans! 

Our friends over at FTD reached out to us to help promote and share some centerpiece ideas that we think are absolutely stunning.

FTD Table Numbers

FTD has thought of just about everything with their table number inspiration– sailboats, books, and even greenery all mark the spot where guests will be able to sit and mingle, creating memories of your wedding day!

FTD Table Numbers

Wedding planning can be a little crazy sometimes, that’s why here at Fairy Godmother we enjoy taking the stress out of this joyous time! Planning and designing for our clients, sharing the ideas that we think would be suit their event theme and style- and we are so in love with these ideas from FTD that we just have to share them with you! 

FTD Table Numbers

Whether you have a big wedding, or a small intimate gathering of your closest friends and family- table numbers really are beneficial!

From assigned seating on a seating chart to dismissal for dinner- a small addition to your centerpiece can save your guests a handful of headaches. 

FTD Table Numbers

While it is important to stay on track with your budget and stay in line with your décor, you can find simple ways to add these numbers. Whether it’s a small number placed in your floral arrangements or an elaborate custom shape- your wedding is all about YOU!

Find the absolute BEST way that appeases your soul and run with it! 

Earnest Financial Wedding Guide – Wedding Wednesday

Wedding planning can be stressful, trust us, but it doesn’t have to be!

The thrill and joy of becoming engaged is unimaginable- but when it comes to planning many couples find themselves lost and not sure of where to start. 

One of the very first things to do is to draw up a wedding day budget. It sounds scary and of course nobody likes being put on a budget, but alas, it must be done. 

First things first. Be practical. Most people want an elaborate wedding, but have a budget of $2,000.

This is fine, but you have to plan within your means! 

Budgeting on your own can be difficult as you find these little “extras” that you want to add, maybe it the type of food you’ll be serving, the type of chair you want for your ceremony/reception, and of course, everything could be easier with a wedding professional! 

From a wedding planning point of view, you should always consider hiring a planner, even if it’s just for day of coordination- the stress level drastically decreases when there is someone else able to alleviate the burdens of planning. This allows for you to actively enjoy your engagement to the fullest extent!

Our friends over at Earnest have put together tools, guides, and even calculators on how to handle your wedding day investment!

Earnest Fairy Godmother Wedding Investment

Companies like Earnest have made it possible for not only wedding day dreams to come true, but also for releasing a huge burden on the families involved in the wedding planning process!

Earnest Fairy Godmother Wedding Investment

If you are looking to plan your wedding, and not looking to go broke because of it, check out available loan options– like Earnest to save the day!  

King Ranch – Wedding Wednesday

Wednesdays are just so much more fun when we get to title them “Wedding Wednesday!”

This week’s special feature is all about our friends over at the King Ranch Saddle Shop, who want to help you put that special rustic twist on your magical day!

King Ranch Saddle Shop

The popularity of rustic weddings is on the rise, boots and burlap are totally in!

In fact, King Ranch has a whole shop dedicated to their boots that would be perfect for a country wedding!

Forget the high heels, how about some pure leather comfort!?

If you have been following our “Congratulations! You’re Engaged, Now What…?” wedding planning series, you will know that there are quite a few things to do as you get closer to your wedding day. The team at King Ranch has fun ideas for just about every step of the way!

It’s almost like building a house, you have to start from the ground up!

Everything leading up to your big day should give you a little sneak peek of your wedding… Your save the dates, wedding invitations, bouquets, and even your playlist can all give a little insight to the look and feel of your day! 

Teri And Blake Fairy Godmother Rustic Wedding

Teri & Blake’s wedding at the Historic Santa Margarita Ranch. Photo by Shelli Renee Weddings.

A country themed rustic wedding wouldn’t be complete without the most perfect wedding venue. 

Barns and ranches have set the wedding venue world ablaze, there are many to choose from, but only one will give you that “magical” feeling!

You have chosen this style for your wedding because it is what you and your soon-to-be love and enjoy, embrace it!

Teri And Blake Fairy Godmother

Blake and his groomsmen outside the Historic Santa Margarita Ranch. Photo by Shelli Renee Weddings.

Dresses and men’s attire can be anything you want, a rustic wedding gives you the opportunity to turn your dreams into the new “norm.”

King Ranch Saddle Shop even came up with their own checklist to make sure that your rustic wedding is just as you have always dreamed!

If you need a little more inspiration, you can even check out the King Ranch Saddle Shop Pinterest page, here!

King Ranch Country Wedding Guide

King Ranch Country Wedding Guide

As always, let Fairy Godmother help you plan the ultimate country wedding… Contact us today!

Zola – Wedding Wednesday

For a very special feature, we are dedicating this “Wedding Wednesday” to a new way of getting what you want…

The modern day registry, Zola!

Zola has changed the ancient game of registry, from the moment that ring slips on your finger up until you share your first spaces as newly weds…

Zola has you covered, all in one place!

Zola Fairy Godmother Feature

But wait, there’s more!

