Fairy Godmother Foundation Bookmark Donation – Magical Monday

“A dream is a wish your heart makes!” – Cinderella

Wedding planning is a time where you get to think of EVERYTHING imaginable to make your big day truly magical, but what is something that you can give guests as a wedding favor that gives back to those in need?


Don’t fret, Fairy Godmother has thought of it all! With a team and board (not all pictured) as amazing as ours, it is no surprise that we are constantly finding new ways to help those who need it most! Something as simple as a bookmark allows for a newlywed couple to not only give a takeaway item to their guests, but this purchase is also a donation to the Fairy Godmother Foundation.

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The Fairy Godmother Foundation is a non-profit charity that collaborates with local “friendors” to come together and provide a beautiful wedding to a deserving couple facing life altering circumstances. Most often, these circumstances are the reason a wedding has been put on hold, and without the help of the Fairy Godmother Foundation, would not be possible.


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These bookmarks give a little insight to what the Fairy Godmother Foundation is all about, this can be given in place of a favor. The bookmarks end with a personal touch featuring their names and wedding date, if chosen.


This bookmark is a meaningful token of appreciation for celebrating a new couple! A donation in lieu of a favor, that may have been otherwise thrown away, is made in guests’ honor to help a deserving couple. The best part is that anyone can order these! A minimum donation is $200 for 150 bookmarks and for $250 for 200 and they can be ordered simply by emailing Fairy Godmother Colleen at Colleen@FairyGodmotherEvents.net!


Other donation favor items have included Christmas ornaments! Every tree needs a little magic!


 Our first Fairy Godmother Foundation couple were Kurt and Blanca. Kurt was facing terminal cancer and their wedding had been postponed due to his treatments and illness. That’s when the Fairy Godmother Foundation took the reigns and the magic began! A wonderful team of vendors and volunteers came together and planned a beautiful wedding. It also holds a very special place in our “Fairy” big hearts as our own Fairy Angel Pam was their lead decor designer.

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Our second Fairy Godmother Foundation couple were Robert and Rachel. Their son, Issac, has an inoperable brain tumor that caused Robert and Rachel to shelve their wedding plans. Robert and Rachel were a dream to work with. Not only was Rachel being the best mom to her boys, being an amazing fiancé AND planning a wedding, but she was also finishing classes for her Masters degree!


Photo by C & B Photography


Photo by C & B Photography

Our very own Fairy Godmother Colleen with Issac. As we all know, being the best man in a wedding is a pretty big deal!


We also would like to thank our local news outlets who allow us to spread the magic throughout Bakersfield, and beyond!

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Neither of these weddings would have been possible without the continued support from our community. Through the attendance of our many fundraisers, generous donations and volunteering we have helped make dreams come true!