Everyone has a calling that is uniquely their own

Everyone has a calling that is uniquely their own.  And your real job in life is to figure out as soon as possible what that is, who you were meant to be, and begin to honor that in the best way possible.  Sometimes the calling is just a whisper, and when you begin to honor that whisper, you end up being the best you can be.”  —Ophray Winfrey

I truly believe I have found my calling in Fairy Godmother.  I am so thankful to be in this business.  I didn’t set out to be an Event Planner nor own this company.  However when I look back I see the path was there all along it just took me awhile to find it.

I am excited about 2013 we have some wonderful things to share with everyone in the New Year.  I have the best team; they are beautiful inside and out, kind, funny, crazy and most all care so much about their work and the people they take care of.  They truly understand our motto “Bringing that Fairy Tale feeling to everyone they come in contact with”

I challenge you to find your calling, like Ophrey says sometimes it is only in a whisper, so listen carefully…..

Thank you to all of our clients, friends and family for your support these past three years!
Magically, Colleen