Zola not only has your registry available for your engagement, wedding, and any event in between… They also have a place for your check list, guest list, wedding website and and a few helpful planning tools.

Nailed it! Zola’s motto is “Anything for Love,” and they do just that!

You can add anything from anywhere onto your Zola registry, you can even go as far as to add experiences like spin class or some more indulgent items like a wine club subscription… Yes, you can actually add all of these things onto your wedding registry. HOW COOL!

Zola Fairy Godmother Feature

As a guest, our friends over at Zola have found a user friendly way to ensure that you are able to find the correct registry and have a painless experience in selecting the perfect gift! As a newly wed, or soon-to-be, you get a notification with each item purchased and can decide when it ships!

But really, we know what you’re thinking… It can’t get any better than that?! No wrapping, no worrying about forgetting your gift on the table, and no stress wondering if the couple ever received it! Zola has you covered, start to finish!

The fun continues!

Have you ever misplaced your wedding invitation? They are sent so far in advance and life happens, Zola understands!

With their creation of the Zola wedding website for each couple and their registry, couples can add ALL of the information that someone may ask. Location, time, and attire? Zola has it handled.

The future is now.

Engaged couples, create your Zola registry today! For planning help, contact Fairy Godmother today!

The Black Tux Groom’s Guide – Wedding Wednesday

Okay, grooms. You did it, you popped “THAT” question! Now it’s time to get to work.

Our friends at The Black Tux have put together a guide for wedding planning, just for grooms!

This guide includes all the “do’s” and “don’ts” of groom’s wedding etiquette.

Well, we say “etiquette,” The Black Tux refers to the levels of the guide as “party foundations!”

It is 2017, it’s time for the gentleman to do more than pick their favorite cake flavor…

Leaving all the work to mothers and brides-to-be is just uncalled for!

Let’s dive in!

As we begin, we know that the groom will be an active part in two pieces of wedding planning… #1. The proposal and #2. The vows.

Lets beef it up a bit and add in a few more helpful ways for the groom to save his future spouse from a true headache!

Have a valid opinion! Let your voice be heard and share your ideas in your appointments, being indecisive doesn’t help your partner make a choice any easier.

Suggest hiring a wedding planner to help keep your plans running smoothly, Fairy Godmother would LOVE to help plan your day!

Next up, bridal party!

How to choose your mates doesn’t have to be the most difficult part of wedding planning, we promise.

Brothers, soon-to-be brothers, closest friends, and ultimately it boils down to who could you trust with your final pre-wedding fiesta, or better yet, the rings!

Your magical day has finally arrived! All of your planning has come to an end, and you are going to finally be able to enjoy your big day.

There will be a lot to do on your big day, but with the help of your planner it will go without a hitch!

Contact Fairy Godmother today to start planning your magical day, and let the co-planning begin!


Wedding Wednesday – A Formal Affair Bridal Event

Happy “Wedding Wednesday!”

This week we want to invite you to Kern County’s next bridal show, A Formal Affair Bridal Event this Sunday, October 16th from 12pm-3pm at the historic Fox Theater right here in Downtown Bakersfield!

Fairy Godmother is a proud sponsor of this event and we would love to see you there!


We highly recommend bringing printed labels with the couple’s names, e-mail address, phone number and wedding date as you go booth to booth this may expedite your processes. It’s the bridal show version of using your debit card versus writing a check at the grocery store, you know exactly what we are talking about!

Fairy Godmother Bride

Be prepared to stay for the duration of the event. Most often, the goodies and giveaways are not raffled off until the very end of the day. When you race through an event like this, you’re truly cheating yourself out of all the fun knowledge you could gain! Plus, who wouldn’t want to spend their day with the Fairy Godmother squad?!

Fairy Godmother

Keep an open mind as you stroll through the show, you never know what ideas may stick with you! All things are possible when you surround yourself with creative wedding industry geniuses. We all work together to help you think outside of the box and put your own creative edge on your big day!

KCBA David Tutera

As a potential customer, you want to be sure to write down or take a handout from vendors that you may want to meet with at a later date to dive into deeper detail. Sometimes when you say you will “definitely remember” you completely forget. There is no need to rush through the booths at the bridal show, take your time.

These are big decisions and you want to make sure that you do your “homework” on those who you are selecting to make your dream a reality!

Fairy Godmother Bridal Booth

We would LOVE to see all of our soon to be Fairy Godmother brides in attendance, and of course the more the merrier! Come join us in helping make your day a magical event, and showcasing only the finest vendors that Bakersfield, and surrounding areas, has to offer!

Wedding Paper Divas Unexpected Wedding Themes – Wedding Wednesday

Your wedding day is something that you will never forget. As you may know, planning a wedding is no simple feat and that is where our Fairy Godmother magic comes in! The Fairy Godmother team wants to help you plan your big day from start to finish, leaving no idea stone left unturned!


