Fairy Godmother Client Interview – Fairy Godmother Friday

There’s something so powerful about a review, but what about a post event interview? It was your big day, so we want to know everything!

Asking those questions that may not have normally come up, helps us to continually learn and grow!

Fairy Godmothers are there for the guys, too!

Fairy Godmothers are there for the guys, too!

After each Fairy Godmother event, we are sure to follow up with our clients and make sure that their event was purely magical. This gives our clients time to reflect on their big day, giving us the raw feedback that we love!

Fairy Godmother Colleen

In our interviews with our brides we want to know all the extra little details, why did they pick a certain vendor, what was something they would advise other couples on, or what really pulled at their heart strings for their venue choice.

We must say, most wedding day decisions are made by word of mouth recommendations. One reason that we feel so strongly about recommendations is because this was how Fairy Godmother came to be! When Colleen first set out 7 years ago, she was booked purely by referrals… Now that’s magic!

Fairy Godmother Marissa

What would you have done differently, and what advice do you have to give other brides?

Lindsey said… “DO NOT go on Pinterest 2 weeks before the wedding!!!!  If you can take as much time off of work the month before and the month after.  The planning can be so much.  Communicate and talk to each other, be involved, check in, do it together!  Make it “our” wedding. Book FG first the date you get engaged!”

Ydalia said… “Budgeted more for FG, for full planning. Hire them early. Pick your vendors wisely!”

Courtney’s advice was… “I would do the little things early, not wait until the last minute things begin to pile up.  Make the list months in advance and check things off as you go.  Your shoes, your necklace all of those little details.”

Fairy Godmothers are with you every step of the way on your big day.

Fairy Godmothers are with you every step of the way on your big day.

Why did you hire Fairy Godmother?

Katie hired Fairy Godmother because… “Because we had so many people we knew there it was going to be a lot, we wanted our family and friends to have fun.  I didn’t want to worry about anything else that day.  FG helped to make this happen!  We liked Colleen at hello, she was professional but friendly, she also came highly recommended!”

Melissa recommends us because… “Fairy Godmother created some of the most special moments, because you can’t always pull away from life, it was easy to get things done.  Peace of mind was important. Dominque didn’t feel we needed a wedding planner, then he saw how stressed I was, then he said what a relief it was and then he saw the value.”

Fairy Godmother Cassandra

No two weddings, or events, are ever the same. Different personalities, different venues, different sized groups… This is just one of the many aspects of our job that make it so magical! We know how much work it takes to make your dream a reality, and that’s why we love to help!

If you are in need of a little fairy dust, contact us today! We will be sure that your dreams become a reality.