Evermoore Films owner Josh gets married!

Happy Fairy Godmother Friday!

We at Fairy Godmother take great pride in every wedding we coordinate and plan.    However when a fellow vendor is engaged to be married and asks us to be their personal Fairy Godmother we are beyond excited and beyond proud.

When Josh Moore owner of Evermoore Films asked us to be his Fairy Godmother we were doing the happy dance!    He told he asked the love of his life Emily Olewiler to be his wife.

There was so many special moments during their wedding here are a few!

  • Asking Emily how are you feeling?  “Excited”
  • Her sisters talking “Remember when we played dress-up and we all wanted to be the bride.
  • Josh’s father Joe Moore, giving us a big hug when he arrived, so sweet!
  • Seeing Josh for the first time, not sure we have ever seen such a happy groom.
  • Having not 1 not 2 but 5 Fairy Godmother’s at Josh’s and Emily’s wedding!
  • Seeing Emily and he Father Grant just before they went down the aisle, sweet sweet.
  • The pure joy when they walked into their reception.
  • Having a wasp fly out of Emily’s dress…what did we do?? We did what any Fairy Godmother would do we found it and killed it, scary!
  • The toasts from Heather Emily’s sister and Jeremy Josh’s brother, beautiful.
  • Last but not least getting to work side by side with Pam Huckabee whom I adore and admire so much.

Thank you to a wonderful team of vendors!

Photographer-Misty Dameron

Flowers-House of Flowers

Bakery-Sweet Creations


And of course…….Cinematographer-Evermoore Films!