Before you even get to pick a venue or date, you may find yourself toying with the ideas of color schemes and maybe even a wedding theme! Some modern weddings have taken a more untraditional approach, modeling their special day after some of their favorite things! Whether it be a movie, comic book, or just a special character… All things are possible!


Photo by Left Coast By Design


Photo by Left Coast By Design


Photo by CJ Hopper Photography

Maybe a different approach is what you desire, but if need a little more help trying to figure out just what exactly you want your vision to be we have just the place for you! Wedding Paper Divas has recently compiled a list of wedding theme ideas that you may find some helpful inspiration.


Photo by J.Michelle Photography


Photo by Boone & Stacie Weddings


Photo by Patrick Ang Photography

We are so thankful to be in this “happy business” where things are ever-changing and we are forever learning! Not to mention how lucky we are to work in an industry where professionals and amateurs can collaborate together to share ideas, get inspiration, and work their way through any hiccups with the help of others! Thank you Wedding Paper Divas for your inspiration tools for future couples!

Wedding Planner Wedding Planning – Wedding Wednesday

It’s “Wedding Wednesday” again in Fairy Land!

For those who haven’t been following, let us catch you up on what our fellow Fairy Godmother Reagan has been up to!

Alongside their very own Fairy Godmother Colleen, Max and Reagan have been hard at work planning their dream wedding, but while they do we are going to cover some ground on how they began their process!


Mariel Hannah Photography

If you recall back to our previous “Wedding Wednesday” series timeline, we will break down the perfect timing for the entire progression and bring you to the point we are at now.


Mariel Hannah Photography

While Reagan has had her dream wedding planned for many years, there are a few details she couldn’t have done in advance! (Max got to help, too! We promise!)


Mariel Hannah Photography

Choosing a wedding date was no simple task, after all, it is forever! When they chose their venue and the “ethereal” feel of their wedding, March was simply a given! Luscious greens, comfortable temperatures, and how about in season florals?!


Via Reagan’s Inspiration Board

After having chosen Stockdale Country Club as their wedding ceremony and reception site, a beautiful wedding dress, and a date… Next up were engagement photos!


Stockade Country Club

As you have seen, Mariel Hannah did a phenomenal job of capturing the love between Reagan and Max along California’s Central Coast. Engagement photos are one of the ways that you “test out” your wedding day photographer. Getting a feel for what you want and your style is imperative to the process!


Mariel Hannah Photography

Now that you are up to speed, stay tuned for next week as we get back to “Wedding Planner Wedding Planning.” If you are interested in having your very own Fairy Godmother, contact us today!

Wedding Planner Wedding Planning – Wedding Wednesday

Happy “Wedding Wednesday!”

We are trailing Reagan and Max as they plan their big day, and as we have said before, a wedding planner wedding planning is no small feat!


Mariel Hannah Photography

Reagan is one of our very own wedding and event designers, so it is no surprise that she would be partaking in crafting her very own wedding items!


Mariel Hannah Photography

While Reagan would not let us in on what she was creating…just yet, she did share with us some of her textures and custom coloring! By mixing a few colors, she has mastered the perfect color palette!


Traditionally, the color blue is directly correlated to depth and stability, resembling the sky and sea. Blue also  symbolizes trust, loyalty, wisdom and confidence. Some of the most perfect qualities to surround Reagan and Max on their big day!


Lastly, it’s no surprise that Reagan gave us a few hints with her color scheme through her engagement photos… But, we will not tell all of her secrets so soon! With March still being eight months away, we have plenty of time for planning. We are sure there will be plenty more surprises!


Mariel Hannah Photography

If you are interested in having your very own Fairy Godmother for your big day, contact us today and set up a no obligation consultation!

Wedding Planner Wedding Planning – Wedding Wednesday

Week 3 of trailing Reagan and Max’s planning process is here!

Engagement photos were an absolute must for this Fairy Godmother! But not just any engagement photos… Fairy Godmother Reagan let her creative outlet run wild with these and her photographer, Mariel Hannah, captured these moments perfectly!


Mariel Hannah Photography

Taking simple, elegant gowns and throwing her own twist on them was just the start! On the California coastline, with the waves crashing onto the shore, these photographs are nothing short of flawless.


Mariel Hannah Photography

Enchanted Bridal Boutique helped Reagan choose the dresses most fitting to her needs. Adding sleeves and lace overlays were a graceful and stylish touch to the dresses. One of the Fairy Godmother team’s most favorite seamstresses, Mary Rita, came to the rescue! With a few extra pieces of material and some serious stitching Reagan’s visions came to life!


Mariel Hannah Photography


Mariel Hannah Photography

According to our friends over at The Knot, engagement photo sessions are a great way for couples to “test drive” their wedding photographer. Reagan and Mariel go way back, so it was no surprise to this Fairy Godmother couple that their expectations were not only met, but exceeded!


Mariel Hannah Photography


Mariel Hannah Photography

Keep up with the “fairy magic” that we have been up to! Reagan and Max only have a few short months left before the magic unfolds, be sure to keep up with the process!