David & Serena Hair – Fairy Godmother Client Appreciation

It’s another magical Fairy Godmother Friday in Fairy Land!

We hope that you have loosened those belt buckles and are enjoying your Thanksgiving week!

For this client appreciation, we would like to share about our dear clients turned friends…        David and Serena Hair!

Hair Family

Our friendship first began just a few years ago when Serena reached out to Fairy Godmother needing help planning a birthday party for her three boys!

When we first began planning for the Hair family, we met Serena at her home and gathered at her kitchen table. As we sat, their great dane named Blue was checking us out. A great protector!

Hair Family Dog Blue

Blue checking things out! Photo by Austin Thomas

In fact, the first party that Fairy Godmother ever planned for the boys was themed around Blue!

This birthday party was even before little Parker ever joined in on the Hair family fun.

Hair Dog Birthday

Invitation by Matinae Design Studio.

We are proud to say the party was a great success!

Themed completely around the family’s great dane, Blue, it is safe to say that all of the guests had a “dog gone” good time!

Hair Birthday Cornhole

Puppies love to play cornhole, too!

Hair Birthday Interior Decor Hair Family Blue Party Sweets Hair Family Blue Birthday Entry

 Fairy Godmother is proud to say that we have continued on to do the Hair boys’ birthday party every year since, and we are currently planning the boys’ birthday party for the 6th year in a row! So fun to think that we started when the older boys were just 5 and 2 years old!

We crossed our fingers and toes hoping that Serena would call us in the next year, and we are happy to say that she did!

Such a fun family to plan for, hosting completely magical events year after year!

The events just keep getting better, we have planned everything from fire fighter theme to a day at the circus!

Hair Fire Birthday Invitation

Invitation by Matinae Design Studio

Hair Family Fairy Godmother Fire Birthday

Photo by Austin Thomas.

Hair Firehouse Birthday Party Hair Firehouse Birthday Party Hair Firehouse Birthday Party

The Fairies of Fairy Godmother LOVE watching the boys grow! Year after year, we are able to challenge our creative outlets and think of a new set of out of the box ideas for our boys!

Just as the boys have, Fairy Godmother continues to grow! We are so fortunate to be the trusted planners for the Hair family, it is a true treasure to play such a big part in helping create these wonderful memories!

Hair Circus Invite

Invitation by Matinae Design Studio

Fairy Godmother Hair Boys Circus Themed Birthday Party

Hair Brothers Circus Themed Birthday Sweets Table

Hair Bros. Circus Goodies by Gimme Some Sugar.

One party that we just can’t “Lego” of was the boy’s “Block Party!”

Complete with vivid florals, inflatable fun and fabulous balloon design… no Lego was left unturned.

Hair Lego Birthday Invitation

Invitation by Matinae Design Studio

Hair Family Fairy Godmother Lego Birthday

Photo by Lauryn Marette.

Hair Fairy Godmother Lego Birthday Cake

Balloon backdrop by Paradise Balloon Designs. Cakes by Gimme Some Sugar.

Hair Family Block Party Florals

Block Party florals by Uniquely Chic.

It has been such an honor to be trusted by the Hair family, planning alongside of Serena in creating lasting memories for her boys and their friends is a true pleasure!

We LOVE working for Serena! She is fun, kind, organized, wonderful friend, mother and wife.  She loves tennis, charity work for 4 legged kids, her Florida Gators and family. Serena has so much love for her 4 boys, and of course their four legged fur baby!

It’s an honor Serena to work for you thank you for the most amazing and fun 5+ years of party planning we are so honored and adore you and your family.

David & Serena Hair Family