Congratulations! You’re Engaged, Now What…? – Magical Monday

Happy, happy “Magical Monday” from Fairy Land!

We are so thrilled that you have stayed with us during our series for the newly engaged, “Congratulations! You’re Engaged, Now What…?”

This week we are still roughly about 8-10 months away from your magical day, and the planning hasn’t stopped!

Now that you have said “Yes!” to the dress, it’s time to get your bridesmaids their dresses!

First things first. It’s crucial when considering the type of dress to put your favorite ladies in, to think of their body types. You wouldn’t want to put anyone in something that they didn’t feel comfortable in, or wouldn’t buy themselves. These dresses are what you want to compliment your stunning gown, whether it be simple or over the top elegant. Make it simple and significant and it will all work out!

Consider your day when selecting styles or color, if you’re having a winter hill-top countryside mountain wedding, the short cocktail dress in neon pink with super puffy sleeves may not be for you… And if it is, totally go for it! Be sure that just because you like something that it actually works with your vision for your wedding day.

Consult your wedding day squad about their budget! This is important. You would never want to put your bridesmaids in a pinch in order to stand by you as you begin the first day of forever. Be sensitive to their needs, but this is your day. If you have a dream and a vision that you are sticking to, don’t let your guard down. Your ladies, and gents, will understand.

From the moment bridesmaids dresses are ordered to the moment the final alterations are all finalized could be about 5-6 months. This means it is imperative that you get your orders submitted in a timely fashion, but also so that the colors all match! Some companies end up having to make dresses as they sell out to fill the demand, and sometimes the next batch of dresses may be a little off in the color of the dye they use.

It’s time for “the talk.”

Picture this… It’s wedding day! You have tried on your dress with your shoes, you have had your mock-up of your hair done… You know exactly how you are going to look! But… one small rather significant detail… Undergarments. Straps, lines, you don’t want them!

Be sure to consider what you will need in order for the dress to look just as you, and your bride, intended!

If you would like some fairy dust to assist in your dress-shopping needs, contact us today!