Congratulations! You’re Engaged, Now What…? – Magical Monday

As you’ve been following our “Congratulations! You’re Engaged, Now What…?” series, we have finally arrived at your wedding day! 

You made it!

Fairy Godmother couple Brett & Whitney Bouquet by Cherry Blossom Bouquets. Photography by Jonah & Lindsay Long.

Photography by Jonah & Lindsay Long.

All the planning has now come full circle, one of the best days ever is upon you!

As you gear up to walk down the aisle today, it is time that we go over just a few very last minute details to ensure that your day goes perfectly!

Have someone in charge of making sure that you and your entire wedding party have eaten! 

Many times, while everyone is getting ready, there will be some sort of platter or tray that everyone can pick off of. By making sure that everyone has eaten you will help prevent any wedding day jitters that may arise. 

When getting your hair and makeup done, it is been found that it is best to wear a button up shirt or a special wedding day robe! This way you don’t mess up your hair or makeup by pulling anything over. 

Fairy Godmother Happily Ever Hurst Boone & Stacie Weddings

Photography by Boone & Stacie Weddings.

As far as details are concerned, it is best to send someone you trust to go check on the reception site! It is best that this gets done early on, or as early as possible, just in the event that there are any changes to be made. 

While everyone is getting ready, and even after, see if your photographer will take some candid photos of you and your family! These are the moments that you will cherish as they aren’t posed and show the special moments of your big day! 

Vlahos Left Coast By Design Fairy Godmother

Photography by Left Coast By Design.

One of the most memorable moments before you walk down the aisle, the big dress reveal! Your closest guys and gals will love to see you in this special moment before you say “I do!”