Fairy Godmother an Event Coordinating and Planning Company

Fairy Godmother has built a reputation for being the number one day-of coordinating company in Bakersfield and Ventura areas. We pride ourselves in bringing that “Fairy Tale” feeling to everyone we come in contact with. About two years ago we had several requests to do events. We didn’t set out to be an event company however clients were asking and we listened. For the first two years we did events by request or referrals only. After two and a half years we decided to get the word out. We spent a lot of time deciding should we obtain a new name, should we change our name, should we combine names, should we have one name for both. After much consideration and with the help of our Business Manager we decided to keep our name however change the color for our event company only. We felt and others agreed the name Fairy Godmother represents an elevation in excellence and romance and we shouldn’t change it.
We will take down our the Godmother FB page and will post all of our Events and Weddings on the same page. We will use our “gray” colors for all event marketing.
We are very excited to roll out our logo in our new EVENT colors.