Eager Helpers – Magical Monday

We all love and adore our families, but we all have those family members who want to be more than just guests at the wedding, and that’s okay!

We have found a few ways for you to keep your sanity and for them to stay busy, this way everybody wins!

 The best way to make sure that everyone is minding their own business, is to keep everyone busy. Frequent meetings are one of the best ways to keep everyone accountable.

By delegating small jobs combined with expectations which are plainly laid out on the table, there is little to no room for miscommunication, or misunderstanding.

Communication is key!

As a couple, you should be transparent with your wants and desires, especially for your wedding.

If you feel strongly about something, make sure you get it! It is your magical day, and of course always remember that you don’t have to share all the intimate details of your day, just enough will leave some surprises for your guests.

Matt & Stephanie by Left Coast By Design

Matt & Stephanie’s Memory Table. Photo by Jessica Fairchild Photography.

It is so important to always remember that these people who you think are trying to takeover, are doing it all out of love for you! They only want to help you as you make strides for the best day, ever!

If the financial investment is the reason for pleasing your “eager helpers,” as it so often is, be sure to respectfully let it be known why you may not be interested in doing something a certain way. This is YOUR day!

As the wedding planner, let your couple know that you are now able to be their designated “go-to” person, and that you are more than willing to run interception for your couple.

This means if your mother’s best friend’s sister has a question about your napkin choice, they are able to call your planner instead of stressing out our bride, or groom-to-be!

If you are in need of a Fairy Godmother to help plan and manage your day, contact us today to schedule a consultation for your magical event!