Eco Friendly Wedding Planning – Magical Monday

When people start to think wedding planning, they start thinking color schemes and budgets…

But very rarely do couples think about the impact their wedding may have on the environment.

We are here to help you eliminate the footprint that your magical day leaves behind while still remaining the best day, ever!

Think of your day. Where can you cut pollutants?? With the help of lists from The Knot and Bridal Guide your day is sure to be as eco-friendly as you are!

Getting married outdoors eliminates the need for electricity. By not using electricity, we are helping limited damages to the soil, water supply, and lowering emissions! Planning for this type of event can be tricky depending on weather, but nothing can beat natural lighting. Who would have thought that having a gorgeous outdoor wedding would help the environment?!

Using organic candles may also be used to illuminate a space naturally.

“Think green!” If you are using confetti at your event, think of confetti that is biodegradable. We have little friends that may get a hold of these pieces, such as birds and other small animals. Sparklers have become the new trend and have little to no impact as long as they are all disposed of properly.

A green, and budget friendly, twist on your event is simple. Household items are free! Plates, drawers, and gently loved vases may be used to create a unique and functional dessert table.

Fairy Godmother Sweets Table

Paper products are always a hit as they are the first interaction about your wedding that you’ll have with your guests via your wedding invitation. First impressions are so very important, and you don’t have to compromise to be conscientious of the environment.

Whether you are doing your own invitations, or having a professional tackle the task, you have options such as recycled paper, plantable invitations (yes, you can grow your invite!), or by using a wedding website in lieu of a formal printed invitation.

Fairy Godmother Foundation 2016 House of Flowers Bouquet

Florals by House of Flowers, Photo by C&B Photography.

Food and flowers are most often the focal point of so many events, why make your day any different? Having your florist and caterer work with only the most organic products will make your day even more environmentally friendly.

Now, take a deep breath and know that a “green” wedding is possible!

 Let Fairy Godmother help make your day eco-friendly, contact us today!