Fairy Field Trip! Big Fake Wedding – Fairy Godmother Friday

This past week, the Fairy Godmother team was able to take a “Fairy Field Trip” to Los Angeles, California for the Big Fake Wedding

The Fairies loaded up and headed south! Don’t fret, we know every Starbucks better than GPS.

Fairy Godmother Field Trip

The Fairies never take a “Fairy Field Trip” without “Fairy Fuel!”

And of course, we all know that work knows no limits…

If this isn’t one depiction of the dedication our team has, we aren’t sure what is!

Fairies On The Go

Fairies On The Go!

Before heading out to the Big Fake Wedding, the Fairies had to check in at the historic Millennium Biltmore Hotel!

Los Angeles Millennium Biltmore Hotel

Los Angeles Millennium Biltmore Hotel

The Big Fake Wedding is a bridal show replacement that puts guests in the middle of a real-life wedding in order to fully immerse themselves in the wedding experience. 

Big Fake Wedding

While it is a bridal show alternative, it is also a celebration of another wedding! Whether it be real wedding, vow renewal, or strictly scripted, The Big Fake Wedding has a purpose! The Big Fake Wedding Los Angeles was a celebration of Laura and Ethan, you can read more on their story here!

Big Fake Wedding Laura & Ethan

Laura & Ethan with their two boys. Photo Source.

The gorgeous ceremony site elegantly draped with mood lighting set the scene for the floral covered arch.

Location of the Big Fake Wedding Los Angeles

The beautiful outdoor ceremony site at Seventh Place in Los Angeles!

Upon walking into the reception site, Fairy Godmother Cassandra couldn’t pass up the floral moon which we still believe was crafted just for her!

Big Fake Wedding Entrance

The tables were each decorated by different planners and designers, giving guests multiple feels and views on what their day could look like!

Big Fake Wedding Centerpiece Big Fake Wedding Centerpiece Big Fake Wedding Centerpiece

Big Fake Wedding Centerpiece

Okay, and let’s talk about how stunning this head table is!

Covered in floral arrangements, candles, and lanterns the mood was set!

Big Fake Wedding Centerpiece

At a bridal show, guests aren’t exactly able to see what the vendors have to offer, whereas at a wedding they are able to see things come full circle and see the vendors in action. 

 Big Fake Wedding Decor Big Fake Wedding Decor Big Fake Wedding Decor

Talk about fun!

The guys over at Slow Motion Time Machine Photo Booth made sure that a great time was had by all!

Slow Motion Time Machine Big Fake Wedding Slow Motion Time Machine Big Fake Wedding

We got to mingle with vendors such as Nifty Balloons, , Sweet E’s Bake Shop, and one of our personal favorites, Sugar Fairy Desserts!

Fairy Godmother Big Fake Wedding Big Fake Wedding

Another “Fairy Favorite” was the husband and wife team behind “Nifty Balloons!” Their impeccable talent did not go unnoticed at the Big Fake Wedding, every guest could be found with some sort of balloon art. We just thought they were too fun to pass up!

Fairy Godmother Nifty Balloons

Fairy Godmother Cassandra was the “Queen Bee” at the Big Fake Wedding!

Big Fake Wedding Los Angeles

The perfect crown piece made by Nifty Balloons!

Fairy Godfather Nifty Balloons wand

Every Fairy Godfather needs a balloon wand!

A night well spent, the Fairies were so glad to have attended the Big Fake Wedding!

A HUGE thank you to all the vendors involved in putting on this event, and to Seventh Place for being the chosen venue!

Big Fake Wedding Los Angeles

The Fairy Godmother family at the Big Fake Wedding Los Angeles