Don Draper Meets Gatsby Wedding – Magical Monday

It was a very busy weekend here in Fairy Land. Just this last Sunday, after years together, Bailey and Thomas finally tied the knot with their Fairy Godfather by their side!

When the planning first began, Bailey had so many ideas from her past experience with the Fairy Godmother Company! While they did want a traditional wedding, they also wanted to be sure to add their very own personal touches to make their big day unique to their personalities and interests. So they did just that!


Merging the ideas and creative outlets of Don Draper and the classic theme of Gatsby, adding in some geometric shapes and accents, this wedding surely came together to appease their creative desires.


Bailey being a very hands on bride delved into many “DIY” projects, including but not limited to, painting yard decor flamingos and coloring pineapples to best fit their theme.

IMG_3201 IMG_3203

Vintage touches including holding a photograph of her grandmother on her wedding day in her bouquet, almost as close as she holds it to her heart.


Our groom, Thomas, enjoyed the day. While the bride is most often the center of attention, we want to remind everyone that the groom is just as important! Here, we caught Thomas having a silly moment during their first official photos as husband and wife!


Bailey and Thomas had the cutest flower girls, complete with their floral halos. But one other girl that Bailey holds near and dear to her heart is her dog, Maple. So it was no question that she would also be walking down the aisle.

IMG_3231 IMG_3232

It is a Fairy Godmother tradition for the bride to receive her very own Fairy Godmother hankie, to have just in case any happy tears may fall during the ceremony. Each Fairy Godmother, or Fairy Godfather, takes the time to write a special message to their bride, this is just one way that Fairy Godmother makes your day magical!


Sunday September 4, 2016 we were able to witness as two families came together to form one as we celebrated the marriage of the new, Mr. and Mrs. Freckleton!



With all eyes on them, Bailey and Thomas’ first dance was an absolute dream. The weather was perfect, and the ambiance of the entire wedding was encasing a beautiful moment that they would forever remember.


Throughout the entire planning process, such a strong bond is created between a bride and her Fairy Godmother, in this case Fairy Godfather. When it comes to wedding day, and all the pieces come together to create the ultimate vision, it’s the job of the Fairy to ensure that all of the “moving parts” as we call them, connect together smoothly. From hankies to bustles, the Fairies are there for you.


We leave a little touch of magic, wherever we go. We were so fortunate to have been there for Bailey and Thomas on their big day, and great thanks to all of those involved from Bailey’s parents, to the bridal party for all they did to make Bailey and Thomas’ big day a magical success!



If you are in need of your very own Fairy, contact Fairy Godmother today!