Fairy Godmother Assistants – Fairy Godmother Friday

Happy “Fairy Godmother Friday!”

This week, we have a very special post about our fantastic team of assistants!

Fairy Godmother Logo

 In the years that Fairy Godmother has been around, it was built literally from the ground up.

The company began when Fairy Godmother’s owner and lead Event Producer, Colleen Bauer, had a vision.

The goal was to execute magically designed events, giving our clients the best possible experience, and leaving that “Fairytale feeling everywhere we go.”

Well, it worked!

Over 7 years later, the company now has a core team of six Event Producers, all specializing in planning and designing magical events!

Fairy Godmother Assistants Fairy Godmother Assistants Sara and Shannon

Here we grow, again!

With growth, comes greatness…

Allowing our lead event producers to focus on their events, day of and leading up to the day, is our main priority.

With some events having teams of 10 plus people needed for setup, the Fairy Godmother took flight into a new adventure!

Fairy Godmother Assistants Sara and Shannon

Fairy Godmother Assistants

Our Fairy Godmother assistants are more than just our team…. They are a part of our family! These are people that we trust with our entire being as we put our events in their hands. It’s very similar to finding someone to watch your newborn child, or your fur baby… We hand over our events whether it be set up or assisting, and are able to share our vision and let it come to life so we can give our couple our full attention without compromising their dream.

Fairy Godmother Assistant Racquel

Save the day from boutonniere mishap? Consider it done!

Fairy Godmother Assistants

Fairy Godmother Assistants Sara

Need your cake decorated? It’s handled!

What is one of the best parts of our fabulous team of assistants? That a majority of them are past or current Fairy Godmother brides (and grooms!). They were so in love with their day, and all that was done for them, that they have joined in to help make other couples’ days just as magical.

Fairy Godmother Assistants Logan

Our knight in… classy black! Thank you, Logan!

Fairy Godmother Assistant Rado

Photowall constructed out of pallets in less than thirty minutes? “Nailed” it!

Fairy Godmother Assistant Racquel

When you love something as much as we do, you do everything you can to nurture, protect, and make it a truly magical experience for everyone involved. For our team, each assistant works with each planner to get the final seal of approval.

We take pride in our team as they reflect the values and morale and uphold the repertoire that Fairy Godmother has built for itself in the last several years.

Fairy Godmother Assistants Cassandra & Sophia

Need your wine barrels moved to a different location? On it!

Fairy Godmother Assistants Cassandra & Sophia

Fairy Godmother Assistant Kristi

 To our team, you are appreciated beyond words and from the “fairy” bottom of our hearts… THANK YOU!!